The Enchanting Gem of Mercury-Emerald Works magic for THE EMERALD QUEEN-FARAH KHAN-Exclusive to

In the Pic: The Gorgeous Farah Khan in all her resplendent glory. Seen here with her massive Emerald ring and Emerald pendant.

There are many Celebrity Jewellery designers in India, but Farah Khan's name stands out. The "Emerald Queen" as she is popularly known in the industry is a GIA accredited professional who has taken to Jewellery designing for the pure love of it unlike many others who have taken it up as an extension after dabbling in fashion designing or other similar forays.

Farah sports a stunning 35 carat emerald. "People wear such huge stones on a day to day basis. But I have been wearing this Emerald since the last 4 years. It's my everyday ring. I have certainly felt that things started working favourably and better for me ever since I wore it. I just feel that it vibrates well with me", she says.

Farah who has an eye for picking out 'gems among the gems' often gets requests from well known Bollywood stars to source out a suitable stone be it a sapphire or a pearl or well ... emerald.

The green eye catcher is the most sought after gem these days, she adds. She also designs one off pieces with individual's lucky stones occasionally. For more on her designs and profile visit, .

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