Gemstoneuniverse at the 50th Bangkok Gem and Jewellery Show - Recognition and Fond memories!

Note: All Photographs have been captured using the camera of the HTC1X as Cameras are now allowed in the show premises

Gemstoneuniverse participated in the 50th Bangkok Gem and Jewellery Show held at the Impact Challenger from September 13th-September 17th, 2012. Here are some moments that defined the show for us.

Mr.Somchai Phornchindarak (extreme right), President of TGJTA and Police General Seripisut Temiyavet (3rd from right) - Former Commissioner General of the Royal Thai Police, visited the Gemstoneuniverse exhibit personally at the 50th BGJF. He is seen here along with other industry leaders at the Gemstoneuniverse exhibit.

Mr. Ananth Gemstoneuniverse core team member with Mr. Nicholas Sturman GG of the GIA

Mr. Ananth Member Core Commitee Gemstoneuniverse interacting with Mr. Nicholas Sturman GG-GIA during his presentation-Pearls are they for Real

A gemmy Rainfall-Sapphires, Emerald and Rubies at the Gemstoneuniverse exhibit at the 50th BGJF

A Glorious Rain of Fine Colombian Emeralds at the Gemstoneuniverse exhibit. Fine Gems are always recession free

Another section showcasing unheated Rubies

Colombian Emerald Tower 1 at Gemstoneuniverse exhibit with valuable Cabochons and Trapiche Emeralds

Section of Gemstoneuniverse exhibit showcasing Cabochons and Mineral Roughs

Section of the Gemstoneuniverse Exhibit having matched sets of Colombian Emeralds

Section showing Members of Gemstoneuniverse attending the GIA presentation and workshop on Real Pearls

The Gemstoneuniverse exhibit at the 50th BGJF

The Pride of the Show at the Gemstoneuniverse exhibit. Massive unheated Top Grade Blue Sapphire weighing in at 37+ carats

View Rubies that are at the apex of the Gem Pyramid at the Gemstoneuniverse exhibit at the 50th BGJF