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    Articles: Results of Ketu in 1st house & use of Cat’s Eye ChrysoberylNEWS FEED

    Results of Ketu in 1st house & use of Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl

    Above: Symbolic Representation of Sri Ketu with a headless body

    So I contemplate Sri Ketu Bhagwan and here comes forth this imagery of a reptilian tail, completely severed from its main body. I see it thrashing wildly...

    "Just like a headless chicken", I say, and in that instant not only do I understand the deeper meaning of this phrase, but I also understand the essence of this mysterious energy I have been thinking about. It is no coincidence that I am on my way to the Ganapati temple, who is the deity revered by Ketu.

    Lord Ganesha is the deity revered by Sri Ketu

    Lord Ganesh is the deity revered by Sri Ketu Bhagwan

    I know that what I have started on is a quest that will only finish with my final journey but I am venturing nonetheless. What we do not understand we fear! The other planets are more or less relatively simpler to explain or rule over domains rather easily understood and their force has a pattern, a traceable route...

    However, how does one unravel the mystery of the comet; step into the heart of the tempest and lay it bare to see; give form to the amorphous; chase the interloper of galaxies; how does one gather courage to look into a mysterious pool that will reveal a compelling doorway to the soul?

    I try...

    Sri Ketu Bhagwan is the tail of the serpent- the other half being Rahu; the two having been split for eternity by the Sudarshan - Vishnu's powerful discus for trying to steal the pot of elixir obtained from the samudra manthan. Both Rahu and Ketu thus pledged eternal enmity to the Sun and the Moon who had told on Swarbhanu's attempt to get the Amrit( Divine elixir)  for himself.

    The Samudra Manthan


    He is depicted as a planet without a head, just as the tail of the serpent! The lack of a head emphasises inability to think; the lack of eyes, the inability to see! Without these two critical faculties, the human being which is so deeply identified with its human form feels completely directionless and thrashes about in yearning for its other half that would help it relate it better to its 'form' that is so essential for this human being.

    Contrarily, if the thrashing stops and it becomes still, what this incomplete 'form' can achieve is 'complete' consciousness! The senses or the play of the indriyaan, keeps one from identification with larger consciousness in a big way. The attachment and identification with the bodily form keeps the consciousness at a gross level. However, interfering with the senses, removing the power of thought and sight can still the mind enough to reach higher.

    This is exactly what Ketu’s task is. This venerable planet is in charge of the domain of spirituality and ascension and works in mysterious ways. Individuals often talk about disorientation and disconnection experienced during periods of Ketu influence. It is but natural for only when there is disenchantment and disconnection from the outside that the person turns inward and explores the personal cosmos.

    Sri Ketu Bhagwan is regarded as a natural malefic in Vedic astrology. It is considered a shadow planet that takes on the attributes of the Lord of the house he resides within. He is also regarded as a higher octave of planet Mercury and gives additional interest and courage to pursue occult studies or practices. Another popular opinion is that his working is also similar to that of planet Mars and can give a fiery, rough, unpredictable temperament.

    He is described as one who is variegated in colour and is like a comet with a dusty tail. His action is quick and sudden and can cause massive changes in a short span of time. Ketu is also known as the dervish of the zodiac now gone again! Just like a comet streaking across the night sky!

    He rules over the three nakshatra of  Ashwini, Magha and Moola.

    He rules over magic and mystery, insects, fakirs and soothsayers, snake charmers, sudden events and occurrences, healers and those into divination arts.

    The Vedic texts, especially the Parashara viewpoint holds him exalted in the sign of Scorpio and debilitated in the sign of Taurus. When placed in the sign of Jupiter, i.e. Sagittarius or Pisces, or by placement in 9th or 12th house (which are the natural territory of Jupiter) he can give excellent results when working from a higher principle.

    Being a natural malefic, Ketu gives good results when placed in 3rd, 6th or the 11th house. With this planet one must understand that in order to harness its benefits, its basic teaching has to be imbibed and certain tests will have to be passed ... These are no ordinary ones and require an individual to rise above attachments of the three planes, without disengagement from one's karma.

    It spells obliteration of emotional pandering and mollycoddling of the ego to achieve a very specific end goal --- realisation that means as well as ends to the optimal life lie within - realising and reclaiming one's power yet being neutral.

    Ketu in 1st house invariably requires an individual to wear a cat's eye chrysoberyl throughout life. Ketu, the spiritual master, becomes the moksha giver when placed in the 12th house in a horoscope.  However this recommendation should be done after a thorough analysis of the birth chart.

    More on Ketu in 1st house and deeply incapacitating planetary positions.

    It is never an easy road to evolution. This South Node makes sure that the subconscious is cleared, through pain, effort, rumination and fire walking to ultimately make way for light from the super consciousness that will dissolve all duality.

    Abhjita Kulshrestha Director and Senior Astrogemologist at Gemstoneuniverse

    Abhijita Kulshrestha is the Director and astrologer at Gemstoneuniverse. She is a PGA and GIA certified Astro-Gemologist. She is also a certified NLP practitioner (NFNLP). Abhijita is essentially a communication professional and holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. Prior to her soul-level engagement with the world of Vedic astrology, gemstones and association with Gemstoneuniverse, she had a long stint in ‘word smithy’ ! She’s had professional stints at Mudra institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA); RK Swamy BBDO, Bangalore and Times of India.

    Selected Rings, Pendants and Talismans made available to patrons in July 2015

    Ceylon Cats Eye set in silver pendant Table Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl Gemstone Facts


    Gemstone                                                        Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl

    Weight                                                              1.510 carats

    Treatment                                                        None. Fully Natural

    Origin                                                                Ceylon

    Planetary Energy                                            Ketu/ South Node

    Patron Location                                              Bangalore/India

    All inclusive Price                                            $ 417.909  / INR  26,575

    Gemologists Notes for the Cats Eye Pendant Featured today:

    Featured today is an all natural earth mined and untreated Cats Eye Chrysoberyl Pendant for Ketu powers. All of 1.510 carats Nature has blessed this Cabochon with a golden green colour. This colour in the texts is mentioned as “Kanak Khet”- One with the golden hue and is the preferred variety of Cats eye to be used for harnessing Ketu energies.

    The chatoyant band is silvery white, strong and natural and exhibits the string optimal phenomena of Chatoyancy. Free from any flaws and defects as mentioned in the sacred texts this Cat’s eye is a true Jyotish Gemstone and will deliver results that only Jyotish Gemstones are capable of. Gem quality Ceylon Cat’s Eye is rare, precious and durable and gives powerful results for Planet Ketu.

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