ARTICLES: Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020-22: Astrological Predictions for 12 signs

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020-22: Astrological Predictions for 12 signs

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Read the Astrological Predictions for Rahu Ketu Transit 2020-2022 for your Moon sign from Gemstoneuniverse - The World’s #1 authority on Gem therapy and Quality Astrology.

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Rahu-Ketu transit Predictions for all the 12 Moon Signs

Rahu and Ketu are two planets that have a lot of importance in Kaliyug, especially when it comes to determining the fortunes of an individual. These shadow planets or Nodes on the Moon impact the mind, perception and choices in myriad ways, assisting Mahamaya to perpetuate the Karma cycle. With the new Rahu-Ketu transit, let us see what the next 18 months augur.

Rahu, North Node of the Moon transits into Taurus/ Vrishabh (its sign of exaltation) on September 23rd, 2020. Ketu, the South Node of the Moon transits into Scorpio/Vrishchika (its sign of exaltation), 8th to your natal Moon on September 23rd, 2020 until the next Rahu-Ketu transit on April 12th, 2022.

Effect of Rahu-Ketu Transit on the Moon Signs

Aries | Mesha


As Rahu moves into the sign of Taurus, it comes to stay in the second house of speech, income, earnings and wealth accumulation for the Aries born individuals and Ketu comes to stay in the 8th house of death, taxes, inheritance and secret knowledge. It may cause increased desire to augment wealth and increase earnings. You look for opportunities related to work or business that can bring in greater money, recognition and assets. You may also find yourself more extroverted - talking and interacting a whole lot more than before. Whether it brings you good outcomes or bad, depends on the situation. It could be a good phase for operators, sales and marketing professionals, teachers, healers, mediums and political leaders. There is definitely greater mesmerism and charm to your speech. A word of caution though - since Rahu is an energy that does not understand satisfaction or limits, you may need to consciously control the urge to go on and on, especially when it comes to expressing displeasure or making a commitment at the workplace. You may easily go beyond the pale of possible and not be able to live up to your promise. This is also a period where you may be quite fearless, not fearing about other people’s opinion. Bravado may not work out always. You will need to watch your diet as it could lead to inflammation or issues with digestive health and cause some difficulty related to the anal region. Substance abuse, intoxicants, consumption of spicy, sharp tasting foods and over indulgence are best avoided.


Taurus | Vrishabh


The Taurus born individuals now have Rahu, the North node of Moon residing in the 1st house / ascendant for the next 18 months, conjunct with natal Moon. Ketu, the South node of Moon comes to reside in the 7th house of marriage and interpersonal relationships. An exalted Rahu, in the ascendant may motivate you to look at a completely different career or a new business idea. It could be because of boredom with routine or because of insufficient income from the existing sources. There are quite a few ideas for growth and this could be a phase where the Taurus individuals lead innovation. Brilliant ideas in terms of electronics and technology advancements may actually come from Taurus folk. You may need to be a little cautious about overreacting in tricky situations. You are likely to get more sensitive to other people’s comments, reactions, criticism, and feedback and may tend to take things quite personally. The presence of Ketu in the eighth house may actually get you to look for opportunities where you have relatively greater autonomy – areas where interpersonal communication and dependence is less. It could be a slightly tricky time for businesses operating in partnerships. A little more tolerance, kind language and focus on long-term vision will help stay on track. Try to resolve minor issues as amicably as possible.


Gemini | Mithuna


This transit brings Rahu, North node of the moon into the 12th house of imagination, bed pleasures and life/ earning in a foreign land for the next 18 months. Ketu, South node of the Moon now resides in the 6th house of disease, deaths, enemies and litigation. Ketu gives good results in the 6th house and freedom from quite a few existing problems is possible. You may be able to pay off an old debt and may even be able to get out of the litigation issues with fairness, if Saturn is also favourable in the natal chart. If this is not the scenario, then this is a period where you need to tread with caution as any wrong moves or any underhand tactics could lead to long-term problems with legal ramifications. You may need to do adequate background checks before hiring new people. Individuals desirous of living abroad may find their dreams come to fruition in the next 18 months. However, teething problems and worries related to initial adjustment keep you on your toes. Then may be expenditure incurred on medical needs of the elderly. Individuals working in creative field do well.


Cancer | Kataka


The individuals born under this sign of the zodiac have Rahu, North node of the Moon, moving into the 11th house of social circle and greater financial gains. This is good news. Some Cancer born folk consider starting a business venture on their own. There are increased social interactions and people interfacing professions get you wonderful results. You even acquire a greater influence, socially and status wise as well. You may focus more on worldly success and material gains, quite contrary to your usual inner focus on emotional matters. You find yourself quite willing to be practical and put yourself out there to make a mark. They could be financial gains and you get renown for your work and expertise as well. This could be a period that is tricky for your personal relationship - you might just need extra dose of patience and understanding to get by. Some of the Cancer born folk may need to deal with empty nest syndrome after seeing off children to pursue higher studies or possibly marrying them off. You should be careful in your equation with a senior, an elderly or in a mentor’s position. There could be some distancing there because of a misunderstanding.


Leo | Simha


The individuals born under this sign of Leo find that Rahu moves into the 10th house of career in profession; and Ketu moves into the 4th house of home, property, assets and worldly pleasures. There may be a lot more ambitions, where professional life is concerned – and you put in extra efforts to achieve your goals. You may not want to settle anything short of being given a top role. The important thing to understand with this position is that even though the ambitiousness increases so will the sensitivity and inflexibility. You may not take to criticism easily and find yourself unable shake off the irritation and let things go. The ego is fragile and it will be easy to get hurt in a volatile situation. If you are able to keep a level head and see things truly for what they are, you can really make amazing progress and use the opportunities presented during this time. Some of the Leo born individuals may get transferred while some choose to move away from homeland for work or studies. Leos who have been waiting for moving into a new property are able to do so during this time. There may be some financial worries that keep your mind space crowded. As far as personal life is concerned, there are mixed results. There could be some disagreements or discord at home, possibly among other family members but it affects you. Your typical way to handle it would be to get engrossed in work. You will need to communicate better or the misunderstandings could grow.


Virgo | Kanya


This could be a period of mixed results for the Virgo born individuals. Rahu moves into the ninth house of fate and fortune while Ketu moves on to the third house of courage and initiative taking. There may be several critical decisions taken during this time. Though you put up a brave front, you find yourself surrounded by self-doubt every now and then. You will have to remind yourself that the difficult transit you faced in the last 2 and 1/2 years is over and this is the time where you can escape from shadow of the past and look at new beginnings. Of course there is a difference between being cautious and being absolutely chained down by fear! Quite a few short distance travelled are likely and it brings welcome change. Some of you may begin a new business venture, especially in a partnership. Personal life and relationships are an area of work. Considering the events of the past, you may have a slightly difficult time trusting someone new. However, it is important to move on and not allow fear or stagnant energy to rule your life. Health becomes better.


Libra | Tula


This could be a little more challenging time for the Libra born individuals. Rahu moves on to your 8th house of losses, death and inheritance and Ketu moves into the second house of income, speech and savings. The Libra born folk need to be quite careful as Saturn is already in its difficult fourth transit. With most of the important planetary transits turning adverse, this is a period where you will need to move with caution. There will be tremendous stress on the work front and chances of unnecessary confrontation can manifest. You will need to watch your communication and your speech as it may acquire an added edge of sharpness - do not allow things to fester inside and address issues then and there in a timely fashion. Repressed anger can cause a lot of damage. It is highly advisable not to get into any confrontation, argument or lose head in a professional situation. There could be unnamed fear or a hidden trauma that surfaces during this phase - you may need to work on yourself quite consciously. This is definitely a time of soul-searching and working on the inner psyche to weed out problems that hold you back. Forgiveness will be critical. Health related matters will need attention – please do not self-medicate. Some of you may need to start wearing glasses.


Scorpio | Vrishchik


Things become better for the Scorpio born individuals as Rahu moves out of the eighth and into the 7th house of marriage and interpersonal relationships. Ketu, moves overhead into the ascendant or the 1st house for the Scorpio folk. The transit signifies better mood and better experiences compared to the last 1 and 1/2 years but a lot of work remains to be done. It is quite likely that you start putting work above your self - leading to neglect of mind and body. The expectations from partner/ spouse could increase significantly and sometimes slightly unreasonably as well, if you need something from your partner, it is always best to verbalise it – and expecting to be mine dread will lead to disagreements and unpleasantness. On the professional front, there could be proposals to work together with a larger organisation or tap into a bigger network. You are more outgoing and are quite the charmer. Those in the academic environment are able to dig deeper into their area of study and valuable research contributions can be made. You may find yourself to be a lot more courageous and daring done before.


Sagittarius | Dhanu


The individuals born under this sign of the zodiac have Rahu moving into the 6th house of disease, debts, enemies, subordinates etc. and Ketu moving into 12th house of abroad travel, sleep and bed pleasures. The good part about this position of Rahul is that it gives good results in the sixth house, so the Sagittarius born individuals can expect to trounce competition, stand vindicated in a problematic legal situation and crush the gossip mongers. You may decide to hire new people or work along with others after a fairly long time. Some of the Sagittarius born individuals looking for employment may be able to find a suitable job. There may be a number of travels in the near future to a distant location. Relationships become better and there is a much deeper interest in spirituality and growth of higher self. You are able to move forward after a setback. You are able to look at yourself in a new light and separate what is important for the body from what is important for the mind and soul and focus adequately on both. There may be still some worries about finances or an old debt but you are able to handle it.


Capricorn | Makar


The individuals born under this sign of the zodiac find Rahu moving into the 5th house of children, romance and higher education. Ketu, the south north of Moon moves into the 11th house of profits as well as social network. The Capricorn individuals are already under the spell of Sade Sati or the 7 and 1/2 year transit of Saturn. The current Rahu - Ketu transit brings mixed results. Some of the Capricorn individuals may see their children entering into a different phase that has its own specific challenges; some may see their children leaving home for work of a study. It is quite possible that a sudden gain or stroke of luck gives a big financial reward/ big lucrative opportunity. This is a period where you will need to be a little cautious about getting into any kind of partnership as short-term gain is likely to cloud your judgement – not allowing you to see a hidden agenda or riders that come in with the deal. Think twice before signing on the dotted line. Work pressure continues to be significant. You need to take care of your health and avoid working on assumptions/ disruptive thinking or it may take a toll on your mental well-being. Those spiritually inclined can make amazing progress during this time as a lot of fast forward growth is favoured. You may find yourself quite introverted. Do take out time and keep your social connections going in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed by isolation.


Aquarius | Kumbh


The individuals born under this sign of Aquarius started the Sade Sati or the 7 1/2 year transit of Saturn early this year in the month of January. This transit brings Rahu, the North node of the Moon into the 4th house of home, property, assets and worldly pleasures. Ketu, South node of the Moon moves into the 10th house of work and profession. This transit may augur a few more challenges where work is concerned. There may be situations at home that require your attention and this may cause you to be distracted or lose focus. Infighting among family members can lead to disillusionment and distress. There is increase in pressure and expectations from you at work. Some of you who have been working abroad may be forced to return, even if for a while. There may also be certain events or episodes that cause you to lose interest in a particular project and contemplate starting something on your own or moving into a new role. On the personal front, many Aquarius individuals may look at acquiring a property or home. Do be careful considering the transit, not to overextend where your budget is concerned. Also, run the mandatory checks where documentation is concerned. They may be physical discomfort arising from digestive issues or back pain.


Pisces | Meen


The Pisces born individuals find Rahu, North node of the Moon moving into the 3rd house of courage and initiative and Ketu, South node of the Moon into the 9th house of fate, fortune, religion and spirituality. You are restless and very inspired to do something you haven’t tried before - it could be starting career in a completely new direction or initiating a business venture or even an art project. There is boredom with routine and you crave excitement. Short distance travel could be aplenty in the near future. There may be new avenues of growth and learning that certainly manifest, giving you a lot of comfort and sense of security. You may get drawn towards a new faith or a ritual or spiritual practice and this really helps you find peace as well as focus. The one thing you may have to reconcile with, during this time is that while you give your best in most situations, appreciation or acknowledgement of your efforts may not be forthcoming - and that is okay so long as you are comfortable physically and financially.



For Rahu related issues:

- Chant the Rahu Beej mantra 108 times

- Wear an 8 faced rudraksha bead

- Check suitability of Hessonite Garnet before getting a ring/ pendant made. Get your suitable detailed personalized gemstone recommendation  or a  brief personalised gemstone recommendation before you get your powerful talisman!

- Keep a square piece of silver in your wallet

For Ketu related issues:

- Chant the Ketu Beej mantra 108 times

- Wear an 9 faced rudraksha bead

- Check suitability of Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl before getting a ring/ pendant made. Get your suitable detailed personalized gemstone recommendation  or a brief personalised gemstone recommendation before you get your powerful talisman!

- Keep a small gold brick in your vault / safe at home. Can be as small as a 5 gm solid brick shaped nugget.

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