ARTICLES: Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware

Caveat Emptor - Choose Wisely

It is undoubtedly true that journey to the top is long and arduous - it takes persistence, commitment and sustained focus to attain success.

Gemstoneuniverse as a brand has grown over a period of time, and today its name has grown synonymous with finest Jyotish gems, impeccable service and transformation stories.

Since 1996 we have a brilliant record and have touched many lives through Gem Therapy and Jyotish Gemstones.

The journey of an enterprise of has turned into something of an alchemist – The Gemstoneuniverse touch has been transforming lives! 

And close at the heels of rise and of success follows what must - several small entities that prefer to ride on the coattails of the behemoth, hoping to make a kill!

It has come to our knowledge that brand name Gemstoneuniverse is being misused by such entities in various manners, whether it is-

- using Gemstoneuniverse images to represent their products. We have been seeing several small entities removing our branding strip and using our images on their social media pages but what was amusing was that in the recently concluded Bangkok Gem and Jewellery Show in Feb 2017 more than 20 established exhibitors were using Gemstoneuniverse Images and at the Basel world in Mar 2017 around 12 exhibitors were using our Images. Copying is a sure sign of flattery but you as a consumer should be aware. The less said about smaller stores in different locations in India.

- using Gemstoneuniverse images or lifting off content from the website to make three or four page portals of suspects identity and motive

- using the name to influence third party vendor/ suppliers 

- claiming to carry Gemstoneuniverse products 

- claiming to function as if they have been licensed by Gemstoneuniverse

- getting in touch with audiences of the Gemstoneuniverse Facebook page, who interact with us and offering them gemstones at a low-cost

- modifying the Gemstoneuniverse Logo to mimic identity and poach business

- using Gemstoneuniverse copyrighted images in the signage’s.

A regular client has even reported confronting one such individual/ retailer who mentioned that "his and Gemstoneuniverse gem quality was the same; it is just that Gemstoneuniverse photoshops it's images to look better." 

However when this client questioned the claim retorting that how can it be photoshopped when there is an accompanying video for every product, he was met with complete silence!!


There have also been attempts in recent times to malign the reputation of Gemstoneuniverse by deliberately planting false reviews especially about gem pricing.

The intent of this article is to make the honest patron, loyal Gemstoneuniverse customer and potential buyers to be wary of such fraudulent entities. Gemstoneuniverse has been servicing its clients from single location until now to maintain our objective of 100 % error free Gem Therapy and has no franchisees or other licensed product vendors.

Gemstoneuniverse takes no responsibility, should you transact with such, in entirety.

Please keep a tab on the contact us page of the Gemstoneuniverse website for it will keep you updated about information, in case Gemstoneuniverse decides to engage other channels/ partners to spread its reach. Gemstoneuniverse has and prefers to maintain trusted relationship with its patrons. 

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