1. I am based in Bangalore; Can I give you gold for the ring?

We make all our rings and pendants in 22K or 18K Gold with hallmark. Yes you can bring your own gold for which we shall take an Assay Certificate (INR 100/- $ 1.8). If you Gold is of the standard caratage we shall proceed to making your ring. However, if it is less than the standard caratage we shall inform you and take an approval about adding extra gold to bring it to the standard.

2. Do you provide gemstones for trial?

No, unless and until our experts feel that it is required due to some special planetary consideration we do not give gemstones for trial.

3. Why the price of Gemstone consultation is so high?

It is an opinion. Meanwhile this data shall help you- The Gemstone report consultation fee had been USD ($) 30/- from the year 2000 to 2015! With a variation in 2015 for over a decade, On 14th Jan 2023, we are now offering two versions of the report. A Brief Gemstone report for $50/- and a comprehensive Gemstone Report for $124/-

This report is done by highly qualified consultants who have professional credentials from PGA/GIA - world class organizations besides having years of professional expertise and who have trained directly under Guruji Shrii Arnav! If you patiently go through the contents and methodology of the report you shall appreciate what we do and the end value that is delivered.

The consultation fee just ensures that we do analysis of real individuals who have real interest in this sacred science and not for someone who marks cc to several consultants. The most expensive thing we offer at Gemstoneuniverse is time followed by professional expertise followed by planetary gemstones in that order.

You can get the full details at:

Vedic gemstone report details

4. Do you do free consultation/ recommendation for gemstones/ remedial measures.

Much as we would like to, we do not have the resources to do a free consultation. It would compromise on the quality of consultation of paid customers. Qualified Astro Gemologists are a very rare breed. Gemstoneuniverse is a powerhouse of information of that we offer for free. If you are looking ‘g’ with no expert comments we recommend you visit the free Gem recommendation resources at the link given below:

More detailed reasons for not doing a free consultation are listed at the link below:

 Free Gem Recommendation

Things we don’t like but this will save us a lot of precious time, save a lot of your time and may help you in taking the right direction- Random requests for Gemstone recommendation, casual discussions of horoscopes! Please don’t waste time and stop us from doing good, quality work!

5. I would like to have my own custom design. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. However, before we start work on any design we have to ascertain two vitally important things 1) The design ensures safety of your gemstone. 2) The Gemstone touches the skin and is effective for planetary gem therapy. We shall get back to you with the expert opinion of the bench jeweller and if the above two conditions are fulfilled we shall send you a custom quote and start work on your design. We shall get back to you after getting your custom quote from our bench jeweller.

6. Can I come and visit your gallery personally to choose my gemstone?

Yes you are welcome. Please click the link below for location details and operating hours:

Contacts Us

7. Can you send me more photos of a Gem I like?

Quite frankly due to the quantum of work that we do we not have the resources to accommodate these requests. Gem Photography is not like ordinary photography and the photographs you view at Gemstoneuniverse website are the highest professional quality as per a Gemologists standard and requirement. For more information about the quality of Pictures, please click the link below:

2D is passé!-Look out for the Talisman Videos Now

8. Do You have any other store locations/ authorized resellers/ franchisee?

At Gemstoneuniverse we take pride in flawless gemstones and flawless therapy. Right from the listing of inventory to recommendation each step requires highly special skill sets so that the process if error free-something we are very particular about. We do not have any other store/ reseller/ franchisee and the entire inventory is centrally locked. Please follow the link below for picture quality:

2D is passé!-Look out for the Talisman Videos Now

Please follow the link below for real time 3D viewing of inventory. If you go through the blog post you can verify the gemstone in the inventory, the gemstone after being set and the video of the finished piece.

9. Do you have plenty of Customers?

Yes, sometimes we do get this question. Just have a look at the Gemstoneuniverse blog where you will get a fair idea of the fraction of the work that we do:

Have a look at the testimonials of real people at the link below:

customer testimonials

However if you decision to implement Gem therapy is based on the numbers of the client we service we suggest that you wait for some more time and go through the resource below:

why are they so out of reach

10. I have a Gem will you make a ring for me?

No, we make rings/ pendants for only Jyotish Gemstones as listed on the Gemstoneuniverse website.

11. I want a 7 carat Blue Sapphire/ Any other Fancy Demand?

We would be more than willing to help you in your endeavour to find your gemstone. However if such a Gemstone is not listed in the online inventory at Gemstoneuniverse then in that case you would need to make a deposit. For details please click the link below:

12. I want to buy several gemstones but I cannot wait for 7-10 business days as specified in the shipping page?

We shall in no which way alter a perfect system that delivers perfect results and will not process the order in a hurry. You can read more about it at the link given below:

13. I want to be a Gemstoneuniverse supplier for your firm?
14. What is meant by consecration? Do you do the pooja of the ring/ pendant and send it? What if I want to so pooja myself?

Your Planetary Gemstone is consecrated in our Vedic Temple following all necessary steps as prescribed in the sacred texts. This process is essential so that the Gemstone is sync with you and your objectives. Detailed information on this can be found at the link below:

Consecration of your talisman – Encrypting your spiritual DNA

In case your Gemstone is not consecrated at Gemstoneuniverse please do not perform steps such as washing in milk etc. Please utilize the services of a Vedic priest who will do it for you without letting incorrect processes/ incorrect mantras creeping in and generating more bad karma.

15. I want to buy the Gemstone ring featured in my Gemstone report/ Gemstoneuniverse Blog. How Can I do that?
16. Do you think I am getting the best price?

Absolutely, in fact if you have the skill sets you can buy from us and sell to vendors and not end users and book a profit. Nowhere you shall get this sheer range of only Jyotish Gemstones, Quality and this price. We are able to do it because of reasons listed at the links below:

Gem certification

Buying division

17. What should be the budget of my gemstone?

The first and foremost criteria are to ensure that the gemstone is astrologically flawless and has the energy to give potent results and solutions in life. Besides the conventional gemstone judging parameters of cut, color, clarity, lustre and carat weight you should first aim that your gemstone is astrologically appropriate as described in the sacred texts. All gemstones in the gemstone vault here at Gemstone Universe are first judged by their Astrological potency. You should buy the best quality that you can afford without any financial pressure.

18. If all information is on the website then what use is the customer service?

Yes, we did receive this one too! At Gemstoneuniverse we take pride in providing the best solution free from flaws and errors. The most expensive thing we provide is time, followed by professional expertise followed by the Gemstones. The customer service is for facilitating your path in therapy and not repeating the information that we have already put on the website.

19. Why is my order cancelled again and again?

In certain cases we will not take you as a patron and will not provide professional services and products. At Gemstoneuniverse we believe in flawless gemstones, great therapy that delivers results. Any factor that has the capacity to mar our flawless record is a strict no-no.

Please click the link below for details:

Spoiler alert

20. I had bought a gemstone from you sometime back. I want to upgrade to a higher quality level. What do I do?

Please preserve the invoice with the Government Seal that is sent along with your package. You can upgrade or exchange the gemstone and we shall give you flat 75% of the old gemstone price, even 10 years down the line if the gemstone is not damaged and you have the original papers. This amount will be adjusted to your new purchase. In fact several of our clients avail this facility. Moe information on upgrade can be accessed at the links given below:

Gem certification

Lifetime Exchange

21. I would like to know if my ring/ pendant shall be featured on the blog

We showcase a fraction of our work at the Gemstoneuniverse blog and it is entirely a management decision. Only few pieces are featured which convey some valuable Planetary Gemology information. We cannot assure you that your talisman will be featured on the blog.

22. I would not like my ring/ pendant to be featured on the blog?

Please send us an e mail stating the same.

23. Do you have celebrity clients?

Yes, you! For us, all of you are celebrities and we value privacy and respect our clients. If you browse around the website you shall get the information you are looking for.

24. I want to be a Gemstoneuniverse supplier?

Gemstoneuniverse deals only in premium quality goods at the apex of the Gem pyramid. We have our own mining interests and cutting facilities. To view what we have to offer please visit the link below:

Buying division

If you still feel that you have something that might interest us please follow the directions exactly at the link given below:

25. Can you please hurry up my order?

In no which way we shall compromise on a perfect process that delivers flawless results. Please click the link below for more information:

26. I want to be associated with Gemstoneuniverse?

Many times we receive proposals for business, partnership or simple desires such as getting a job at Gemstoneuniverse or working with the team . If you have an exceptional ability or have an out of the box idea do e mail it to us with your resume and a brief write up about yourself to:

27. My question is not listed here

Please send an e mail to and if it is a valid question we shall try to get back to you in 1 business day if you are an existing patron or in 3-5 business days. You can call us during office hours. Details can be accessed at the link below:

Contact Us

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