Independent Appraisal

Without examination and approval of the Government of India appointed appraisal panel no package containing real and precious gemstones set in Gold or Silver can be shipped out of India. For this category of goods the appraisal is mandatory as per the law.

Once the certification is over and the Gemstone is set, there is an independent appraisal conducted for authenticity of goods and the price by a panel of experienced Gemologists and Jewellers appointed by the Government of India and the Jewellers association. This panel has eminent Gemologists and Jewellers on board who put their signature on documentation of the finished piece of Jewellery and Gemstone after examination.

This ensures that the products are top class and there is NO QUESTION of under-invoicing/over-invoicing. Your product is appraised at the correct price and has value throughout life.

Provided for your understanding is also a scanned copy of appraisal done by a Govt. Appraiser (a person who functions specifically in this capacity on an official post created by the Government of India, GOI) who gives his assessment along with Jewellers Association.

Also presented is a sample invoice which carries every single detail of your transaction with Gemstoneuniverse, which will be sent to you. We advocate complete transparency and zero ambiguity.

Other Major Benefits of Appraisal Include:

Quality control: This ensures that your item is fully intact with no damage such as cracks etc. If the goods are damaged/ not up to the mark they are not appraised.

Authenticity of Item: Even though we provide world class certification you have the double confirmation from a professional board appointed by the Government.

Fair Price: Independent Appraisal ensures that you pay a fair price for the goods and this is ratified by industry professionals appointed by the Government for consumer protection and prevention of fraud who have no commercial interests. This also ensures that there is no under invoicing/ over invoicing.

Authenticity of Caratage of Precious Metals: You are ordering a precious item set in Gold and Silver. Using carat meter, weighing balance etc the official appraisal panel determines if the actual facts stated on the invoice match the actual product being shipped. You are assured of precious metal quality, Caratage, purity of metal and weight

Safety of your product: Once your package has been examined, appraised and an appraisal document issued, your items/ goods are put in the box and packaged in front of the Superintendent of Customs and the members of the appraisal panel. Once the box is finally packaged the Government Wax Seal if affixed on the package that ensures that the appraised goods are in the package and no individual/ agency can open the package in transit and that the product is finally delivered to the customer.

Insurance and appraisal in your country: You can use the appraisal document to insure your product in your country if you so will. You will be pleased to know that most of our goods our appraised at 100% or more than their value by registered and accredited appraiser because of the Gemstoneuniverse quality and unmatched price guarantee. (A qualified and certified professional as per the National Jewellers Association) and not a jeweller. An Appraiser will write the value of the goods on his/ her official letter head and will charge a fee for it. The appraisal document is accepted by the law. He/ She will not give a verbal opinion.

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For Domestic Shipments there is no appraisal as per Indian Law. Only your invoice and certification are essential requirements for returns and refunds.