ARTICLES: Vedic Pooja of Gemstones| How to Energize & Wear Gemstone Rings

Vedic Pooja of Gemstones| How to Energize & Wear Gemstone Rings

Consecration of your talisman – Encrypting your spiritual DNA


Vedic Puja of Gemstones-The vital purity portion of consecration to get the most powerful results!

The Gemstoneuniverse Difference!

Note: Consecration Procedure is a matter of personal choice/preferences/beliefs etc. If you would NOT like us to consecrate your Gemstones do specify that in the comments field while placing your order. Alternatively you can also send us an e mail stating the same.


Consecration, by dictionary definition refers to setting apart for sacred use. When we say that your talisman viz. a ring, a pendant or any other talisman is consecrated and energized in your name, it refers to a process where by the talisman is set apart in the scheme of universe to be of singular use to you and only you. The talisman’s vital energy is boosted over several times by Vedic mantras and it’s intrinsic energies are synced with YOUR person, specifically.

Just like fingerprints are unique and your DNA is unique, the combination of your name, nakshatra (constellation) and rashi/ rasi (moon sign) collectively carry the coding of your spiritual identity, your real DNA! When a talisman is made, the process itself is started at an auspicious time that would be conducive to realization of your objectives, using electional astrology. Once the talisman is ready, it is then ‘ consecrated and energized ’!

By consecration is meant the essential process of the shodashopchar puja . According to the Hindu sacred texts only the shodashopchar puja/ consecration of 16 sacred steps is regarded as the complete prayer ritual. Before beginning of the puja, a sankalpa (stricture akin to a sacred oath) is taken chanting the name, nakshtra and rasi of the individual for whom the talisman has been made and objectives are spelled clearly for attaining which, the individual desires to wear the talisman of establish it in a sacred space.

A symbolic representation of the presiding deity of the gemstone talisman is also established and offered pujas.


Vedic Pooja of Gemstones, How to Energize & Wear Gemstones

The shodashopchar puja essentially means the prayer ceremony of 16 rituals, namely:

- Aavahan or invocation of the deity

- Aasan or giving a worthy aasan or seat

- Paadyam or washing the feet, as has been done traditionally for ages, to welcome a guest.

- Arghyam or offering of holy water sprinkled on the head or given for washing the hands of

- the guest – in this case, the deity ruling the Gem

- Aachaman or purifying of self so as to be worthy of conducting the puja

- Snanam or bathing the deity with water, milk, curds, ghee (clarified butter), honey and sugar (these are then collected as panchamrata/ panchamrita (five nectars) and distributed as prasadam ). The deity is again given a cleansing bath with Vermillion, tumeric and flowers mixed in water one by one.

Summary of Vedic Pooja of Gemstone


- Vastra or adorning the deity in suitable clothing

- Yagnopaveeta or donning the sacred thread for the deity

- Gandham or applying sandalwood paste

- Alankaar or dressing up the deity as is deserving of a regal entity, with all ornaments, flowers and ornaments. (You will note in the video that the temple doors are closed by the priests for adorning the deity in private.)

- Pushpa or offering of flowers to the deity

- Dhoop or offering incense sticks

- Deepam or offering a lit ghee lamp to the deity

- Naivedyam or offering food to the deity (Please note that the priests prepare/cook this prasadam strictly on their own observing all. It is not got / bought from anywhere or anyone. Only the fruits may be bought.)

- Tambulam or offering paan (betel) leaves and betel nut

- Neerajanam or offering the final aarti

In essence, the powers of the deity are invoked as requested to make abode in the talisman and work for gain of objectives and general welfare of the individual in question. At all times the appropriate mantras are chanted. It is a holistic process that is meticulously carried out at our end so that all you have to do is to wear the gem see your life turn around for the better.

The pujas are done at The Gemstoneuniverse Centre of Excellence-Bangalore, and  is carried out by Vedic priests who have been rigorously trained at the Vedic Paathshaalas (vedic schools) from their childhood. All processes are followed to the T to ensure that sanctity and purity are maintained and that the blessings of the presiding deity of the Gemstone ring/Talisman and Lord Ganesha- The Lord who is the remover of all obstacles reach you!

Note: Some of you dear patrons send us a mail asking should any mantra be chanted on the date of wearing the ring this is for you- Much as we understand your dedication to do these procedures please understand that your Vedic Gemstone Ring/Pendant/talisman has undergone a full fledged Shodashopchara pooja. To get the best benefits please just follow the instructions sent to you to get the best results! You do not have to perform any other procedures. Keep your therapy error free.


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