ARTICLES: The Secret Prescription of Infinite wealth & Abundance on this Akshaya Tritiya

The Secret Prescription of Infinite wealth & Abundance on this Akshaya Tritiya


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 The Secret Prescription of Infinite wealth & Abundance on this Akshaya Tritiya 

 At the very outset a Very Happy Akshaya Tritiya also known as Aakha Teej. May the Lord bless you with auspicious wealth that you enjoy with good health and empower others with.

 Now- Setting some facts correct. You are well aware of Selective interpretation and the ordinary and non desired effects associated with it but let me put the record straight:



 In minds of General Public


Tritiya=Three Times

Buying Gold is essential

To put the above in cut and paste seo rubbish:

Akshaya Tritiya is the Festival of Wealth. On this day buying Gold and Jewels is highly auspicious and whatever you do on this date you will again to 3 times in life.

 This is NOT akshaya Tritiya.

So what is- Let’s Go back to school- The Guruji Shrii Arnav’s Way


 Akshaya- Never Ending

 Tritiya- The 3rd Phase of the Moon



Akshaya Tritiya is the birth anniversary of the mighty sage Parshuram, who was the sixth incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu. Parshuram Ji is a Chiranjeevi

 means immortal, who will wait till the birth of the 10th avatar of Mahavishnu - The Kalki- become his guru, and after imparting him the teachings to overcome the sins of this yuga, he will go on the Mount Mahindra to perform his austerities and gain merit.

 The problem with the world is the truth is in the plain sight, but alas, and unfortunately, it is not being recognised because we are talking about the mighty sage- Parshuram- please see my post on the celestial cow Kamadhenu- the goddess who can give you everything and her daughter, Surbhi, and then put your mind to work on thinking, why did I give you the Surbhi Mantra instead of the Kamadhenu 


The celestial combination that is a must on this divine date:

 The most important thing to understand, appreciate and implement is that the Akshay Tritiya is the day when the luminaries the sun and the moon are both exalted and the moon is in its third phase.

 Think- think hard about this combination. The sun is exalted in Aries. The moon is exalted in Taurus and it is the third phase of the moon.

What makes today’s Akshay Tritiya very very very special and very very powerful is that today moon in Taurus joins the mighty teacher, Jupiter, and Jupiter is the planet of auspicious wealth of a permanent nature that gives you vitality and vigour

and carries on from one generation to another



 The information above is very powerful information, and if you know how to use it, you can never be poor, unless and until you are terminally unique, I will not give you some kind of a secret Laxmi Mantra that people are spreading on the internet because of if wealth were to be had with such pedestrian information, everybody would be wealthy which is not the case.

 Allow me to correct here that buying gold on this date is mandatory that is not correct. Buying gold is auspicious but not mandatory. Akshaya Tritiya is a day where you buy new things in the house and these things represent essential prosperity.

 The following things today if bought new and then utilised or consumed will bring you lot of blessings and good luck, this is the list which is of primary importance and order you can buy as many things as you want, but if you choose from any of these groups, it will be fruitful.



 Auspicious things to Buy on Akshaya Tritiya:

Rice, milk, milk boiling vessel, sugarcane, saffron mangoes, utensils to be used for cooking, such as pots, pans, tumblers, followed by silver, gold, jewels, and diamonds.

Now before I give you a sacred practice to do on this special day, allow me to share a real incident that happened.

Three days ago- There is a person who is involved in buying and selling of gemstones.

The moment you talk about gemstones, you’re talking of high-value products, which have the essential qualities of beauty, luxury success, and all things fine, which are represented by Venus as well as Jupiter

Now this great gentleman, because of whatever reasons is a great man because he takes care of his mother and ensures that he does the household chores like sweeping, swabbing and cooking at home before he comes to work.

Now my friend. This is like the first and the best way to stay poor and tense because the work that is giving you money( Profession) is of luxury and beauty and represents Venus and the work you are doing at home Is that of a labourer represented by Saturn.

You are confusing your own planets and hence yourself.

So if you are a Bollywood movie buff, this is a great man who is doing great sacrifices, but if you are a truly spiritual man, this man is the spilling the milk on his own efforts. I hope you get the drift.



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Sacred Practice this day:

Best is to go and buy any of those things listed above but if you have additional resources this is what you should do

 Do Lakshmi Narayana Pooja

 Offer Lotus flowers to Mother and Marigold to Narayana

 The Prasad / Naivadeyam / food offering should have Sugar cane, Jaggery, Milk based sweet.

 Offer Ubattu / Puran Poli

 Do Shri Sukta

 After consuming Prasad drink Sugar cane Juice and chant the beeja mantra of Lakshmi “Shreem” 11 times facing the north west direction.



Lakshmi Gives Shobha only in a few hands. Respect her and Respect them.

Before I leave- Those who want higher practices about Wealth and the Goddess Please read my earlier post on Core Pride and types of income.

The link to that is here:

I wish you a very happy Akshaya Tritiya and pray that That you be rich and abundant- For a first start thinking like that.

In Pic: Kamadhenu and Surbhi in Same Frame. And that Pukhraj…



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