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We offer you natural gemstones with such exceptional clarity and lack of treatment that a Gemstone with equivalent clarity level and lack of treatment will be at least priced 4-6 times at majority of good and reputable vendors where also you are unlikely to find the range that you have at Gemstoneuniverse. Compare Gem Notes and Videos of 3000+ shipped out items at Gemstoneuniverse Vimeo Channel and the Gemstoneuniverse Blog.

The Gemstoneuniverse Blog has details of prices some of the items shipped out on a weekly basis since 2008. This has been done ensure transparency and to enable comparison. If you use the search box on the Blog you can also see the trends how the price range is varying year to year as per the shade, color, carat weight etc of the Gemstone.

The best way to evaluate is to view inventory at some local vendors and also at online vendors and compare.

A Real Gemstone is never cheap; it is valuable, though you may great it a great value due to skills and expertise of seasoned Gemstone Professionals and resources that we at Gemstoneuniverse provide. At Gemstoneuniverse you also have value of your Gemstone throughout your life.

We offer you great value because we source directly from the mines/mine owners, our own experience in the Gem Trade, negotiating skills, strategic partnerships and alliances and because of Government Instituted Appraisal Panel.

We hate to harp on this but our mission is service to planetary gemology and our vision is to ensure that the efficacy and glory of this sacred science reaches all.

Real is Rare and depending on who you ask and there is no single correct price of a Coloured Gemstone unlike that of a electronic commodity such as a phone that can be manufactured in a factory. A real precious Gemstone is unique, singular and exclusive and that’s why - A Gem is for a Gem philosophy holds true.

Please read the link below Gem price per carat for more details. Whether it is an ecommerce website, a retail jeweller, a commission agent, the local jeweller, a high end fashion chain or a door to door vendor the cost of procurement for each of these agencies will be variable depending on their resources, skill sets, experience, range of operation etc. One of the important factors in pricing is also the culture and ability to negotiate. Click here for an interesting insight on Gem Negotiation and Price of a Gemstone.

We deal in fine quality gemstones with extensive resources with zeal to delight our patrons. With our skills and expertise we want our winner to be winner on both the fronts- On the front of getting the benefits of planetary Gem Therapy and on the economic and financial front of procuring a valuable Gemstone at a great price that has value throughout the life.

Some eminent experts and professionals are working together to make a software solution to accurately predict Gemstone prices but it is surely a very daunting task if not an impossible one just because of the sheer range of colour itself. The pricing in Diamond market is still predictable because of a limited shade of colour-primary shades of white) and limited clarity grades.

The word cheap or low cost comes in only when dealing on commercial quality stones or instances of convenience such as stone dealt in Rattis. The words discounts factor in only when carrying huge inventory requiring urgent liquidation, distress sales or desperation to make a presence in the market etc because the value of real precious Gemstones never devalues. It just appreciates.

Leaving all marketing hype we suggest you to go through the resources listed below and we can only say:

If you can get a similar gemstone of equal quality at a lesser price from anywhere we shall buy 100 carats from you.

Your Ultimate Guarantee is our Lifetime Returns and Buy Back Facility that we have honoured since the year 2000 under the Astro Journey Umbrella and since 2006 under the Gemstoneuniverse Umbrella.

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