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    Rendezvous with Gemstone Universe - Connect with us in the Luxury Directory of the ASSOCHAM

    High Point-Gemstoneuniverse makes it to the Luxury Directory of ASSOCHAM

    High Point-Gemstoneuniverse makes it to the Luxury A Listers Directory of Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India

    High Point-Gemstoneuniverse makes it to the Luxury A Listers Directory of Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India

    We are proud to inform you that Gemstone Universe joins the Alpha organisations where, gemstone industry in India is concerned, as it has been featured in the ' Luxury Directory ', a first publication by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM) of India!

    The Luxury Directory is an endeavour by the ASSOCHAM to compile reliable information on the A- Listers in the luxury industry in India aimed at providing accurate data to government, industry and public at large.

    Gemstoneuniverse had always endeavoured to provide the best of products and services to its patrons worldwide. Gemstoneuniverse is an organisation that provides Planetary Gem Therapy and uses exclusive Jyotish quality gems for the same.

    Jyotish gems, by default are the best in quality among the gemstone grades as they are natural, flawless, untreated in any manner. And this is done at 1/6 th the normal quoted price of gemstones in the industry!

    We absolutely stand by our commitment to the cause of Planetary Gemology.

    It is a constant effort at our end to measure up to the high standards that we have established. Quality is held at a premium and there are no short-cuts on the road that we journey on . We are committed to the cause of Planetary Gem Therapy .

    However, that Gemstone Universe is now seen in the category of luxury by ASSOCHAM , is a happy by-product of our integrity and commitment as an organisation. We just do what we are best at-Planetary Gem therapy.

    Luxury itself connotes a sense of pride in association with a brand. And if we have made inroads into your heart and mind through our product line and services, with such a pride involved as is reflected by this defining move – there cannot be a bigger award for us.

    Sharing this with you itself is heart warming. We value your patronage and remain committed to providing the best that can be in the field of Planetary Gem Therapy!

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