Shipping and Tracking

1. In how many days will I receive my package

After receiving your order we require 3 business days to make your ring, pendant or talisman in the most auspicious time selected by Vedic Astrology. 2 business days are required for consecrating and energizing your ring, pendant and talisman. 2 business days are required for certification and appraisal. Once the package is dispatched you should receive it in 7-10 business days.

Note: Please note that Bhasma Rings will be shipped in 14 days from the date of placement of order as they require extra design element and work

2. My location is not listed in the list of areas that you ship to. However I am really interested in Planetary Gem therapy and would like to be a Gemstoneuniverse patron. What exactly do I do?

In rare cases where we find the interest in Gems and Gem therapy is genuine we stretch ourselves and ship from our buying division in Bangkok or use the help of a channel partner/ associate worldwide to get you your planetary gem. However, it requires extra days or shipping and in some cases extra costs for shipping. If you are interested please send us an e mail with your location and we shall try our best. In the 2011 we have, in some rare cases hand delivered items to Indonesia and Russia and got the packaged delivered using the help of an associate in countries like Denmark.

3. Can you send the gemstone by a private courier like FedEx or UPS etc. so that I receive it earlier?

That is not possible. We at Gemstone Universe ensure that your gemstone is appraised and certified by Government of India official agencies for this purpose. This ensures that you get the authentic gemstone at the correct price with no fear of over invoicing or under invoicing. Appraisal and certification by a Government agency makes it mandatory that your package is properly wax sealed and sent by the Government of India postal Department. Only semi-precious gemstones of less value set in silver can be sent by private courier in some cases.

4. Why are the Shipping charges so high?

You are ordering a valuable product and it should be backed by extensive documentation, insurance and appraisal that should have value throughout your life. At the core of Gemstoneuniverse is transparency and these are the actuals incurred to ensure a world class service and products that is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

The shipping component is not just shipping but includes certification, appraisal, insurance and door delivery with documentation that proves the value of your precious jewellery. At Gemstoneuniverse we do not resort to gimmicks like including the shipping in the product cost or free shipping. This cost is well worth it. Some patrons find it surprising when their product cost is less than the shipping.

This happens because the value Gemstoneuniverse delivers to you in terms of price, selection and convenience. For example the lustrous treatment free hessonite that we offer you at $90 per carat would not be available at most of the retail stores and the average price for that would be anywhere from $125-$150 per carat provided you buy a whole lot. Hence in some cases this surprising scenario occurs. The complete value of Certification, Appraisal, Insurance, marking of caratage when calculated for one single gemstone would range anywhere from $250-$350/-.

It is our numbers and consistency that gets us volume discounts from the Laboratories/ other associated agencies which we forward to you as a Gemstoneuniverse advantage and not as freebies. Your charge of $80 in shipping includes all this and is just not shipping.

Detailed information on shipping can be accessed here.

5. If I club 2 gems ring/pendant in one package is there any difference in my shipping cost?

No, the shipping charges shall remain the same, irrespective of the quantity of products. You will be charged one uniform rate for the whole package and will not be charged twice.

6. When I tracked my package online, it says that “Origin Post is preparing shipment”. It is over 10 days and the package has still not reached destination country. Should I be worried?

Please be informed that this message indicates that the package has left India and is on its way to destination country. Yes, sometimes it does takes more than 10 business days also for the package to reach destination country, due to the non-direct connection of the flights. This is not in our control. However as per the statistics available with us nearly all packages reach in 14 business days irrespective of tracking information available. We have a 100% delivery rate without any hassles.

7. When I tracked my package online, it says that “Inbound into customs”. It is over 10 days. Should I be worried? When will I get the package delivered?

Please be informed that this message indicates that your package is in destination country and is with the destination country customs. At times it does take some additional time for the clearance from the customs, due to extra shipment clearance with them and this is not in our hand However as per the statistics available with us nearly all packages reach in 14 business days irrespective of tracking information available. Please be assured, you shall have the package shortly. We have a 100% delivery rate without any hassles.

8. Do I have to pay duties for my package?

Patrons located in the USA do not have to pay any duties/ extra charges and the packages are door delivered. For more information on duties in other regions please click here:

9. My question is not listed here

Please send an e mail to and if it is a valid question we shall try to get back to you in 1 business day if you are an existing patron or in 3-5 business days. You can call us during office hours. Details can be accessed at the link below:

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