Gem Therapy and Implementation

1. What is Planetary Gemology/ Vedic Gem Therapy?

Planetary Gem Therapy/ Vedic Gem Therapy is the science of harnessing powerful and pure planetary energies in accordance with the laws of Vedic Astrology. Each planet and its gem has a particular kind of energy which can be harnessed for material goals and/ or spiritual goals. Each Gem has a profound impact on the chakras (energy centres) of the body and the biorhythm. The links below explain in detail how Gemstones make an impact.

Chakra Therapy with Natural Gemstones –Balance the Energy Centres of the Body for an optimized living!

Find Your Rhythm with Your Planetary Gemstones!

2. Can an individual of any faith use Planetary Gem Therapy?

Any person of any faith can get benefit from Planetary Gem therapy. All major religions have clear mention of Gemstones and their healing abilities.

3. What is the methodology for Gem recommendation you follow?

We use the principles of Vedic Astrology/ Jyotish to recommend the gemstones that can have a positive impact on the individual. We follow the Graha Anukul method (Recommendation of Gemstones for positive planets as per the birth chart/horoscope) as recommended in the Planetary Gemologists Association code of ethics. For detailed information of Gem recommendation methodology please click here.

4. Can I wear mutually inimical gemstones/ conflicting gemstones such as hessonite with Yellow Sapphire?

Yes, you can provided your recommendation with the analysis is coming from a professional consultant who is an expert in Planetary Gemology! If your recommendation is coming from Gemstoneuniverse then the reasons are clearly mentioned in the report. Kindly do not contact us asking the same question for a reaffirmation. The information/ recommendation is not going to change.

Certain special conditions as given on the link below warrant the use of mutually inimical gemstones for a beneficial planetary gemstone therapy for good tangible results.

Overcoming Incapacitating Planetary Positions

5. Do I need a trial of the Blue Sapphire?

If your recommendation for the Blue Sapphire is from Gemstoneuniverse and if you are purchasing a Blue Sapphire from the Gemstoneuniverse inventory, you do not need a trial. Every single gemstone that makes it to the Gemstoneuniverse inventory is Jyotish Quality, certified and free from any flaws as listed in the sacred texts. You shall get positive results only. For more information on Jyotish Quality, please access the link below:

What is Jyotish Gemstone?

6. I have been recommended to wear the Gemstone in a finger contrary to what I have generally read over the internet. What should I do?

The sacred science of Planetary Gemology is very vast and most of the information over the internet is like you said ”General”. Information such as wearing a Red Coral in the middle finger (The finger of Saturn) is information available to a privileged few. Please follow the recommendation as given in your report and you shall have positive results. More information can be found at this link:

Are you wearing your Gemstone in the correct hand/ the correct finger and some other secrets of sacred planetary Gemology.

7. In which hand/ finger should I wear my ring?
8. When should I expect results from the Gem Therapy?

Statistically we can say you can view developments in 1 day to 3 mandalas ( 1 mandala=42 days)

9. Do Gems work?

Gems do work provided the recommendation is correct and you use Jyotish Gemstones not just stones. Please go through the Video Testimonials where reputed individuals with their names and designations speak about the gem therapy and the text testimonials where the testimonial has been linked to the Gemstone/ Gemstones purchased. These can be accessed at:

Customer Testimonials

For the most definitive answer to this question please click the link below:

Do Gemstones Work

10. Which is more effective a lower weight gemstone with a higher price per carat or a higher weight gem with a lower price per carat?

A lower weight gemstone with a higher price per carat will be more effective as it will be better quality on all 4 C’s of cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

11. Does shape of gem matter in terms of the results it gives?

No the gem has to be Jyotish quality to give results. It can be any shape, the results will not vary if it is Jyotish Quality. Go for a shape and cut which appeals to you most.

What is Jyotish Quality:

What is Jyotish Gemstone

12. Does origin of the gem matter in terms of the results it gives?

No the origin does not matter. What matters is that the gemstone has to be Jyotish Quality. If a Gem has qualified to be Jyotish Quality, it shall give results regardless of the origin. There is no truth in statements such as a Colombian Emerald will be more effective than a Zambian One. What matters is that the Gemstone is Jyotish Quality.

Gemstone Origin and Astrological Impact

What is Jyotish Gemstone

13. I got good results in stock market/ speculation/ Gambling after wearing a particular gemstone; can I add one more of the same gemstone?

Please do not make assumptions and do self-recommendations. Do not take any decision in life that may be detrimental to yourself your loved ones. Do not assume and do things. Consult.

14. How do I know if a Gemstone is not suiting me?

Real Gemstones have a profound impact on the body and the organ system. The singular indicator that the gem is not suiting you is physical malady or disease in the first 7 days of wearing the gemstone. Flu, Mouth ulcers, cold and cough etc do not qualify as significator of the gem not suiting you whereas palpitations, high blood pressure do. If you do not have a physical disease in the first 7 days there is no need to worry.

15. My Gem report recommends that I wait for 90/120/ x amount of days to wear the next gemstone. I do not want to wait can I wear it now itself?

Please follow the instructions to the T as stated in your gemstone report for best results. If your report recommends you to wait, please wait.

16. It is necessary that the Gem should touch the skin? I feel that the Pendant I am wearing is not touching the skin all the time?

All Navagraha (The Nine Planets) Gemstones expect for Diamond should touch the skin for best results. Gemstoneuniverse rings and pendants are made in such a way that this objective is achieved and not even a minor detail is overlooked. If you observe a section of your skin under a microscope you shall observe millions of hair follicles and millions of micro pores which are doing their job effectively. Please wear your pendant with confidence. It is quite obvious that the pendant shall move as you move but your hair follicles and the micro pores are doing their job.

17. How do I know that a Gem is working for me?

If you find a positive change in your working conditions, wish fulfilment, increase of wealth and opportunities, better relationships, less stress or any other tangible parameters where you have experienced a positive change after wearing a gem, you know that the Gem is working for you.

18. Can I remove the gemstone while sleeping and wear it back after waking/ Can I remove the gem while playing sport (golf etc…)/ When to take off the ring and other similar questions.

Recently we received an e mail from a patron that reads:

Can you kindly give instructions or write an article about how to take care of your gemstone ring or pendant.

1) Do I take it off when I am taking a shower?

2) Do I take it off when I am washing my hand after using the restroom?

3) Do I take it off when having moments of physical intimacy?

4) Do I take it off when I am using my hand to eat, since it is on the right hand.

5) Can I wash it if it is dirty?

6) How do I clean it up, or with what type of soap?

7) Since I work in the hospital, do I need to take it off before surgery or making intravenous solutions for patient?

We receive queries similar to these quite often and this knowledgebase resource should address this issue:

You are not supposed to take off your gemstone ring in any condition including those listed above. The only time you should take off your ring is when attending a funeral, visiting a cremation ground or a cemetery. Take off your ring at home and after coming back take a shower and wear it back on facing East direction.

Our patrons who are Doctors especially who are surgeons are advised to wear the Gemstone in form of a pendant. In case you are wearing a ring please take it off and after completion of the procedure please wear it back right away facing East direction without any delay time.

These issues were addressed by Guruji Shrii Arnav in his article - Do Gemstones work-No They don?t for 90% of the people.

For cleaning of your Gemstone ring and pendant please click here.

19. How do I clean my Gemstones?

For cleaning of your Gemstone ring and pendant please click here.

20. Can I give the gemstone, I wear to someone else, will it work for them?

You can give your gemstone to a loved one or a blood relative but will it work or not, will depend on their planetary positions and analysis.

21. My gemstone just fell off should I buy a new one or is it that I don’t need one anymore?

Gemstones such as emerald work rapidly to remove negative karma and toxicity. In a decade of statistical data we have gathered we have observed that Emerald is the number 1 gem that gets lost or damaged followed by the Ruby. The scared texts state that once a Gemstone does it work it gets lost or damaged and should be replaced by a new one.

22. How often should I change my Gemstones?

Even though there is no universal agreement on this one we suggest as and when you feel like. Jyotish Gemstones are so powerful we have many patrons who upgrade every 1-2 years. The optimum time for changing the gemstones is listed below and gives good results.

Diamond-7 Years
Sapphire-Blue/Yellow, Emerald, Ruby- 5 years
Coral, Cat’s Eye, Hessonite- 3 years
Natural Pearl- 2 years, 2 months, 27 days.

If you started Gem Therapy with Upratna or an entry level gemstone and it has delivered results you must wait before you upgrade it for full benefits. To know more please click here

23. I do not have the budget for buying a natural, untreated gemstone?

In that you can do three things :

a. Wait till you are in a financial position to buy the natural, untreated gemstone.

b. Buy two/ three natural, untreated gemstones of lower weight to get the recommended carat age. A single gemstone of higher weight is more expensive than two gemstones of smaller weight. For example if you have been recommended an Emerald of 4 carats and you cannot go for it buy two emeralds of 2 carats and set them in a single ring or pendant. This can bring the price down to anywhere from 30% to 70%. Real Time examples of this strategy can be viewed at the link below:

c. Go for semi precious gemstones or Uparatna. Many patrons have got excellent results with Jyotish Quality Upratnas, please read the testimonials. Read more on upratnas at the following article:

What are Uparatnas?

24. I feel attracted to a particular gemstone (Emerald/ Sapphires/ etc) can I just purchase them without any consultation.

Jyotish Gemstones are very powerful and have a profound impact on your body, mind and energy system. In our opinion, you should not wear a Jyotish Gemstone without a consultation. You may however wear ordinary gemstones available in the market sold as finished jewellery.

25. Do you think I can opt for a lesser priced gem which has 70% efficiency rather than buy a expensive gemstone?

If you are wearing a Jyotish Gemstone than it is 100% effective. If it is not a Jyotish Gemstone than it is not effective!. There is no gemstone that is 10, 20, 50 0r 70 percent effective. This assumption is incorrect and you can read more about it in detail at the link given below:

Dangerous, Incorrect Assumptions- A sure shot method for Gem therapy Failure.

26. Can you make my ring/ pendant in platinum?

As per the sacred texts each planet has been assigned a particular metal in which its gem gives the best results. Platinum is not in that list. We do not make our talismans in platinum but only in metals as prescribed in the sacred texts.

27. How much effective are semi-precious gemstones as compared to the Primary Nine Gemstones?

Detailed answer to this question can be found at the link given below:

What is Upratna or semi precious?

28. How to choose a Vedic Gemstone/ How to avoid the flaws in a Jyotish Gemstone?

Detailed answer to this question can be found at the link given below:

How to choose a Vedic Gemstone/ Flaws to avoid in a Jyotish Gemstone

29. What is meant by consecration? Do you do the pooja of the ring/ pendant and send it? What if I want to so pooja myself?

Your Planetary Gemstone is consecrated in our Vedic Temple following all necessary steps as prescribed in the sacred texts. This process is essential so that the Gemstone is sync with you and your objectives. Detailed information on this can be found at the link below:

Consecration of your talisman – Encrypting your spiritual DNA

In case your Gemstone is not consecrated at Gemstoneuniverse please do not perform steps such as washing in milk etc. Please utilize the services of a Vedic priest who will do it for you without letting incorrect processes/ incorrect mantras creeping in and generating more bad karma.

30. I want to buy the Gemstone ring featured in my Gemstone report/ Gemstoneuniverse Blog. How Can I do that?
31. What is the method of cleaning my Astrology Gemstone ring and pendant?

Details can be found at the link below:

how to clean your gem ring or pendant

33. An Astrologer recommended that if I wear a Ruby/ Emerald/ Any other gemstone it will cause harm to my Husband/ Wife? Is this true?

Nothing can be further from the truth. Your gemstones are attuned to your body energies will work for you only and nobody else. Hence if you are wearing a Ruby and if your husband is wearing a Blue Sapphire there is no impact on each other and neither there is any conflict. The individual who has said this is no Astrologer in the real sense.

34. Is it possible to have no positive impact despite getting a correct gem recommendation and implementation with Jyotish Quality Gemstones? If yes, what does one do in such a case to get relief?

Yes, in very rare cases, it’s possible to have absolutely no impact and see no positive changes despite correct recommendation and wearing only Jyotish Quality Gemstones. Statistically we have seen the following hindrances due to which there is no benefit from Gem Therapy:

- Incomplete implementation of Gem Therapy- You have been recommended 2-3 gemstones. You have worn one and waiting for it to show some effect before you wear the other Gemstones - Incorrect Assumptions is an article that elaborates this point.

- You have based your decision to implement Gem Therapy influenced by someone else’s experience/ testimonial. For instance, your friend registers sudden progress and turn-around of fortune after wearing gems and you aspire for similar change (without considering own astrological parameters). Unrealistic expectations from Gem Therapy could shed light on this peculiar hindrance.

- You have been trying multiple therapies/ remedial measures at the same time. This can include mantras, chakra balancing, angel healing etc. Do Gems work no they don’t for 90% of the People is an exceptional resource to understand the Gem therapy as a remedy.

- You have a deeply incapacitating planetary position which has led to error due to flawed perception and thinking.

Yes we have documented cases wherein Individual has ordered a Jyotish gemstone but has been wearing it in the wrong finger and some cases where patience is the missing component.

There have been cases of severe negative karma that can be set right only by submitting to God himself.

These are some of the rare cases where Gem Therapy has no impact. The best remedy in such a case is service/ Seva of any kind. One example could be, volunteering to do service in a hospital for an hour a week etc. or spending time in an orphanage.

35. I have been advised by my astrologer/ consultant to transfer my ring from the ring finger to middle finger or pendant/ I have received an advice that is contrary to yours and other such questions? What do you have to say about it?

We stand by our recommendation and detailed reasons are clearly mentioned in the Gemstone report sent to you and the recommendation will not change. At Gemstoneuniverse, we can only speak for ourselves and have a singular policy of not commenting on any other 3rd party opinion.

However for some of the examples that may be related to your case you can click here. Whatever is our professional opinion is clearly mentioned in the report and it is not possible to discuss the same information again and again.

36. Can I wear Gemstone as a Pendant instead of a ring and Vice Versa? Is there any difference on the Astrological Impact?

Yes in certain cases it’s possible but it depends on your horoscope and its analysis. If you have a particular preference such as you would like to wear it only as a ring or a pendant you must furnish this information at the time of the placement of your gemstone report so that your chart can be thoroughly analysed and correct recommendation can be made accordingly. For more details please click here.

37. I feel odd in wearing a Gemstone as a finger ring and would like to opt for a pendant instead? Do you think that would work for me?

Not necessarily. In such a case it would be best to defer Gem therapy and opt for something else. For more details please click here.

38. I find real Jyotish Gemstones to be very expensive. As suggested by one of your comments, a Jyotish gem of 5 carats starts from 6.6 lakhs, which is a huge sum and almost my annual income. Does this mean, light of God does not fall on the poor?

Please find detailed answer to your question by clicking here.

39. Should I wear a Light Green Emerald or a Dark Green Emerald as per my birth sign/ Should I wear a Dark Colour Gemstone or a Light Colour Gemstone as per Birth sign

You can wear light coloured Gemstone or a Dark Coloured Gemstone whichever appeals to you till you are sure it is a real Jyotish Gemstone. The shade of colour does not matter. For more details please click here.

40. Should I wear Gemstone as a ring, pendant or bracelet? Which gives best results?

Please click here for detailed answer to this question.

41. What is the difference between a Stone, Gemstone & Jyotish Gemstone?

Please click here for detailed answer to this question.

42. Why so many FAQ’s. I find some of them are quite funny/ self-explanatory/ not required?

One Man’s Funny is another Man’s serious and one Man’s ridiculous is another one’s important. In our 20 years of practice these are the questions that come to us in a recurrent manner in various permutations and combinations and we thought it is best to have all of them here at one place as the answers to them and the organization’s approach and philosophy to these are the same regardless of the language or the expression. These are just here to save all of us a lot of time.

43. Why was my order not accepted and refunded back?

At Gemstoneuniverse for past 20 years we are driven by passion to serve Planetary Gem Therapy and the people and we strive for a 100% error free gem therapy and not by sales. If at any stage we feel that we shall not be able to deliver 100% error free gem therapy to you or if we feel that you shall not have 100% benefits by using Jyotish Gemstones for certain reasons we will not accept your order. Detailed reasons for the same can be accessed by clicking here.

44. I have spent a huge amount ( xyz) and procured all gemstones from Gemstoneuniverse. I have had some improvement but I feel that something is lacking. I want improvement in all fields. Is this possible? Please give me a consulting time so that I can clarify further.( Applicable also to Permutations and combinations of the same question)

Even though majority of the patrons never do this and are fully satisfied before they order some actually cite the money that they have spent and are continuously looking for Astrological advice.  In some cases we have had follow-up cases from 1999 also!

Most of such cases do not think of the benefits already received but have the unrealistic expectation that by spending a particular amount every single issue will get resolved.

Please note that you have spent money and in exchange you have something precious whose value is clearly described on the invoice.

45. If you have any issue you have the lifetime buyback and exchange policy to leverage. Citing an amount to get a consultation is not the way to go.

To avoid unrealistic expectations and what to expect from Gem Therapy please click here.

As and when Astrological consultations will be open they will be announced here.

Being the Gold Standard of Planetary Gemology sometimes we have to make tough choices and this is one. Whether you billing is INR 100/- or USD($) 50,000 our all patrons are equal to us and receive the same amount of service, dedication and attention.

46. Does wearing a Gemstone affect surrounding people like Children, spouse, family etc? Can I wear a Gemstone on behalf of my spouse/ child etc.

If One is wearing a Gemstone for harnessing Astrological powers then the Gemstone will have effect only on the person wearing the Gemstone and nobody else. Click here for more details.

47. Can American Diamonds be added to any ring or pendant for design?

Yes American Diamonds have no Astrological impact and can be added to any design. For more details please click here

48. How to do Pooja of Gemstone during emergency time when Pooja articles may not be available?

The answer is Manas Pooja and you can get details of the same by clicking here.

49. My question is not listed here

Please send an e mail to and if it is a valid question we shall try to get back to you in 1 business day if you are an existing patron or in 3-5 business days. You can call us during office hours. Details can be accessed at the link below:

Contact Us

50. Can I keep Gemstone in my pocket for effective results?

In Short No. For detailed answer to this question please click here.

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