ARTICLES: Life Coach Abhijita Kulshrestha reflects on her career and industry passions

Life Coach Abhijita Kulshrestha reflects on her career and industry passions

Abhijita Kulshrestha’s interview features on The Daily Scanner where she speaks of her involvement with Gemstoneuniverse, Jyotish Gem Therapy and Vedic Astrology

Abhijita Kulshrestha is the Senior Director of Gemstoneuniverse – an organisation that seeks to empower individuals across the world in developing their skills in the ancient science of Verdic Astrology, along with Planetary Gemology. Indeed, their primary goal is to be an international authority on all things relating to gem therapy and gemstones, which they believe they can achieve by building awareness.

Abhijita is a highly regarded astrologer and gemologist, with PGA and GIA certifications. She also holds a Master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. Fortunately, she was able to answer some questions we had about Gemstoneuniverse and the industry. Check out her answers below.

Hi Abhijita,

Hello Erika!

How and when did you get involved with Gemstoneuniverse?

My association with Gemstoneuniverse goes back to about 16 – 17 years ago, when I used to do projects and freelance content generation for the firm. However October 2020, marks 11 years of my journey officially with Gemstoneuniverse. When you look at an organization and find that your core values are in sync with it, it is an amazing fit, a wonderful professional space – one that automatically ensures smooth functioning as the individual and the organization are both looking at and moving in the same direction. The work ethic, the environment, the service we render, end result we achieve and the mentorship of Respected Guruji  Shrii Arnav were strong motivators to take the call and make it a full time engagement.

As a Senior Director, what are your core responsibilities within Gemstoneuniverse?

Mine is primary role of interfacing with people, whether they be in the capacity of clients, seekers, believers, media folk or anybody else- As per Respected Guruji Shrii Arnav’s philosophy we have to serve all equally and with Humility. On a more down to everyday activity, I do the astrological consultations, using the ancient science of Vedic astrology and suggest remedies according to the sacred principles of planetary gem therapy and Jyotish Gemstones Therapy as formulated by the master Guruji Shrii Arnav. There are intense one on one sessions where people talk about the myriad issues they face. There are several areas in which a person may be seeking help, a solution or a breakthrough – professional life ( business growth, partnership assessments, promotion, cracking an exam, finding focus, battling office politics/ bias, interpersonal dynamics etc. ); financial matters (trading, investments, increasing assets/ wealth etc. ), relationships in all their warps and wefts ; health – (both physical and mental) matters; family matters etc. and so many more things that come associated with the human condition and aspirations. Then of course, since this is a very specialized area of knowledge I do content generation as well, making sure of accuracy and efficacy.  At Gemstoneuniver we are at a priviledge of having personalized communication of individual life challenges to the tune to 10 million plus exchanges since the internet inception and some of these highly personalized exchanges of what problems Gem therapy can solve can be found by clicking here.

Guruji Shrii Arnav-Spiritual Guru and Mentor of Gemstoneuniverse

Does the shape of the gem or its origin affect its overall quality?

No, the gem has to be Jyotish quality to give results. It can be any shape, the results will not vary if it is Jyotish Quality. One should opt for a shape and cut which appeals most. In Simple terms a Jyotish Gemstone or an Astrological Gemstone is a Gem recommended on basis of sacred Astrological principles of Jyotish to bring in dawn of fame and fortune and accomplishment of desires. But not every Gem is a Jyotish Gemstone. Guruji Shrii Arnav explains tgis in detail in the magnum opus the classic book called as Secrets of Jyotish Gems now available in 11 languages and on the Gemstoneuniverse portal with 3500 quality articles by Gem professionals over 25 years and backed by 10K videos and photos.

A Gemstone is a Jyotish Gem only when it excels on all 4C’s-the cut, color, clarity and carat weight and the crystal is of exceptional lustre with a color so fine and closest to its true spectral color that it looks outstanding. Only an untreated Gem like that qualifies to be a Jyotish Gemstone and has the capacity to bring about promised results.

Can you describe for our readers the core principles of Vedic Astrology and how they relate to your business?

It is near impossible to condense the principles of Vedic Astrology (something about which tomes have been written about) in to such a small space. However, to explain briefly, Energy has a very big role to play in our lives, irrespective of caste, creed, race, religion. The ancients knew this very well and have left behind fantastic works that hold simple keys to living progressively, optimally and healthfully, if their tenets are followed. The science of Vedic astrology or jyotisha outlines nine planets that determine and influence the course of each life. All that transpires is simply interplay of these energies in various permutations and combinations.

A human being seeking resolution of difficulties is in fact looking for / seeking harmony with the universal energy flow.

Vedic astrology allows for drawing up a blueprint of human life that mirrors an individual’s life from womb to tomb – in the horoscope or the birth chart. This in turn helps in arriving at an understanding of the planets that will aid an individual and those that will be playing the role of karmic teachers, whose lessons will not be easy. Planetary gem therapy is all about using natural unheated treatment free jyotish quality gemstones/ Navratna Stones to harness the energy of planets that can aid us in our progress and growth.

Each of the nine planets has a characteristic planetary energy and color transmitted through light, attributed to them. (Color is a component of light. A colour is energy of a specific wavelength and frequency.) Planetary gem Therapy works on the premise of passage of light through the gemstone into the human energy system via touch. Natural gemstones are a powerful tool that helps harness power of this solution.

In your understanding, what makes Gemstoneuniverse the best retailer of premium gemstones/ having best gemstones online in the market?

Gemstoneuniverse deals in the top 2 % of untreated gemstones that are at the apex of gem pyramid and are rare, precious and durable. It is instrumental in bringing a lot of structure and organization to the scattered and unorganized colored gemstone market. There is a huge effort made during the last 25 years by our organization to increase knowledge by providing free extensive information on our website. There are more than 3500 + articles and blog features on various subjects.  A high value product is backed by extensive knowledge. Selling is one thing, but creating an educated buyer or enabling well-researched decisions is another things that we have focused on and delivered. Openness and transparency are big virtues at Gemstoneuniverse. That we ensure only ethically mined, conflict free and traceable gemstones reach the Gemstoneuniverse patrons is our big achievement and that we strive for with 100% compliance.

Alongside, providing planetary gem therapy, online retail of colored gems and exporting our top quality product across the world, the use of technology has been extensive. We are proud to state that Gemstoneuniverse in all likelihood has the best in-house photography equipment and expertise as far as India is concerned. This was also documented in a Fortune India article that featured in the year 2014. Why this is important to mention is that gemstone photography is probably the trickiest one as light plays differently with each mineral specimen and when you are retailing on average, a US$ 1000 plus product per ticket value, the look and feel of the gem has to be near true to its actual appearance. We have upheld customer trust globally for all these years by ensuring authenticity, stringent quality measures, investing in tech and paraphernalia that can provide the best representation alongside internationally acceptable certification.

The clients have access to best view of gemstone virtually, it is a 360 degree view that helps enable a very real time experience. One can examine a gemstone in a fantastic manner as the magnified view offers all the quality characteristics possible in a web experience.

The Gemstoneuniverse in-store experience itself is a unique one and no gemstone store has been able to create for this kind of business till date.

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected your operations? Have you had to make demonstrable changes to your workflow strategies?

As is true for rest of the world, COVID 19 has impacted the business, but only to the extent that work from home and increased use of technology has become more frequent. We have been very fortunate NOT to have laid of anyone in these testing times, in fact the work of Guruji Shrii Arnav is well documented on all social media platforms and we are in the hiring mode. We have been able to look after our people well enough. The one big change that has happened is the transferring of all meetings and consultations (one-on-one with clients) onto video conferencing platforms. There is also increased facilitation of order processing online where end customers have been able to consult, choose gemstones and place orders from the comfort of their home with privacy. There is better planning and discipline in task flow that ensures efficiency even with the external constraints.

How do you advise your clients when it comes to cleaning and maintaining their gemstones?

Here is the method that gives good results:

  • Clean your gemstone rings and pendant once every month so that scintillation remains and the gemstones provide maximum reflection of light besides looking beautiful.
  • Choose the correct day for cleaning your gem ring. Each Gemstone has its unique day. The list is given below.
  • Use a gentle soft solution or a mild detergent as the cleansing solution. Keep away from harsh detergents and Jewelry cleaning solutions.
  • If there is not a lot of dirt on your gem ring then simply take the ring till the edge of the finger and use a new cotton ear bud to wipe off the dirt.
  • If there is a lot of dirt take a new Toothbrush with Gentle bristles and dip it in the mild soap solution. Take the Gemstone ring till the edge of the finger and clean the below surface. Keep this toothbrush separate as a part of your Gemstone cleaning kit.
  • Wash with plain, clean water after clearing the dust and the dead skin if any.
  • Push the ring back into its original position.

What plans do you have the future of the business? Do you wish to expand or consolidate your current market standing?

It would be audacious to make any tall claims given the current global scenario. But yes, there are ambitions and there is active effort on our part. Going back in time, Guruji Shrii Arnav started Gemstoneuniverse in the period of 2008 Global recession a decision he is highly acclaimed and credited for. As a firm, we are more about looking at solutions rather than carping about what’s not right and what’s not possible. God willing, there may be a hidden opportunity in this 2020 situation as well. Yes, like any other forward looking entity, we do wish to sustain our standing and build on it as well with a footprint globally. Godspeed.

Abhijita Kulshrestha, is a Senior Director, Author, Vedic Astrologer, Life Coach & Gemologist with Gemstoneuniverse. She is a PGA and GIA certified Astro-Gemologist with additional qualifications from prestigious institutions like SSEF. Abhijita is a communication professional and holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism besides being a NLP Master practitioner. Prior to her soul-level engagement with the world of Vedic astrology, gemstones and association with Gemstoneuniverse, she had a long stint in ‘wordsmithy’! She’s had professional stints at Mudra institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA); RK Swamy BBDO, Bangalore and Times of India. She currently contributes to Thrive Global, is a contributor at Huffingtonpost and Entrepreneur and has been featured in several international publications of repute.

She is the author of two highly acclaimed books books – Cosmic Sutra, A Handbook of Healing (self help/ healing / spirituality) and Ambrosia Sides (Poetry) published by Har-Anand a leading publishing house of India.

To read the entire interview, head to this link here.

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