Natural Pearl GU0815800NP

  • WT.(Carats) 5.8000
  • Price/Carat $400.00
  • Total Price $2,320.00
  • Color: White
  • Country of Origin : Venezuela
  • Shape & Cut: Oval
  • Size (LxWxH) in mm: 8.76*8.65*10.08
Gemologist Notes

Just like the Lotus that Blooms in the muddy water and still exudes beauty, purity and radiance such is this all Natural 100% Nacre Real Pearl from the House of Gemstoneuniverse.

A rare top-quality new lot of 10 hand-picked pearls by our beloved Guruji Shrii Aranv.

Beautiful domed cabochons with pristine white Shades that harness the best qualities of the planet moon.

Moon is calming, full of nectar and abundance and this will what this beautiful Natural Pearl symbolizes.

Only 2% of all pearls in the world are natural and Jyotish Quality pearls that are free from the flaws as described in the sacred texts form less than 0.1% from this top 2 percent.

All natural, 100% Nacre, Undrilled and fully untreated this pearl has top class mirror finish, radiant lustre, free from surface blemishes and great carat weight for Gem Therapy.

All Natural Certified by X Ray Radiography and diffraction exceptional pearl and 100% pure Nacre.

Invite the blessings of the moon with this Saatvik (Pure) auspicious Jyotish pearl and may your abundance, good health, success and prosperity grow like the waxing moon for you and your loved ones.

Harness the powerful energies of the Moon and Make this a new start in your life. This is your day.

Every single Pearl has been selected as per the Jyotish Gemstones Therapy™ a copyrighted process exclusive to Gemstoneuniverse wherein a Gem has to qualify on 69 highly specialized parameters to be classified as a Jyotish Gemstone.

Energized and consecrated with Shri Shiva Pooja Pooja and full fledged Vedic Chandra/Moon Pooja these empowering Real Pearls will change your life.

Get ready for best results.

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This is a responsibly sourced, ethically mined, conflict Free Gemstone

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These Photographs have been taken at a very high magnification of 30X and most of the marks are not visible/ barely visible to the naked eye on the actual Gem. Please view the video at high resolution, for a better assessment of the Gem Features and clarity characteristics before your important purchase.

The marks that are sometimes visible on Natural Gemstone are nature's fingerprints that prove that the Gem was born in nature and no enhancing treatment was done on it. These are different for every single Natural Untreated Gemstone.

These marks in no way affect the potency of the gemstone, and will be least visible when we set the gem in a ring or pendant. You are viewing a Natural Untreated Gemstone of a grade that makes it to top 2% Natural Gemstones in the world in terms of its availability and the 4C’s of cut, color, clarity, carat weight.