Gemstoneuniverse Shines at the 59th Bangkok Gem and Jewellery Show

The 59th edition of the Bangkok Gems and Jewellery Fair 2017, BGJF kicked off on February 22 and went on till February 26, 2017. It is the most-awaited premier gems and jewellery show in Asia that brings the best of gems, jewellery and associated trade under one grand umbrella. It is a massive B2B forum that enables industry trade in the best possible ways.

With a mind blowing array of species from the mineral world - cut and polished gemstones and roughs to perfect examples of sheer artistry of lapidary skill, gemstone painting and arts to the finest in jewellery the BGJF show is a visual delight.

This year's show was significantly different as it also has provided a special pavilion to the special spiritual and healing gemstones called the Spiritual Power - Jewellery for hope, health and happiness. It does go on to say a lot about the awakening of people globally to the healing power of gemstones. Among them feature the Zodiac jewellery with constellation based designs.

Gemstoneuniverse was a part of this year's show as well - in continuing with the tradition. The difference lay in the fact that its presence generated a lot of interest as well as curiosity among the Thai society in and media in general. It is interesting that the world is sitting up to take notice of the power of Jyotish gemstones; not only this, the increasing interest in Gemstoneuniverse's pivotal role in popularising this powerful tool for success and well-being, is a pointer to words the brands' rapid recognition on a global scale. Here are some snapshots from the event:

Spiritual Power finally makes it to the Main Stream Gem and Jewellery Show, See the screen display. Heavy rush of registrations of visitors for the first day

Gemstoneuniverse core team members with sections of the Thai Media during the interactive meet.

A section of the emerald showcase at the Gemstoneuniverse stall at the Bangkok Gem Show. We carry superior Emeralds from all mines of the World.

The show is just starting. Admiring and showcasing a eye clean natural piece of Chrome Tourmaline

A Glorious Rain of Fine Colombian Emeralds at the Gemstoneuniverse exhibit. Fine Gems are always recession free

A Small sample of our Peridot Showcase

Senior Director Abhijita Kulshrestha was one of the distinguished guests at the World Ruby Forum at the Show where some of the most invaluable and rare Rubies were showcased.

Mr. Keshavan C-AJP-GIA attended the latest GIA presentation of Mining of Sapphires in Madagascar

Abhijita Kulshrestha Senior Director Gemstoneuniverse chairing the interactive meet at the 59th Bangkok Gem and Jewellery Show