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    Articles: Please connect for entry level Jyotish Quality Gemstones directlyNEWS FEED

    Patrons interested in entry level Jyotish Quality Gemstones should contact us directly with their requirements.

    Please connect for entry level Jyotish Quality Gemstones directly

    At the very outset we would like to clarify that the Planetary Gemstones featured on our blog as rings and pendants have already been shipped out. This is quite clear because we mention the patron location, price among other details related to the Gemstone. This can be verified in our testimonial section wherein some gracious patrons have written about their experience at Still we receive some mails from patrons who want the same piece that has already been shipped out!

    After some of the entry level Jyotish Gemstones were featured on the blog there have been a lot of enquiries from patrons worldwide. If you have seen some pictures of our inventory here on the blog as well on our Facebook page you would know that we carry huge amounts of inventory. It is just not possible for us to list the whole inventory because of several reasons on the website.

    Even though the gemstones on our website are reasonably priced ( Yes 1/6 th of retail), and we bring in tremendous value with certification, appraisal and buyback we understand that for some patrons even this price is out of reach and they would be interested in still lesser priced gemstones. Please do your research. We stand by our claim.

    We would also like to point out that Description, taking the photograph of the gemstones and uploading other relevant details takes around 2 hours for one gem! It’s not possible for us to list entry level Jyotish Gemstones on the website.

    Meanwhile what is an entry level Jyotish Gemstone?

    - The gem has to be fully natural.

    - The gem has to be fully treatment free.

    - The gem should have a minimum clarity level of 75% and above.

    - The gem should be able to provide the planetary energies of the planet it is intended for.

    You can view some of the entry level gemstones by clicking the link below:

    When we procure gemstones or cut individual pieces all the gemstones are not equal. They vary on the 4C’s of cut, clarity, color and carat weight. Whatever we feel is exceptional is already on the website. But still there are gemstones which qualify on the criteria of the above 4 parameters of the entry level Jyotish Gemstone definition.

    Patrons interested in entry Level Jyotish Gemstones should contact us directly through the contact form on our website or directly send us a e mail with their requirement and budget. An example may look like:

    Interested in 2+ carat Blue Sapphire in approximate price range of $500-$700.

    Once we have understood your specific requirement we will search our inventory for something suitable and get back to you. If you evince interest we will ask you to make a deposit of around $50 which is fully refundable but acts as a security that we are not moving up a blind alley. We will send you pictures of 2/3 gemstones that match the criteria and proceed from there.

    Please do not come up with unreasonable and unreal demands such as

    I want a 5 carat Ruby for $200/-

    For a demand like this please contact your jeweller and the astrologer who actually made this recommendation. They will make even a 10 carat bluff thermal diffused and glass filled ruby at $10. Don’t be obsessed with weight. Target clarity and lack of treatment.

    Please do not waste our time. Do your research and then send us a mail. We want to give our best to interested patrons who really want to implement planetary Gemstone therapy properly.

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