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    The Allure of Origin in Gemstones & impact on effectiveness

    Why Gemstone Origins like Kashmir Sapphire & Burmese Ruby have a big impact in the Colored Gemstone World & What’s so special about these Gemstones

    In the world of Colored Gemstones traditions play a big role and “origin” of a gemstone plays a big role in making up the traditions. Gemstone Origins have a big impact on price and availability. Traditionally some of the best known and sought after gemstones with origins and notes are given below:

    Table of Traditionally Fashionable Origins of Gemstones

    Gemstone Name

    Most Sought After Gemstone Origin/ Benchmark

    Image of the most preferred Gemstone Origin

    Comments about Gemstone Origin and Alternatives


    Burma/ Myanmar

    Burma Ruby 

    Most Rare today and most expensive. Very difficult to identify conflict free gemstones. As per the Burmese Jade Act of 2008 the Burmese Ruby Cannot Be shipped to the United States as of 16th Feb 2015. Today the best alternative in Rubies from Mozambique. The market prices of unheated and untreated fine quality Mozambique Rubies that are close to Burma Colour are now rivalling Burma Ruby Prices. A fine quality Mozambique Ruby that is near eye clean and with fine colour is starting at USD($)15,000 per carat.( Report from the 55th Bangkok Gem and Jewellery Show-Feb 2015. Please see Picture below) For Natural Ruby Market Prices please click here.



     Basra Pearl

    Pearls from the Persian/Arabian Gulf from the city of Al Basrah are the rarest and the most sought after. That being said Basra or no Basra, Natural Pearls form less than 2% of all Pearls in the World. The next best alternative are Natural Pearls from Australia

    Red Coral


     Japanese Red Coral

    Red Coral from the Japan Sea with their Ruddy Reddish Orange to Mediterranean Ox Blood Red Colour are the benchmark when it comes to corals, very rare and expensive. The Alternative is the Italian Red corals



     Colombian Emerald

    Colombia has held the numero uno position for being the bench mark in Emeralds since centuries. The next best alternative are Emeralds from Panjsher Valley in Afghanistan and from Zambia

    Yellow Sapphire

    Ceylon/Sri Lanka

     Yellow Sapphire Sri Lanka

    Ceylon Prides Itself as the oldest Gem producing territory of the world and Yellow Sapphires from Sri Lanka still are numero uno as far as origin is concerned.



     Golconda Diamond

    The Diamonds of the Golconda Mines in Andhra Pradesh were legendary. Today these are stuff of legends and reach auction houses once a while. These have been replaced by African diamonds.

    Blue Sapphire


     Kashmir Blue Sapphire

    The cornflower Blue Sapphires from Kashmir India are part of folklore. No organized mining has taken place after 1932 and most of the gem quality material available is very expensive and rare. The best alternative available is the Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire


    Ceylon/Sri Lanka

     Hessonite Sri Lanka

    Best Material comes from Sri Lanka. Fortunately Supplies are stable as of time of writing this piece( 16th Feb 2015)

    Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl

    Ceylon/ Srilanka

     Ceylon Cats Eye

    The most sought after Cats Eye Chrysoberyl with the famed milk and honey effect and the Greenish Golden Look. Supplies are dwindling and Sri Lankan Cats Eye is getting rarer by the day. The alternative is Cats Eye from India but supplies from India are also getting erratic.


    Kashmir Sapphire Rough

    Astrological Impact of Gemstone Origins

    This question comes up quite frequently to us whether a Kashmir Sapphire is more effective than a Ceylon Blue Sapphire. Similar queries come for other gemstones too. In Short the answer to this question is, “No”. What is important for a Gemstone to be astrologically effective is that is has to be a Jyotish Gemstone. To read about that detail please click here. However to summarise here are the 6 major points for a Gemstone to deliver results and be astrologically effective. This check list should be followed in this order for best results and should have tick marks on all 4 points.

    -        The Gemstone should be beautiful and have life.

    -        It should excel on the 4C’s of cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.

    -        It should absolutely be an unheated and untreated Natural Gemstone.

    -        It should be free from any flaws listed in the sacred texts.

    So if you get a Natural and untreated Gemstone that is not beautiful or does not excel on the 4C’s then you do not have a Jyotish Gemstone. If the gemstone qualifies on all the parameters listed above then it is a Jyotish Gemstone and shall deliver the promised results only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of.

    Here are some of the basic tenets quoted in the sacred texts for Gemstones to be used in Jyotish (Astrology)

    “Inward glowing lustre, transparency, illumination with rays, sparkle, free from impurities and good formation of the shape are the characteristics of good gems” -(Agni Purana, 246.13-14).

    “If anyone wears a gem of many flaws even out of ignorance, then grief, anxiety, sickness, death, loss of wealth and other evils will torment him” -(Garuda Purana, 70.19)

    In Garuda Purana, Sri Sut Ji Goswami says in the Chapter 72, “The Blue Sapphire subjected to heat or burning to improve color and clarity should never be used by anyone as illness and misfortune will fall on that individual who uses a heated and a burned gem.”

    Exceptionally Fine Colombian Emerald from the Gemstoneuniverse collection

    Next time you are searching for an Old Mine Emerald or a Burmese Ruby first please ascertain whether the Gemstone qualifies on the top 4 parameters discussed above. That is an absolute must. Any origin of Gemstone shall deliver provided it qualifies on these Parameters.

    Fine Quality Mozambique Ruby with Burma Colour

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