ARTICLES: Buy Ruby Gemstone Online| Tips to Buy Ruby Online in India

Buy Ruby Gemstone Online| Tips to Buy Ruby Online in India

Buy Ruby Gemstone Online| Tips to Buy Ruby Online in India

The Ruby Gemstone is the Gemstone of the corundum family and is traditionally considered to be one of the most valued and loved Gemstones. In Colored Gemstones Ruby, emerald, Diamond and Sapphire are considered to be precious gemstones while all other Gemstones are classified as Semi Precious Gemstones.

Ruby Gemstone and Astrology

As Per Vedic Astrology, the gemstone representing the positive powers of the Sun is the Natural Ruby. If suited to the wearer the Ruby grants one with royal favours, wealth, lands and respect.

Who can wear Ruby as per Astrology?

The Top Tips to

Buy Ruby Gemstone Online, Tips to Buy Ruby Online in India

-        When you buy Ruby Gemstone online always ensure that you are very clear about treatments especially if you are particular about purchasing Ruby for Astrological purposes in which case the Ruby has to be natural and untreated. Heat Treatment in Ruby is very common so it is important that the Ruby certificate clearly states that there has been no enhancement or treatment of the Gemstone.

-        When you buy Ruby Gemstone online in India please be very careful of the ruby colour. A minor difference of shades can bring in a difference of 100’s to 1000’s of dollars. For example a moderate purplish red shade will be much more inexpensive than intense purplish red or Imperial Pigeon Blood red. If the colour has been described by a certified Gemologist there is nothing to beat that.

-        When you buy Ruby Gemstone online ensure that you depend on watching the video that gives you a 3D experience rather than picture that restricts you to 2D. Gem Photography is special and good vendors should be able to provide you with HD videos that magnify the Ruby Gemstone by 4X or 6X and revolve the gemstone a full 360 degrees.

-        Be careful of misnomers such as Bala’s Ruby, Adelaide Ruby and new Burma Ruby etc when you buy Ruby Gemstone online in India. These are not Rubies or treated poor quality easily available stones that are worthless or Astrology or for investment alike.

-        When you buy Ruby Gemstone online try to reach an organization or a Vendor that has a good range where you can compare prices of a variety of Gemstone. If the company has a history of providing prices of set pieces that you can compare historical values to arrive at the correct price of the Ruby Gemstone. See example here. It is all the more important to compare prices because the prices of Ruby (at the time of writing this post) are increasing like never before- a trend that we have observed for the past 3 years regardless of the economic conditions globally. Read Natural Ruby Market condition.

-        A Vendor that has facilities for a grid view is great when buying a precious gemstone online. The grid view gives you a much better chance to compare colours of several gemstones at the same time as compared to the list view

-        When you buy Ruby online in India ensure that the Vendor has a clear defined returns and refunds policy.

-        A Vendor with third party independent reviews is always a great resource since you get independent assessment of the vendor without any prejudice. Also ensure that the website is certified virus safe and has the highest degree of security compliance that ensures that your credit card or data can never be misused

Unheated Rubies from Mozambique Lot Prana

Unheated Rubies from Mozambique Lot Prana

Gemstoneuniverse is pleased to present the new lot of Unheated Rubies aptly named as Prana-The breath of life for its patrons. Every single Ruby of the Lot Prana is:

- Super fine intense color with high saturation. One look and you are in love.

- Fully Natural, unheated, earth mined enhancement free rubies from Mozambique.

- Gorgeous clarity levels of 90%-95% or more. Combine color and clarity and here you have a Sattvik Vedic Gem- a Jyotish Quality Gem that creates peace, prosperity, abundance and real tangible results.

- Price. We shall offer these wonders to Gemstoneuniverse patrons that beats B2B price. Read Ruby Market conditions- We shall make them available at the most unmatched price

- These Rubies are Vedic Wonders, absolutely top notch Jyotish Gemstones

- Certification& Appraisal of this lot is complete and these should be online in the next 7 business days or earlier

- Fully Royal and Resplendent just like their planetary Lord-Sun the Divine Surya.

While picking gems for use in planetary gem therapy, Gemstoneuniverse makes sure that these gems are top of the line, displaying enviable clarity and great lustre! There are no compromises made on quality and even great looking natural gems are rejected, if they carry internal flaws (doshas) that could interfere with your gem therapy. Your Gem therapy should be absolutely error free with no guess work- We ensure that.

You can definitely look forward to the best results from planetary gem therapy with these fine offerings from Gemstoneuniverse.

Gemstone Certification and appraisal of these lots are complete and you can find them in the online Hessonite inventory in the next 7 days or earlier.

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