About Us

AEM Certification for Conflict Free Gemstones

Vision, Mission & Values

Empowering Individuals and Organizations globally to leverage their “NOW” and move to higher levels by harnessing the ancient science of Vedic Astrology and Planetary Gemology.


To be the world’s leading authority on Jyotish Gemstones, Planetary Gemology and Planetary Gem Therapy.

To build awareness and acceptance of Planetary Gem Therapy as a powerful tool for personal change.

To make available our services, products across the world and be admired globally by Patrons, Stakeholders and Peers.


Client Centricity: To ensure that our Patrons get unmatched value and error free gem therapy, we will keep our customer’s best interest as the cornerstone of all our recommendations, actions, decisions, processes and policy making.

Excellence: To strive relentlessly, constantly improve our services and products to set standards in our business and be an exemplar for the industry.

Win-win partnerships: To ensure that all our stakeholders - clients, partners, affiliates, vendors, employees and society at large, benefit from their association with us in the most transparent and trustworthy manner.

Integrity: To ensure that we provide only natural, unheated and jyotish quality gemstones sourced from across the globe to our patrons and be sincere, open and transparent in all our transactions.

Service & Passion: To provide service to the global community in the most predictable manner with a smile, pleasing to God and to man, by leveraging the ancient science of Vedic astrology and planetary gemology.

Gemstoneuniverse has a dedicated team of certified astro-gemmologists from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) / Planetary Gemology Association (PGA) and other leading Gemology schools; only these trained professionals are engaged in providing consultation, gem recommendations and gem selection services to patrons.

Gemstoneuniverse is a member of the Planetary Gemology Association (PGA), Thailand; Gemological Institute of America (GIA); Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), India: Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), India; International Gem Society (IGS) and continues to associate with leading agencies and bodies across the globe in the pursuit of our Vision.

Some of the key focus areas that we have set out for ourselves at Gemstoneuniverse are:

Bring about standardization in the field of planetary gemology by world class certification, employing qualified staffs who have graduated from top Gemology schools and digitization cum documentation of every product sold out and adding value by independent appraisals.

Provide gem therapy in the area of Health Management. Gem therapy works on the principle of light reflection / absorption, depending on the kind of gemstone one is wearing. (reference – Future of medicine is linked to Color and Light – Stephen Hawkins in his book “ A brief history of time”).

Improve the working conditions of individuals working in the mines / supply chain of the coloured gemstone industry

Educate, impart and popularize the sacred science of Vedic astrology globally.

AEM Certification for Conflict Free Gemstones


Gemstoneuniverse is a wholly owned subsidiary of Astro Journey, the parent company which was founded in 1999 and continues to provide unparalleled service to patrons globally in the realm of Vedic Astrology.

Gemstoneuniverse was launched as a brand and entity in 2006 with the key objective of facilitating end-to-end service to patrons who sought error-free planetary gemology / gem therapy services. The key to making this happen was to source and provide authentic, untreated, “flawless” natural gemstones of jyotish quality which we are very proud to state is our speciality.

Also to enable patrons globally to adopt Gem Therapy, Gemstoneuniverse launched the online store in 2006 to enable customers to seek advice / recommendations, select gems / talisman designs online and transact over the web with utmost ease.

While patrons had the facility to visit our office to select their gemstone / talisman designs, we set up an in-house chamber for patrons in 2009 to facilitate privacy and exclusivity, thereby laying the foundation for what would lead to the launch of our exclusive planetary gemstone boutique. We launched the largest exclusive boutique store for Planetary & Jyotish quality gemstones in Bangalore (Nov 2012), which was inaugurated by HH the Maharaja of Mysore.

Gemstoneuniverse is the recipient of the Excellence in Exports Award in the years - 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014 from The Jewellers Association.

Gemstoneuniverse joined the Alpha organisations, where gemstone industry in India is concerned, as it has been featured in the 'Luxury Directory', a first publication by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM) of India! The Luxury Directory is an endeavour by the ASSOCHAM to compile reliable information on the A - Listers in the luxury industry in India aimed at providing accurate data to government, industry and public at large.

Gemstoneuniverse has also won two prestigious awards in 2012 given by National Education and Human Resource Development Organization (NEHRDO) – The Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award as well as Quality Brands India award.

Since year 2003, NEHRDO is giving National Udyog Ratna Award for excellent work in various fields and these awards are recognised as important and precious in industrial and social areas. These area/fields are science and technology, business, industry, education, health, industrial leadership, banking, health, women entrepreneurs etc.

Quality Brands India presents a prestigious award for micro, small and medium industries in the country. The awards aim at honouring and felicitating successful and innovative businessmen and suppliers who have made great contributions for the development of micro, small and medium industries in India.

Initially, information about the various companies, products, services, projects etc. is collected from towns, cities of various states through the help of National Education and Human Resources Development Organisation as well as council for Economic Growth and Research National Charitable Trust. While selecting the brands for awards several economic, organisational as well as ethical parameters are considered.

Gemstoneuniverse - Present

Gemstoneuniverse currently offers consultation / advisory services in the area of Vedic astrology, gemstone recommendation, gemstone therapy, appraiser services in the field of gemology and related services. We provide natural, unheated, treatment-free gemstones that are certified in recognised labs to our discerning patrons globally in their pursuit of gem therapy.

We are proud to be part of the United Nations (UN) initiative of the Fair Gems Process to ensure conflict-free gemstone trade. Gemstoneuniverse has its buying division in Bangkok and subsidiary establishments in Mozambique, Zambia, Srilanka, Colombia, Brazil and Hong Kong from where we source natural gemstones from as close to the source as possible to ensure that we get authentic gemstones, with minimal “change of hands” whereby ensuring that the stones are “conflict free”.

All gemstones are certified from recognized labs in our endeavour to ensure that they are natural, untreated and flawless before they are made available to our patrons at the boutique or at our online store.

We have a dedicated in-house studio to capture and reproduce images of our gemstones, talismans and products in the most honest and transparent manner to provide our patrons a “as close to real” experience when viewing them on our website, Vimeo or other social media. Significant time and investment has gone into the set-up of the studio in terms of equipment, expertise and personnel.

A key investment that we undertook in 2012 was to invest in setting up the largest and exclusive boutique in Indiranagar, Bangalore; one of it’s kind offering only Jyotish quality gemstones. We have also invested significantly in upgrading our online portal to facilitate ease of knowledge dissemination and transaction for our esteemed patrons.

In 2014, Gemstoneuniverse was the proud sponsor of the prestigious JRD Tata Memorial Lecture and also presented the Maharatna Award to Bharat Ratna Prof. CNR Rao. The most delightful moment of 2014 was the blessings, best wishes and the guidance of His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

Gemstoneuniverse has significant presence in the social media – Facebook (140,000+ likes); Vimeo (More than 1800+ videos of Jyotish Gemstones and Jyotish Quality Rings and Pendants provided to patrons worldwide); Twitter (4800+ followers) as on 01st Jan 2015, by investing in dedicated resources, partnerships and creation of content to educate the community in the areas of Vedic Astrology, Planetary Gemology, Gemstone Therapy and healthy living. We also conduct regular live chat sessions on Facebook to engage with our social community and provide perspectives and recommendations to participants.

AEM Certification for Conflict Free Gemstones

Future Focus

Some of the things that we are working on in alignment with our Vision are:

We are in the process of finalizing our plan to roll our various initiatives to educate and build awareness around genuine planetary gemology / gem therapy for individuals, corporate and society at large.

Setting up physical presence in other major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai to bring the services and products a bit closer to our patrons and clientele

Establish and expand our presence to the global market by having office and boutiques in the US, UK, Middle-east, Singapore and other key cities across the globe.

Conceptualize, Design and Deliver training programs for Individuals and Corporates to assist them in realizing their true potential and move to higher levels.

Set up a dedicated school in a campus setting to impart programs / courses in Vedic Science / Vedic Astrology to a global fraternity of knowledge seekers

Design and Deliver a one of its kind Gemology + Gem Therapy course to a potential audience across continents. We intend to leverage the power of technology and advanced educational aids to take this globally.

AEM Certification for Conflict Free Gemstones

Our Promise

At Gemstoneuniverse, the larger idea is to spread awareness about the power of precious gemstones and to make available a platform for natural, untreated and potent gemstones. In today's world, there is available a fake, an imitation of everything including gemstones.

Not only that, low grade stones are often treated unethically by unscrupulous traders to lend it the looks of a very expensive flawless gem. This may not be discernable to the naked eye or to an untrained eye. It can be detected by getting the gem tested in a lab or by having it checked with an established expert in the field.

At Gemstone Universe, you are safe from such malpractices as the highest standards and certification procedures are followed. Each and every precious stone with Gemstone Universe is hand-picked and selected only after it meets the criterion for quality and standards that have been set to adjudge an astrologically potent gemstone.

We promise that you will cherish your association with us and your personal gemstone talisman fondly.