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    Dangerous, Incorrect Assumptions - A sure shot method for Gem therapy Failure

    Confusion in Decision Making


    A strange Case of ‘ Khudrang ’ Sapphire and more…

    Human being is the master of innovation. Be it any situation he has come up with ingenious solutions that beat reckoning. Especially in a field of study/ area of work in the paucity of in-depth or correct knowledge. This is when estimation of thought, speculation and ingenious euphemisms take birth, to the detriment of the larger good.

    What are you thinking

    Gem Therapy in Vedic Astrology/ Planetary gemology as a field of study opens up new vistas each day, not just with the wonderous gems it brings to the table, but with each human being who is sent hurtling down the corridors of someplace that is a curious mix of uncertainty, curiosity and fear – him (this confused being who is dished differing opinions about this exact discipline) and his several doubts!

    Please note that Planetary Gemology and planetary gem therapy are quite exact , the practitioners may differ, owing to their orientation, intent and levels of knowledge.

    Gemstoneuniverse gives you three case studies. Take note right in the beginning that the purpose of these case studies is to guide the thought process in the right direction. As mentioned previously that due to paucity of accurate information and divergent views from divergent practitioners, the interested individual is sure to be at a loss. Here’s taking a look at areas and directions that should be ‘NO FLY ZONE’ for your thoughts and imagination !


    No Fly Zone No Fly Zone

    Case 1 – Variable Percentage Efficiency of Gems – Are You Mistakenly Out to Buy a Gadget Spanning Generations with Variable features?

    A query received at the Gemstoneuniverse blog:

    Think left, think right

    Sir, with due regards I wish to ask you, these gems at Gemstoneuniverse are the finest ones, might be with about more than 90% + efficiency so they cost high. Can you tell me what would be average cost of White Pukhraj with 70 to 80% Efficiency and its cost in Indian Market? I would be very thankful.

    Name Withheld.


    Case 2 – Is Gemstoneuniverse Your only Option to buy Jyotish quality gems?

    A spiritual consultant who implemented gem therapy for himself and loved ones using gemstones from Gemstoneuniverse and reaped good benefits. However, he himself is a gemologist and makes recommendations for his clients. For some of his clients, he ordered gems from Gemstoneuniverse and those clients in turn got good results.

    Is it possible that Gemstones sourced from Gemstoneuniverse only work and those bought from other vendors don’t? I have seen dip in results or no results for clients for whom I have sourced gemstones from other vendors since the client did not have the resources to buy from Gemstoneuniverse.

    After sometime, he sent us a picture of a Gem and asked for our opinion. Even though we discourage this activity until the physical specimen can be examined by us just based on the photograph, we said that the Gemstone does not look more than 80% clean and clearly isn’t Jyotish Quality.

    The subsequent reply – The pictures are not good enough and that price matches the needs of the client. The client did not have adequate funds to buy from Gemstoneuniverse .

    Our take – it’s not about the price or the person or the vendor! The Gem has to be Jyotish Quality absolutely . In such cases it is always better to opt for the substitute gem/ the alternative/ the upratna. An entry level Jyotish Quality gem shall deliver results which a non Jyotish quality gem will never even begin to!


    Case 3: The Strange Case of Gemstone Christening with a Fancy Name – Will You Buy it Now Sir, Now that I have Made it so Mysterious?

    Here’s a piece of conversation that you may never be privy to again – It all started with a phone call at the Gemstoneuniverse buying division from one of the largest dealers of Gold Worldwide. A potential ***** based, reputable and established client who was looking for Astrology Gemstones . Since the reference was coming from a highly reputable vendor we invited this individual and reproduced below is the Dialogue that followed

    Unnecessary portions have been omitted and that what is relevant is reproduced here.

    For your understanding,

    B - The Buyer

    G – Gemstoneuniverse


    B: I have seen your website and work it is very good.

    G: Thank You very much.

    B: I have 25 shops in ***** only.

    G: That is good to hear.

    B: I am looking to buy Sapphires both Blue and Yellow.

    G: Ok, what carat range are you looking for?

    B: 5 Ratti to 7.25 ratti.

    G: That shall mean the average lot size you are looking for is approximate 6.5 carats.

    B: Yes, Yes

    G: Are you specific about the origin?

    B: Yes, I would like to have Sri Lanka.

    G: Have a Look at this Blue Sapphire, ( a natural Ceylon sapphire sample is shown ) do you prefer a lighter shade or a darker shade?

    B: No, No, No, this is very high quality, I want very light but it should be in the weight range I suggested before.

    G: This is not high quality. For the size specified by you, this is medium quality and will cost $300 per carat for the whole lot.

    B: No, No I am looking at quality from $4 to 10$ per carat.



    Now that would be a jaw-dropping moment for any seller in the gem trade, especially in a hub like Bangkok!

    G: I am really not aware of such a quality. We do not deal in discarded mineral rough that is at the bottom of the Gem Pyramid.

    B: You don’t know this quality?

    G: No.

    B: Ok ok, don’t worry I shall show you then maybe you shall help me.

    At this Juncture he opens a plastic packet which has large sized mineral specimens of Yellow and Blue Sapphire. Not beautiful, full of inclusions, damaged and close to NIL color.

    G: What is this?

    B: This is real.

    G: Maybe what exactly is this?

    B: (Chuckles…) In our trade we call it as the Khudrang Sapphire. Khudrang means: Khud: Own and Rang: Color. A Gemstone having it own color is Khudrang.

    G: That is the way you it sell to customers?

    B: Yes, I tell them Khudrang is the best natural option available. It is its own color. Rest is done by the Astrologer.

    G: What is done by the Astrologer?

    B: Many customers like to show the stone to the Astrologer, who says that it is very good.

    G: But today with so much information available don’t customers ask you will this work?

    B: Yes Many times, my standard reply is we have 25 shops in ***** and I have seen this work for 15 years myself and before that my father has seen this work for 25 years. This is usually sufficient. After all, what can you get for $500. A 5 carat sapphire ring in Gold. Customers just want to hear it will work, that’s it.

    G: Sorry we cannot help you, we do not carry this quality.

    B: You are such a big company. I want to buy 500 carats of these goods every 3 months.

    G: Sorry but it is against the basic fundamentals for which we stand. Such quality cannot even enter our office let alone we dealing in this quality.

    B: Can you recommend any other Vendor who can do it, After all it is but a business.

    G: No, we do don’t deal with other Vendors.

    After a customary 5 minute chit chat and a cup of tea this buyer with 25 shops left our buying division.

    Moving on, as we see in both these cases compromises have been made on the fundamental pillar on which Planetary Gem Therapy rests which is Jyotish Quality . Over the past one and half year with 1000 examples on the blog in terms of write-up, pictures and videos we have stretched ourselves to explain Jyotish Quality because Gem therapy shall not work with any other gemstones.

    Case 1, is a simple case of the individual putting the blindfold on and justifying acquisition of bad gemstones by comparing efficiency and putting up random figures without research. It makes us dread how many people think like this and waste time, money, energy and effort.

    In this case the absolute truth is that either is Gem is 100% effective which it is if it is Jyotish Quality and or is not effective. The fundamental part being here is that the Gem has to be Jyotish Quality. For more information on the same please click the link below:

    What is a Jyotish Gemstone?

    Secondly, we would like you to have world class insider information about pricing of gemstones Price Gems like a professional:

    Price Gemstones Like a Professional?

    Sometimes, we have to explain that why sometimes the shipping is more expensive than the gemstone . The lustrous fine treatment free hessonite that you find at Gemstoneuniverse at $90 per carat is not available in wholesale and in lots at $150 per carat. We can offer you great prices but shipping is not under our control.


    Case 2, here in this case there is a genuine desire to help. But is the desire overriding the basic fundamental of Gem therapy that it is absolutely vital for a Gem to be Jyotish Quality ? It is not that the gems sources from Gemstoneuniverse only shall work. Any Gem shall work provided it is Jyotish Quality and to determine that it not an easy task. In this case the best method would have been to implement therapy with Upratnas . Many individuals have got brilliant results with Jyotish Quality Upratnas. Just Natural and untreated doesn’t essentially mean Jyotish Quality.


    Case 3,The dangerous case of Khudrang Sapphire . See video below for the same. Lack of knowledgeable professionals and greed and corruption make people invent fancy terms/ euphemisms like Khudrang Sapphire. You need to draw your own conclusions if you have implemented therapy with a similar scenario.

    It is again our humble request that you go back to the classic:

    Do Gems Work- No they Don’t for 90 % of the people and you shall never fail.


    But if your information about Planetary Gem therapy is equivalent to the placebo* picture below then you are at the wrong place and you need to do a whole lot more of reading and research.

    *Placebo: is a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition intended to deceive the recipient.


    Placebo Gemology Placebo Gemology

     On 16 th August, we received this mail. It is up to you to decide…..

    Note: DKIM signature for those interested

    Note: Areas have been blanked out to protect client privacy and personal life history.

    Note: Click on the photos for a larger image


    DKIM signature for e mail proof DKIM signature for e mail proof



    E mail sent by the Individual E mail sent by the Individual


    Low Grade Mineral Ore as per the Gem Pyramid Low Grade Mineral Ore as per the Gem Pyramid


    These poor quality stones are in conflict with the bluff stones worn in the finger These poor quality stones are in conflict with the bluff stones worn in the finger

    1) This is a classic case of a negative karmik life map which Guruji Shrii Arnav speaks about in the article, Do Gems work. Else, how could one spend an amount of INR 17000( $) 310/- on low mineral grade ore( read rejected trash going by the gem pyramid) and profess not being able to afford a $30 consultation. It was a really bad bargain where a princely sum of $310 (for the gentleman concerned as per his circumstances) bought him trash that would in no way cost anything more than $ 5. This despite having open resources, at disposal, like -

    Do Gems Work-No they don’t for 90% of the people.

    Price Gemstones Like a Professional?

    What is a Jyotish Gemstone?

    The Gemstone Pyramid and the truth about Indian taste ka Ghatiya Maal.

    What you think is the cheapest is the most expensive.

    2) The famous Astrologer is he referring – is nowhere in reckoning where heavyweights in the arena are concerned. For a valued opinion, a body of significant work stands proof and not spate of paid advertisements. There is no literature or references establishing credibility.

    3) The website he refers to, clearly showcases low grade mineral ore and a certificate from a lab which can best be classified as dubious. We urge you to verify facts for yourself.

    4) Please go through the self-clicked photographs sent by this individual and see the recommendation. He is wearing 4 stones of different colours and these are conflicting stones. Maybe this has taken him to a position where he cannot afford a of $30/- that has stayed constant for a decade. What negative impact can happen with a recommendation such as this is best left to your imagination!

    5) Although, we sympathize with the Gentlemen in question and pray that he finds himself out of the mess and gets solutions to his life issues, we would like to make a case against unscrupulous practitioners such as the ones dealing in the low grade mineral ore shown in the pictures. It puts Jyotish Gems to shame and in no way will re-modify the tricky situations.

    It should serve as an alarm for individuals who might not have a sound knowledge of Astrology or Gems, who are gullible and pushed into a corner by circumstances of life against falling prey to such unscrupulous elements.

    All that we can say is- PLEASE DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN WITH YOU!

    The science of Planetary Gemology is a sacred branch of knowledge where a veritable tool that gives tangible results where nothing else in life seems to work. It is a force to reckon with, a branch of knowledge that commands and deserves the utmost respect. Please join hands so that”Jyotish”- the science of light is not shrouded in the darkness of greed and unholy intent.

    Issued in Public Interest

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