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    Out of the nine  sacred Pearls that the Garuda Puran mentions, Chandra Mani or Oyster Pearl is the one to harness the Moon energies! Look at this beatific Pearl. Pearls in Astrology are used to harness the powers of the Moon.

    Oyster Pearl-The Divine Shankh Mani. Featured here is 3.25 carats Natural

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in June 2011.

  Table of Natural Pearl Gemstone facts

    Gemstone Non Nucleated Natural Pearl / Nacre
    Weight 3.25 carats
    Treatment None, fully Natural. Radiography report & Certificate provided
    Origin Australia
    Planetary Energy Moon
    Patron Location New Jersey, USA
    All inclusive Price $1687.25/ INR 75926
    Comments At over 3 carats, this Natural Pearl from the Australian seas is a natural wonder! In these days a Natural Pearl is by itself rare and to get one at this size is rarer still! With translucence that is hypnotic and rose overtones which are charming, this Sattvik Pearl is aglow with the best of the Moon’s Jyotish powers! Set in a sterling silver ring and all set to grants its immense gifts!


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    The Garuda Puran mentions the existance of 9 kinds of Pearls.

    How to avoid fake pearls. Click here.

    The Nine Sacred Pearls as per Garuda Puran

    1) Sri Chandra Mani: The Oyster Pearl


    Sri Chandra Mani The oyster Pearl-Courtesy Gemstoneuniverse Sri Chandra Mani The oyster Pearl-Courtesy Gemstoneuniverse


    This is the Pearl that is formed by an accident of Nature, wherein a microscopic intruder or dust particle get lodged in the oyster and to protect itself from the irritation caused, the Oyster secretes Narce, which over time becomes a Pearl!

    Picture Courtesy

    2) Sri Shankh Mani: The Conch Pearl


    Sri Shankh Mani The Conch Pearl Sri Shankh Mani The Conch Pearl


    This is an extremely rare formation within the mantle of the Conch. These Pearls are non-nacreous and come in different colors like, White, Pink, and Yellow and sometimes of a deep reddish tone. These cannot be cultivated artificially.

    3) Sri Venu Mani: The Bamboo Pearl


    Sri Venu Mani The Bamboo Pearl Sri Venu Mani The Bamboo Pearl


    This Pearl is found in the stomachs of Bamboo eating animals. These Pearls are also sometimes of an oblong shape. They are rough and dry and are in the texture of Camphor and also the color can sometimes be green.

    4) Sri Matsya Mani: The Fish Pearl


    Sri Matsya Mani The Fish Pearl Sri Matsya Mani The Fish Pearl


    This Pearl is found in several kinds of Fishes. This pearl is actually a Bezoar, which is a mass trapped in the gastro-intestinal tract of the fish. These Pearls are slightly translucent and vary in color from pink, white and light green.

    5) Sri Tima Mani: The Whale Pearl


    Tima Mani - Whale Pearl Tima Mani - Whale Pearl


    This Pearl is also a kind of a Bezoar found in Whales. These Pearls too are moderately translucent and are slightly rough textured and are the size of a small egg.

    6) Sri Gaja Mani: The Elephant Pearl


    Gaja Mani - Elephant Pearl Gaja Mani - Elephant Pearl


    These Pearls are founf in the cavity of the tusk of Elephants. It is a rare bony growth. Some varieties of Elephant Pearls are dark brown but can also be of various other colors

    7) Sri Varaha Mani: The Boar Pearl


    Varaha Mani -Boar Pearl Varaha Mani -Boar Pearl


    This Pearl is found in the heads of very old boars. A Boar Pearl is typically dark colored, marble-sized, in an uneven but smooth spherical non-porous surface, both opaque and partially translucent.

    8) Sri Naga Mani: The Cobra Pearl

    These pearls are obtained from the hood of cobras over the age of 100. Cobra pearls are typically egg-shaped and translucent, transparent, or semi-translucent. They appear in a range of colors like golden, green, red, blue, pink, white, black and are supposed to be slightly radiant.

    Note: Till date there are no verified authentic records and documentation of what a Nag Mani Looks Like. Hence no picture here .

    9) Sri Megha Mani: The Cloud Pearl


    Megha Mani - Cloud Pearl Megha Mani - Cloud Pearl


    Cloud Pearls are said to have fallen out of the sky. They are traditionally known as approximating the size and shape of a chicken egg, with a translucent blue color, and having a distinct spiral running from bottom to top of outside surface area.

    Picture courtesy: All pictures above courtesy Wikipedia. Picture of Oyster Pearl- the authentic Natural Pearls for Jyotish use-Courtesy-Gemstoneuniverse.


     About Pearls-The Sacred 9 types of Pearls in Astrology

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