Gemstoneuniverse gains recognition for Excellence in Exports 2nd year in a Row!

Mr. Raghav Hawa & Mr. S Ananthram Gemstoneuniverse core team members receiving the Excellence in exports award

It is easy to be successful. You only need to know the right keys to unlocking the doors of fortune. However, it is sustaining the success which is the real art to be mastered. We are proud to announce that Gemstoneuniverse has won the Export Excellence Award from Karnataka, for the second year in a row! The award was given on October 30th, 2011 at the 37th annual general body meeting of the Jewellers Association held at ITC Royal Gardenia-Bangalore.

The 37th AGM in progress of JAB at ITC Royal Gardenia Bangalore

The award comes in recognition for commitment to service, exceptional products, high quality and ethical standards apart from just reaching significant volumes. Gemstoneuniverse has diverse clientele spread worldwide and is committed to the cause of Planetary Gem Therapy. The award also acknowledges the exceptional product quality, world class certification and transparency in the complete Gemstoneuniverse process.

From the time a patron inquires to the product delivery, we try to ensure that it is an exceptional and cherished experience. Our approach and our commitment is what really sets us apart and we wish to make it better all the time.

What is special and unique about this award is that we just specialize in what we are best at and that is Jyotish Quality Natural Gemstones.

And to win this award among thousands of exports firms that provide gold/ silver jewellery, diamond rings/jewellery, watches etc is a unique and special achievement

We believe that all of you are as deserving of the joy – we thank you for your support.

We are committed to the cause of Planetary Gemology and will ensure that you shall have a flawless experience with Gemstoneuniverse in all areas just like flawless Jyotish Gemstones.

We won the award last year also. Details can be accessed here

Section of the Audience with Gemstoneuniverse Delegates