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    Articles: Does wearing a Gemstone affect surrounding people like Children, spouse, family etc?NEWS FEED

    Exceptionally fine Colombian Emerald a true Jyotish Gemstone from the Gemstoneuniverse collection of fine gemstones

    Can I wear a Gemstone on behalf of my spouse/ child etc.

    Every year for a couple of times we at Gemstoneuniverse receive the above query/s in some form or the other.

    Since we have consulted since 1996 and interacted with patrons for over 2 decades, We have reliable statistical information of every Kind and majority of permutations and combinations to fall back on, still life surprises us all…doesn’t it?

    There are also some family members and well wishers to also come forward and ask if they can wear the Gem for their Children or spouse etc citing lack of trust, age, safety factors etc. This resource addresses this too.

    Now the Simple answer to this is, If One is wearing a Gemstone for harnessing Astrological powers then the Gemstone will have effect only on the person wearing the Gemstone and nobody else including family members, children, spouse etc.

    A Gemstone is attuned to an individual’s body and is recommended after analysis of individual and unique planetary positions and has no bearing on anybody else except for a word of appreciation or a glance of jealously or disdain depending on the situation.

    God is responsible with energy and power and if reverse was true then everybody would be wearing a Gemstone for the wrong reason. A Philandering spouse would ask please suggest me a Gemstone so that my spouse leaves me with minimal problems or alimony.

    Another demand could be I want to wear a Gemstone so that xyz falls ill or xyz in my office gets fired.

    These would be very dangerous scenarios and would lead to chaos in the whole world. To put it plain and straight it does not happen like this.

    Those people who do imagine up such things are either with unrealistic expectations or in plain denial or just need to put the blame for an uncomfortable personal event on the Gemstone and if not that on anything else.

    An Eye for an Eye will make whole world blind.

    Instead of conjuring up these things in your mind, it is our suggestion to read up case studies and more than 3500 articles on the Gemstoneuniverse website to have a realistic view of Gem therapy and to get the best benefit from it.

    Meanwhile, this is a recent mail we received from a patron. Even though we are not reproducing our reply you will get a drift of what we are talking about.

    This is quite a peculiar case as the patron has just received the ring and yet to wear it.

    As per her version please read:


    Case Study 1


    I have two rings each on both ring fingers one marriage and one engagement ring, so how should I wear the red coral ring? Since I got it my husband fell ill and our house owner suddenly announced that he will sell our rented house. Tell me the remedy for my welfare; pls don’t consider it as business only.

    This is another one that goes ahead with even more perplexing developments. This patron gets a problem without even wearing a Gemstone… Strange

    Case Study 2( Review by an Individual on Facebook)

    My life become worst after visiting them, they gave me horse shoe ring and suggest few gem stones. The day I wore horse shoe ring my hand got burnt hot oil spilled on my hand and my very business came down with in 2 months I had to shutdown my company. I am undergoing lot of problems after I visited them. Please I request all of you not to go there and waste your money they are only money minded, and their fee is also 2500/- only for consultation. Instead go to temple and pray God.

    Reply from Team Gemstoneuniverse

    Thank you for taking out your precious time and reviewing Gemstoneuniverse. Here are a few facts about your association with us: You liked the Gemstoneuniverse Facebook page on 11th November 2014.
    You visited us for a consultation on 4 May 2016.

    For humane values and as per our organization privacy policy, we will not share your details on a public forum at all, but would like to mention that since your planetary positions and Dashas DID indicate problems you were indicated gem therapy plus use of horse shoe iron ring.

    We do not deal in horseshoe rings- Our core competence is Jyotish Gemstones for which we have been sharing quality information with our viewers for 20 years. We just keep some horse-shoe rings just in case a patron requires it.

    You have just worn a horse shoe ring and have not implemented the Gemstone recommendations from us. It seems quite strange-of what kind of a business would shut down in 2 months by wearing a horse shoe ring.

    Selective implementation of remedies may only bring about dubious results.

    We DO understand that you are going through a tough phase and to attribute all your stated problems to a horse shoe ring sounds a bit extreme. Any Astrologer or practitioner of Indian Astrology would be able to tell you that.
    Some case studies where selective implementation of remedies leads to negative results can be found at the link below:

    You have also mentioned that we are a money minded organisation. We are at a million plus visitors and growing. The consultancy charges are put only to avoid time wasters and so that our energies can be directed at those who are genuinely interested in Gem therapy. Detailed explanation about the consultancy charges etc can be found at this link:

    You have only now suddenly raised your concern, almost 7 months after your interaction with us. If you had a genuine problem, why have you not raised a concern with us earlier?

    Gemstoneuniverse always welcomes patrons for clarifications and clearing of concerns on an individual basis.

    This seems to be too untimely.

    That you recommend people to repose faith in prayer is commendable though! We sincerely hope for relief and good outcomes for you.

    Team Gemstoneuniverse

    As you see above sometimes the force of time and circumstances may create such an amount of pressure that one may abort rational thinking.

    But if you search around the 3500 articles in the Gemstoneuniverse website your solution is here-Gem Therapy or No Gem Therapy

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in August 2017

  Table Natural Emerald Gemstone Facts




    2.56 carats


    None. Fully Natural,


    Srilanka / Ceylon

    Planetary Energy


    Patron Location

    New Delhi

    All inclusive Price

    $ 2567/ INR 1,66,855


    A beautiful emerald that truly touches your soul. See the miracle of Mother nature that blesses us with such miraculous gifts and gives birth to these mystical and timeless beauties in the crust of the Mother Earth.

    Exceptionally fine Royal Green colour with the perfect melee of hue, toe saturation and an even distribution of colour. Perfect Emerald cut with beautiful symmetry for the maximum movement of light and energy.

    With Insignificant oil levels this is a pure Jyotish Gemstone at the apex of the Gem Pyramid.

    This Emerald passes the touchstone test of true Jyotish Gemstones and shall deliver the top results that only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of.

    Come experience the power of mother nature and planetary gem therapy


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