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Guide to Best Gemstone Websites | Best Gemstones Online


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Guide to Best Gemstone Websites | Best Gemstones Online

With the growth of the internet and the ecommerce revolution Gemstones and Gemstone information that was accessible only to a select few and has come in the public domain. New Gemstone websites are sprouting by the day each claiming to be credible.

How does one separate the wheat from the chaff and what are the criteria that make one gemstone website valuable and what makes one worthless.

The internet has to an extent revolutionised the gemstone business and quality information that was rarely accessible to the consumer in the earlier times is available provided the customer has the judgement to pick the valuable from the worthless.

Also the second biggest advantage is the choice of Gemstones. Today a client can choose from a huge variety and range that was unavailable earlier and the only agency to get the gemstone was the local jewellery stores that carry limited inventory based on their previous sales statistics.

In countries like India most of the local inventory carried is based on the stone weight and client of the budget while omitting serious important criteria such as the difference between a stone and a gemstone or whether a Gemstone is fully natural or free from treatment.

The Best Gemstone Website

Most Important parameters followed by Best Gemstone Websites to ensure that their clients are winners in their quest to buy the best gemstone online.

1)      Policy of ethical disclosure.  Best Gemstone websites follow a policy of ethical disclosure and clearly mention if the gemstone has gone through any enhancing treatments to improve the appearance of a Gemstone. Less than 2% of all Gemstones in the world are natural and natural gemstones command a higher price because of that rarity. Natural Gemstones of fine Gem Quality as per the Gemstone Pyramid are also used as Investment Tools and offer better returns in the long term as compared to treated ones. For example a fine Natural Untreated Burma Ruby will command a higher price.

2)      Quality Gemstone Certification-The best Gemstone Vendors and Best Gemstones website provide quality 3rd party gemstone certification along with their own assurance quality and backing up of the product. Best Gemstone websites provide Gemstone Certification from good and credible Gemstone Labs. It is the mark of a quality Gemstone supplier to provide certification that is well known and fairly acceptable in all parts of the world in the gemstone trade and also for appraisal and insurance. If a natural Gemstone is important to you and the treatment column in the certificate says-N.A-(Not applicable) then you must reject such a certification. Most good gemstone websites explicitly test for treatments and clearly explain as disclose treatment such as the Oil Treatment in Emerald. Certificates are of many kinds and many certificates are nothing but” Rags of Paper” just to satisfy client psyche. Today even certifications of the biggest Gem Labs can have error so alongside the certificate also evaluate the credibility and reputation of your vendor. A Good Vendor will supply you with the most accurate information that can sometimes be more important than just a certificate.

Emerald certificate issued by GRS

3)     Independent Third Party Reviews- Trust is an important parameter when you are making such an expensive and important purchase online. Buying a Gemstone or a fine piece of Jewellery is a daunting and a difficult task whether you do it in a physical store or online in the privacy of your own environment. This is where independent third party verified reviews; ratings and opinions come into the picture. Quality Gemstone websites have a system wherein a third party lets the clients rate and review the product/ business after verifying that they are an actual client based on their invoice and payment information. Sometimes third party verifying agencies go the extra mile and also ask for shipment tracking details as an extra layer of verification criteria. This system gives the client confidence that He/She is in Good hands. Best Astrology Gemstone website places emphasis on 3rd Party Reviews and Ratings.

4)     Making the Client a Winner- Price and Quality- Authentic gemstone websites and vendors understand and recognize that regardless of the client budget it is the Client’s wish and desire that he/she get the best gemstone online that their money can buy. Good Gemstone Vendors make everybody a winner whether it is a B2B client or a B2C client and offer a gemstone at the best price. The pricing of coloured gemstone is complex and there is no index such as the coloured gemstone pricing index. It is the Gemstone Vendor’s aim and objective to ensure that the client gets such a Gemstone that is reasonably priced and the value of the client’s investment in the gemstone keeps on increasing steadily. Good gemstones and Good Vendors both are rare but a Good vendor using his expertise and resources will ensure that the client has a winning and a rewarding purchase that the client will cherish for many years to come. In most of the cases Gemstone purchase is a once of a lifetime purchase and Good Gemstone Vendors recognize that. They place as much importance to the relationship to the client as much as to the gemstone or their own trade policies and reputation.

5)     Having a Body of Work- One way to judge the reputable Gemstone portals or Best gemstone vendors online is to see their body of work. Does their portal carry important information that makes the client a winner? Do they have unique takes or insights about Gemstones and Gemstones trade that adds value to the client’s perspective? What is their history and body of work? Is their work original and unique and not shoddy cut, copy paste job? Today Gemstone websites that do a poor copy and paste jobs are mushrooming by the dozens so it makes sense to check the history of their body of work using the search engine and analysis of their website. Always check if the Vendor is having the expertise in selling his wares or is another hurriedly assembled portal just in the business for profit motive.

6)     Social Proof- The world today is social and the social network is very powerful. One simple way to check Gemstone website popularity and their work is to visit their social page on networks such as Facebook and see the quality of posts, user engagement and most specifically the “People Talking about this figure”. One can buy fans and there are many services that offer such packages but one cannot buy” People Talking about this Figure”. Also check for number and quality of reviews on the social network such as Facebook. Facebook does not let people delete public reviews unless it finds them to be fake or with malicious intent. Also this is a better medium since the social network does due diligence in verifying profiles etc. Also check if the website or key people have media mentions

7)     Clear returns and refund Policy- Genuine Gemstone websites and best Gemstone suppliers offer a clear cut return and refund policy that is directly in your face and does not exist like a fine print. Good Gemstone Suppliers have supreme confidence in their gemstones and goods and most of the best gemstone website shall offer a 30 day no questions asked refund policy. If there are any charges such as Merchant transaction fees etc it shall be clearly mentioned in the Website policy so that the client is not surprised later. A General and a standardized 30 return and refund policy is the industry standard. Exceptional Vendors shall provide a Lifetime Buyback Policy. Return and refunds policies less than 30 days are suspicious and should be avoided.

8)     Educated and Qualified Staff- Check the credentials of your Gemstone Vendor. Do a search on their educational qualifications. Do they have professional education and certification from a Gemology institute and if so what is the quality of education and expertise. This ensures that their expertise gets translated in the quality or the product. The difference between getting a Gemstone from a qualified Professional or a simple trader can be huge and can make a big difference in the end purchase. If your Gemstone Vendor has qualified staff from prestigious institutes like GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the like, you can be assured that they will apply their high standards of professional expertise and ethics to the best advantage of their client.

9)     Safety of Transaction and Investment in Technology- Premium Gemstone websites take client safety and the client’s financial data including credit card security very seriously. The best gemstone websites and vendors will invest in 3rd party antivirus, malware and phishing scanners and will invest in high degree of safety to prevent theft or client data or phishing. This should be an active scan that should be held every second on the website. Trusted commerce involves strong SSL encryption so that sensitive information and important data like credit card information can be transmitted securely without any leakage or security compromise.

10)   If a Picture Speaks a Thousand Words, Video speaks Millions- A Good vendor will have high resolution clear photographs and videos of the gemstones that clearly show the gemstone as close as it will look when you will evaluate it as if it was in your own hands. These Gem Quality Photos and Videos will be shot and presented as if a Gemologist is viewing the Gem and make a decision by clearly evaluating cut, colour, clarity and carat weight with special emphasis that the inclusions are clearly visible and avoiding questionable tactics such as Photographing/ Video graphing in Yellow Light. Yellow Light intensifies the Red in the ruby making is appear much more beautiful and rare than it might be in reality.

11)   Rewards and Recognition- Check to see if the Gemstone Vendor or the Gemstone website has been recognized and rewarded at a public stage. Do check if real people with their names and designations have evaluated the gemstones and given an opinion


The above is a basic checklist to identify the best Gemstone website online and ensure a safe and a rewarding purchase. Even though from a Gemological perspective there are several other criteria if you just use the above as a Template you shall be safe and make a valuable purchase. You shall save a lot of money when compared to purchase with a regular local jewellery store with a much higher range and variety. There is also a chance to land up with an exceptional gemstone that you will cherish for a long time.

Best Astrology Gemstone Website



The Gemstoneuniverse Difference- Promise of a Lifetime

The checklist

- Best Gemstones- Every Single Gemstone listed on Gemstoneuniverse is a Gemstone as Per the Gemstone Pyramid and undergoes several quality checks before being listed. Only exceptional gemstones make the cut at Gemstoneuniverse. We ensure that your Gemstone is fine, rare, precious and durable and most importantly a Jyotish Gemstone.

- Quality Universal Certification-We provide Recognized Certificates that are accepted in B2B Gemstone Trade as well as for insurance and appraisal worldwide from independent 3rd Party Labs. These certificates are accepted universally and have Value.

- Top 3rd Party Reviews and Ratings- Gemstoneuniverse has a rating of 9.7 out of 10 on Trustpilot- An Independent Third Party platform that publishes reviews after verification of invoice.

- Unmatched Price Guarantee- Regardless of the economy or the demand or supply equations we make our clients winners by providing a Gemstone quality and price that is 4-6 times lesser than wholesale, retail, reseller or online. We have done it consistently over 2 decades with our commitment, expertise and resources. If you get us a lesser price we buy from you.

- More than 4000 expert article resources- Out of these 2000+ are just on the Gemstoneuniverse Blog which in actuality is the ultimate review system. You can view Gemological details including price of Gemstones sold as rings and pendants since 2008! Gemstoneuniverse Advantage.

- Vibrant Community on Social media with reviews- Come and visit at the Gemstoneuniverse Facebook page and engage with our super fans. As of 10th October 2017 our total fans are 3,00,000 plus the total number of reviews are more than 1000 and more than 10000 people are talking about our page on a daily basis. These statistics are huge for such a Niche subject as” Jyotish Gemstones”. Along with that Gemstoneuniverse is covered in major national and international media.

-Lifetime Returns and Buyback Policy-  We don’t offer a 30 day return and refund policy instead we provide a lifetime buyback policy that we have honoured for 2 decades-20 years and still going strong. We stand buy our products, our quality and commitment.

- Experts at the foremost of the Industry- All Key people at Gemstoneuniverse are professionals Gemology schools like GIA and similar and recognized as experts worldwide in the trade. You can find their columns in prestigious portals like Huffington Post and Industry Portals such as Retail Jeweller and Fortune Magazine.

-100% Website Safety- Gemstoneuniverse is a CERTIFIED MCAFEE SECURE SITE. The payment gateways at Gemstoneuniverse are among the very few service providers who have completed the PCI DSS 1.1 Compliance which are the highest security standards in the payment card industry, to ensure that your credit card is safe and your transaction is secure

- High Quality Photography & Videography- The Photographs and Videos of the Gemstones and Talismans are taken by expert Gemologists who did advance training in photography techniques to give the best and closest Gemstone View to our clients. We want the client to have the same view that an advance Gemologist or a Insider from the Gem Industry would have before making a decision. Click here to know more about the speciality in gemstone photography, close to 3000 videos on Gemstoneuniverse Vimeo Channel and close to 1000 Videos on the Gemstoneuniverse Youtube channel. We absolutely guarantee you the best expert view. As the best Astrology Gemstone Website , Gemstoneuniverse guarantee's you absolutely the best pictures and videos of Jyotish gemstones over the whole internet spectrum

- Rewards & Public Recognition Galore- There are so many but the most notable ones are best exporter award from Karnataka for 4 straight years, quality brands awards, inclusion in luxury directory of ASSOCHAM, sponsorship of the JRD Tata Memorial lecture, besides the privilege of working with Royalty, top Designers and Celebrities. Gemstoneuniverse Rewards


Buy Gem Like a Professional

You have reached the Best Astrology Gemstone Website on Planet Earth and We intend to Keep it that way.

@ Gemstoneuniverse- We make our clients WINNERS!

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In Quest of India’s Best Gemstone Astrologer.

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