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    Natural Pearl Gemstone

    Natural Pearl Price | Pearl Moti | Original Pearl Price in India

    Worth to Know About Pearl-All About Pearl Gemstone

    Buy Real Natural Pearls Certified by X Ray Radiography online at Gemstoneuniverse India & Bangalore,Shipping worldwide

    Introduction about Pearl Gemstone:Show More

    Pearls have significant importance in the formation of the pieces of jewelry of different kinds. Either we talk about the earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or something other, not even a single gemstone dares to stand ahead of the pearls.

    The reason is the eye-catching crystalline structure along with the awesome glistening appearance. The uses of the pearl stone are never limited only up to the jewelry making, but even to adorn clothing, medicines, paint formations, cosmetics making, and several others.

    Pearl is the only available gemstone that gets extracted from the living organisms. The shelled mollusks play a vital role in the formation of the pearls with the involvement of the mantle tissue inside it.

    The beginning of the natural pearl’s life initiates under the Oyster’s shell. Whenever an irritant substance including a bit of sand, food, bacteria, gets trapped inside the Oyster or mollusk, a secretion process starts.

    The mollusk starts secreting the substances including the calcium carbonate involving the aragonite, or its mixture along with calcite. It forms the outer layer or the shell or the mother of pearl.

    The composition of these two substances comes out in the form of nacre. Over the long period, there exists the deposition of the layer forming the beautiful Pearl.

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    History of Pearl Stone:

    If Ruby is known as the” King of Gemstones”, then Pearls are globally famous as the ‘Queen of Gems’ and hold a history much beyond the documented literature. As already mentioned, Pearls are formed via the long-term secretion processes inside the Pearl Oysters.Show More

    The points written below can best explain the brief history about the existence of Pearl Stone authentically:

    • The credit of first-ever sighting of the pearl goes to human beings looking forward to food items along the seashore.

    • The identification and the exploring of the pearls were done by the divers of the Red Sea, South Sea, Gulf of Munnar (Sri Lanka), and the Indian Ocean at about thousands of years ago.

    • The history even mentions the eight different Pearls category in the prince Vijaya’s embassy, Pandyan King, the emperor Ashoka, and several others.

    • The digging process of the seawater pearls in the South China Sea in the Han Dynasty can make you surprised about the existence of Pearl stone in history. This period was around 206 BC to 220 AD.

    • The Chinese Royalty at about 2300 BC considered the pearls to be the most precious gifts. Even Rome and Greek-like countries mention it be the symbol of wealth, prosperity, and social presence.

    • It is assumed to be evolved beyond the imagination of the Renaissance. But, the current edge has even made it possible to provide the pearls online with complete legitimacy. Even the pearl farms have made the production of pearls extremely easy for expert professionals.

    Physical Properties of Pearl Stone:

    The outermost layer of the pearls (including the freshwater pearls) is formed by the Calcium Carbonate involving the presence of a substance called aragonite.

    The crystals present in it easily dissolve in the vinegar forming the calcium acetate and the carbon dioxide. The finest luster of the pearls is directly related to the existence of as many the successive layers inside it.

    More the layers-better will be the luster depending upon the reflection, refraction, and the diffraction of light. Though the pearl stone appears to showcase the metallic luster, yet it can be dyed with different colors including pink, brown, blue, yellow, purple, and several others.

    Types of Pearl, Formation, and Classification:

    There are different types of pearl stone including the Natural Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, Black Pearls, South-Sea Pearls, Akoya Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, Biwa Pearls, Baroque Pearls, to name a few. The formation of the natural pearl has already been mentioned in the above-mentioned paragraph under the ‘Introduction’ subheading.

    As per esoteric texts, pearls are classified into nine different categories. Their names along with the formation phenomenon are mentioned below:

    Sky Pearl: It comes to earth as the raindrops during the Pushya, or Shravan Nakshatra on Sunday or Monday.:

    Cobra Pearl: It develops under the Cobra hood of King Cobra whenever the raindrops fall into the cobra’s mouth during Swati Nakshatra.:

    Bamboo Pearl: It takes birth inside the bamboo with the rain of Swati Nakshatra.:

    Hog Pearl: The formation takes place in the head of the hog.:

    Elephantine Pearl: It develops in the elephant’s temple (specifically of Airawat breed) that born under the Shravan, or Pushya Nakshatra on Sunday, or Monday.:

    Conch Pearl: It develops inside the shell of the Conch in an oval shape.:

    Fish Pearl: It forms inside the stomach of the womb of the fish.:

    Oyster Pearl: It originates inside the body of the Pearl Oyster within the layers of Calcium Carbonate including the Aragonite and Conchiolin. Even the first raindrop of Swati forms the Oyster Pearl.:

    To read the more about the 9 different kinds of pearls please click here.

    Who Should Wear Pearl Gemstone:

    Pearl gemstone is ruled by Moon and the individuals facing the ill effects of the moon can wear this stone after consultation with the knowledgeable astrologer. You can go ahead to purchase the pearls online based on the category of the suggested stone by the concerned astrologer.

    As already mentioned, there exist different types of Pearls in India having different effects as per the wearer’s horoscope conditions. The prime focus inclines towards the moon’s position inside the Kundli of the wearer. All the ascendants from the Aries to Pisces can wear this gemstone based on the Moon’s position.

    Keep in mind that the stone should never be treated as an ordinary stone. There can have serious ill effects on the persons who dare to have it without getting the astrologer’s suggestion. The Gemstonuniverse always recommends having a detailed discussion with the Jyotish before wearing the Pearl stone.

    To know astrological combinations as to who can wear Pearl as per their birth horoscope please click here.

    When and How to Wear Pearl Gemstone:

    Pearl can be worn in any of the formats including ring, bracelet, necklace, and others. The individuals facing the ill effects of Moon in the Kundali leading to face the unsuccessful struggles, accidents, failures, poor health, unstable living situations, can move to the astrologer and ask for the needful suggestions. The best strategy is to boost an auspicious position of the moon in the horoscope and wear Pearl if Moon becomes the lord of powerful life changing houses in the birth horoscope.

    In case the astrologer suggests wearing the Pearl stone, one can have it on Monday during Shukla Paksha before sunrise or, between 10.00 am to 11.00 am. It is advisable to have the Pearl gemstone ring with silver in the little most finger of the right hand for instant benefits. This is a very generic rule and more powerful time periods to wear a natural pearl can be found out using the rules of electional astrology.

    Place the ring at the bottom of the bowl made up of the metal. Keep on adding the Ganga Jal, Tulsi Leaves, Cow’s Milk (unboiled), Honey, and Ghee one by one. Wearing the Pearl Stone in India is followed up by the rituals as per the astrologer’s suggestions and authentic pieces of evidence.

    To make the ring blessed and energized, recite the mantra ‘Om Som Somaya Namah’ 108 times. Make sure to place this ring for 10-15 minutes inside the bowl. Take the ring out of it, clean with water, and have it on the little most finger of the right hand. If the Pearl has undergone a Vedic Consecration and pooja all these steps are not required. It is advisable to have the Vedic Pooja of the Natural Pearl Gemstone for best benefits. For more information on Vedic Pooja and consecration of the Pearl please click this link.

    Benefits of Pearl Gemstone:

    Pearlstone is helpful in the appropriate balancing of the mood swings. The stone seems iconic for the short-tempered people getting sick of losing their temper very often.

    • It even proves helpful in maintaining physical health. The moon’s nature provides calmness resulting in the proper blood-pressure balance, improved bone health, better appetite, and improved digestion levels. It even proves helpful in getting rid of the oldest wounds and scars.

    • Wearing the pearl stone energizes the potential of the moon. It reflects a positive balancing towards the love life, family, mild and polite nature, charming eyes, and several others.

    • The positivity of the pearl leads to a stress-free life, along with the instant relief from the depression, anxiety, instability, and poor decision-making capability.

    • The gemstone provides relaxation during the sleeping hours and provides peace of mind.

    • The issues like the regular eye troubles, stomach issues including dysentery, and throat problems are mainly due to the ill effects of the moon. Regular wearing of the pearl stone helps in the permanent removal of all such troubles.

    • Pearl brings back the lost fortune and thereby helps in lots of fame, respect, wealth, and prosperity.

    • The stone is headed by Lord Moon helping the wearer gain the entire blessings to live a healthy, wealthy, and a great achiever of all the desirable assets.

    Healing Powers of Pearl Gemstone:

    Pearls have amazing healing properties signifying the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and chakra healing in different aspects. The gemstone is being used in making medicines to heal the troubles of the heart, kidney, lungs, digestion, and skin. It reflects amazing healing properties and showcases the metaphysical healings as well.

    The stone has amazing impacts on strengthening women’s health. It effectively treats the soft organs, increases the fertility level, and ensures easy childbirth.

    Ø Physical Healing:

    Pearls establish the appropriate balancing of the hormones in the human body. Either one prefers drinking the pearl water or wearing the stone as the ring it effectively treats the migraines and chronic headaches. This aspect inclines several people to wear the pearls in the form of rings, or some other formats.

    The pearl stone boosts up the level of sexual stamina and facilitates the appropriate functioning of the vital body organs including the heart, lungs, kidney, stomach, and liver. It reduces chronic allergies, enhances the digestion level, and eradicates the deadly diseases including TB, Asthma, Cancer, and others.

    Ø Emotional and Spiritual Healing:

    The pearl stone provides the peace of mind and facilitates the honesty, purity, and integrity inside us. One can feel the level of boost in the understanding level by having a sound mind balance. It enlightens the wearer’s mind and fills them up with an extreme level of positivity.

    Ø Chakra Healing:

    It is believed that the third-eye chakra gets balanced with the pearl stone. Accordingly, it boosts up the understanding impacts and thereby leading to an appropriate rise in the psychic and intuitive senses. The person feels relaxed and feels a boost in the internal empowerment to make frequent positive decisions in life.

    Flaws in Pearl Gemstone:

    Pearlstone showcases awesome benefits in favor of the wearer. Yet, the stone can have flaws that need to be properly analyzed before getting it. Let us discuss few of them via the below-mentioned points:-

    • One of the major flaws is known as ‘Leherdar’ i.e. the surface of pearl stone seems dominated like the sea wave. It results in the consistent loss of the wealth and sudden increase in the mental strife.

    • The second major flaw is named as ‘Midlidosh’ in which the natural pearls reflect a circle like lining everywhere on the surface. It harms heart health and an overall deterioration in health. The wearer gets a feeling of fear every time disturbing the life’s balances. This Pearl in India is even termed as the Mendamoti.

    • The next pearl flaw is termed as ‘Chobh’ where the pearl stone has a protrusion similar to the bird’s beak. It hurts the progeny leading to the complete loss of the progeny.

    • The fourth major

    Pearl Stone

    flaw is ‘Rakthmukh’ that leads to consistent downfall in the career and unstable wealth.

    Moreover, there must not be any kind of cracks, dents, or the spots on the pearl stone.

    Among 17 different flaws of the Pearl, the above-mentioned points four major flaws. The Natural Pearl in India needs to be pure gem meeting all the specified metrics. Wearing the stone after complete examination can make you feel benefited in several aspects including health, wealth, and countless other factors. To know more about the flaws to avoid in a Natural Pearl for Astrological Benefits please click here.

    Price of Pearl Gemstone:

    Pearls are extremely precious gemstones and available for sales all over the world. We can explore the pearls online, or even rush to the nearest certified jewelry shops to have it authentically.

    The all-inclusive price of the natural pearls having the weight 2.36 carats with origin Australia is $1152.43 and certified by X Ray Radiography. This pearl in India will be equivalent to Rs.63960 for sale in a city like Bangalore (India). The price can accordingly be more or less concerning the increase the weight, location, and other factors.

    Fake pearls or cultured pearls or faux pearls traded with misnomers such as Keshi, Burma etc can start at INR 200( $3) per carat. These are ineffective for Jyotish Gemstone Therapy and at best have a placebo effect. To guard against such pearls please click here.

    Real Pearls certified by X Ray Radiography are rare, expensive and valuable. These are best suited for Astrological results. For those who cannot go in for a real pearl the best alternative is blue moonstone followed by white moonstone. To know more about Natural Real Pearls please click here.

    Is it worth to invest in a Natural Pearl?

    The pricing of the pearls even varies depending upon the stone category and selling location. Most of the time, there can be a difference in the prices concerning the sellers.

    However, the buyers must ensure the authentic purchasing of the Pearl Stone and ensure the original receipt of purchase. Stay away from the mentioned flaws, get the stone, wear it, and notice the positive changes.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. In which metal should I wear pearl gemstone?

    Answer: Pearl gemstone is ruled by Lord Moon. As per the astrologer’s suggestion, we should prefer wearing the stone in silver metal. The ring must be washed with the Ganga Jal, Milk, and Honey before wearing. The morning time before the sunrise is ideal for the wearers. Chant the beej mantra of Moon ‘Om Som Somaya Namah’, and get it on your little finger of the right hand. In rare exceptions due to certain planetary combinations it can also be worn in the ring finger of right hand for males and left hand for females. Real Pearl also gives good results in the neck as pendant.

    2. How to know whether the pearl is Basara Ka Moti?

    Answer: Basara Ka Moti is the super precious kind of Pearl known for its origin in the Marine Ecosystem of the Persian Gulf. Most of the pearl stone dealers claim to sell such pearls without any strong reasons. The buyers need not get confused digging their physical properties.

    The greatest identification is their certificate and letter from the Kingdom of Bahrain Government making it clear that the pearl is Basara Pearl in reality. These are extremely lighter in weight in comparison to the natural pearls with exceptional scattering properties. To know more about Basra Pearls and the Government certification please click here.

    3. How to identify that the pearl is synthetic or fake?

    Answer: The original pearls seem rarely perfect in comparison to the fake ones. They will exhibit the structure reflecting the irregularities in the structure along with the blemishes also. Fake or synthetic will be too much perfect in structure. Unlike the fake pearls, the original pearls will showcase the crystal clear luster with light.

    The real pearls will have the well-structured edges to let the threads pass and make them ornamental. The fake pearls will never be perfectly cylindrical in structure. They tend to get bowed outward at the surface. There exist several other tests to easily determine that the pearls are real or fake. The best way to identify a real pearl from a fake one is to always opt for X Ray Radiography test. All Pearls at Gemstoneuniverse are Astrologically effective real pearls certified by X Ray Radiography.

    4. What is the ideal carat weight of the pearl that I can wear?

    Answer: The real pearl ring’s weight should ideally be between 1-3 carats. It should be equivalent to this weight, or even above. It is advisable to consult with the knowledgeable astrologer before wearing this gemstone. Either you prefer to have it as a ring, or necklace, or the other ornaments, better consult the astrologer and follow the rules of wearing this stone. Prefer having the stone in the silver metal only and as per the above-mentioned terms.

    5. What is the difference between a natural pearl and sea pearl?

    Answer: The major difference lies in the secretion (called nacre) process. The natural pearls form due to the existence of an irritant inside the Oyster’s mantle tissue. The irritant substance leads to the secretion process slowly leading to form the pearls. Even, the formation of sea pearl takes a similar list of steps.

    However, the irritant used to get inserted via the human intervention to carry out the purpose. The natural pearls are rare in comparison to the sea pearls due to the natural and the artificial irritant insertion process.

    6. Which color of the pearl is more expensive?

    Answer: The pearls are available for sale in different colors. However, the pearl colors including pink, blue, and gold are extremely expensive due to their rare availability.

    The Black Pearls are even rarely available in most of the country and priced very high. Similar is the case with Natural Blue Akoya Pearls all over the world. Rare the pearls much expensive will be the cost all over the world.

    7. Are the freshwater pearls real?

    Answer: The South Sea pearls are extremely expensive among all the major categories of pearls. The genuine origin of the pearls lies inside the depth of the seawater. However, the freshwater pearls can also be real, but the approximate worth will be lesser in comparison to the seawater pearls. They generally cost in between $ 50 to $ 2000 and hence can be considered worthy.

    8. Where can I buy real natural pearls?

    Answer: The pearls online are available for buying via the genuine stores including the Gemstone Universe. We are here to help you get the genuine and 100% authentic pearls at the most reasonable offers online. Moreover, there exist the other online and offline medium of genuine pearls purchasing. You must ensure the authentic purchase by taking the original receipt and the purchasing certificate of genuineness.

    9. What are the cultured pearls?

    Answer: The cultured pearl farming is carried on by the Oyster farmers under the appropriate conditions. The farming process takes place under two different Bivalve Mollusk groups including the saltwater pearl oysters and the freshwater river mussels.

    The cultured pearls formation process takes place after getting an attack on the mantle tissue by the parasites, fish attacks, or any other. The external fragile coating gets broken resulting in the mantle tissue of the mollusk to secret the nacre. A cyst-like structure forms during the healing process.

    This is the combination of Calcium Carbonate and a fiber-like protein called Conchiolin. The nacre gets collected in the layers resulting in the formation of the glistening substance called the cultured pearls.

    10. On which finger should I wear the pearl?

    Answer: Pearls should be worn on the little most finger of the right hand. As per the astrological facts, this little finger of the right hand seems most appropriate concerning with Lord Moon.

    The priority of getting the ring on this finger results out positively the shortest duration. The wearer feels exceptional benefits in terms of good health, mental peace, sound sleep, wealth and prosperity, and others.


    Gemstoneuniverse is the world’s leading authority on Astrological Gemstones and Jyotish Gemstones. To view a treasure chest of 3500+ articles written by Gem Professionals and Astro Gemologists please click here or visit the Gemstoneuniverse Blog.

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