ARTICLES: What are real pearls or what are Natural Pearls

What are real pearls or what are Natural Pearls


What are real pearls or what are Natural Pearls?

A real natural pearl is made in nature by accident and is very rare occurrence. To be classified as Natural a pearl should be:

Made in nature by accident

Without Any human or chemical intervention

Should be 100% Nacre (Pearl Substance)

It is believed that a Natural Pearl is made in nature by accident when a grain of sand or an intruder organism enters an oyster. In order to safeguard it and immobilize the intruder the mollusc secrets a nacreous like substance. This process is repeated over a number of years till you actually have a real pearl.


Cultured Pearl is cheap and has a non pearl Body, Natural Pearl is fully all Nacre

Pic Courtesy: The Planetary Gemologists Association

What are real Jyotish pearl?

A true Jyotish Pearl should fulfil the definition of a Natural Pearl as stated above but to be a true Jyotish Gemstone it should be of a pleasing shape (round, oval, button, baroque etc) and not inauspicious and bad results giving such as in the shape of a tooth or an irregular shape, It should have pristine white, off white, cream or a pinkish white glossy and shiny surface, should have a cooling lustre and should be free from any blemishes as listed in the sacred texts.

What are the odds of getting a True Jyotish Pearl?

To get a fully Natural Pearl of a pleasing shape and appearance is to have odds of 1 to a 10,00,000( One to a One Million). So you can well imagine how rare a Jyotish pearl would be.


A Beautiful Natural Pearl of 2.83 carats X Ray Radiography Certified from the New Lot Shashi

How to identify a Natural Pearl?

A Natural pearl certification requires extra instruments besides the normal regular Gemological tools. A Natural Pearl is certified on the basis of X-Ray Fluorescent test, X-Ray Radiography test and X-Ray diffraction. If you get a certificate that certifies a pearl( such as the one) below with without Radiography tests, you can be assured that the pearl you are holding is an ordinary cultured pearl with zero value and results of Planetary Gem Therapy for harnessing the powers of the Planet Moon

How to identify Fake Pearls?


Pearl with spotted surface certified Natural from Mumbai but returned as Cultured from the GIA

Many People use fancy terms such as Keshi, Burmese Pearl, and South Sea etc to confuse the customer. None of these are natural pearls and you can read about that in detail here. Many fly by night operator’s pedal off poor quality irregular shaped pearls stating that because the pearl is irregular it is more natural etc.

Here is a certificate of a Fake Pearl. The context of this is that the Gentleman got the recommendation from us and then sent us a scanned copy of a certification issued from Mumbai and with photo of the pearl and asked our opinion of the same.

We clearly stated that the certificate does not specify radiography tests and hence most likely it is a cultured pearl. He was insistent that the people from whom He had sourced this were in this business for more than 100 years and his family has been their customers from many years.  What we offered from our end that we could get it tested at the GIA to finally ascertain whether the Pearl is natural or not. As expected the Pearl returned as a cultured pearl. More than US($) 300 went in certification plus extras in insurance and shipping for a pearl worth less than $3.


A Similar case study of failed gem therapy using fake pearls is here

Flaws to avoid in a Natural pearl

Importance of Rarity of a Natural Pearl?

We have discussed that the possibility of getting a natural pearl of a favourable good appearance is 1 to a million so you can very imagine how rare would be a Jyotish Pearl. To have such a Pearl at any size is to be really blessed and have a very good fortune. True Jyotish Gemstones ( Sujati- High Born) do not necessarily go to the individuals who can afford them they go to the individuals who are blessed by the planets and who deserve them. If you are the one having a natural pearl then really you are, ”The One

Planetary Gem Therapy and the Vedic Sciences are divine and deliver great results provided you have the correct information and true Gemstones, not stones.

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