ARTICLES: Navratna & the Sacred Science of Planetary Gem Therapy

Navratna & the Sacred Science of Planetary Gem Therapy

“The future development of medicine lies with treatments based on light and colour”

- Stephen Hawking , A Brief History of Time

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At the very core of all existence is energy. All beings, all matter, that which is seen and that which is not - everything is energy. In addition to that, this energy is in perpetual motion. Whether you choose to consider self, look around you at objects - animate and inanimate - the gross (sthool) as well as the subtle (sookshma) is undergoing/ is subject to energy transformation.

How - you would ask?

Even if you consider a rock, that the atoms and ions (energy rich particles) form its basic components, is enough to lay the question to rest. That being said, individuals or human beings are also nothing but pure energy, which is why the nature of energy around us seems to affect us with an intensity and influence our feelings, behaviour and actions in a big way - for instance, presence of certain individuals leaves us sapped whereas presence of certain people spreads cheer and gives us buoyancy!

It is indeed energy, or rather the lack of it that explains certain maladies too. For instance, there is a lot of work being carried out in the field of medicine and psychiatry to work out the intricacies of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). There is a marked increase in the incidence of people affected by this in the rainy and winter season - the gloom cast absence of sunlight (primary nurturing energy for human beings) has been known to spur an increase in cases of depression and suicide.

seasonal affective disorder

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Energy has a very big role to play in our lives. The ancients knew this very well and have left behind fantastic works that hold simple keys to living progressively, optimally and healthfully, if their tenets are followed. In the Hindu tradition, the science of Vedic astrology or jyotish outlines nine planets that determine and influence the course of each life. All that transpires is simply interplay of these energies in various permutations and combinations.

A human being seeking resolution of difficulties is in fact looking for / seeking harmony with the universal energy flow.

As far back as 1903, Niels Ryberg Finsen received the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology for his phenomenal work in phototherapy, which is healing by colored light.

Niels Ryberg Finsen

Finsen's phototherapy several decades ago

Finsen's phototherapy several decades ago

Role of Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology allows for drawing up a blueprint of human life that mirrors an individual's life from womb to tomb - in the horoscope or the birth chart. This in turn helps in arriving at an understanding of the planets that will aid an individual and those that will be playing the role of karmic teachers, whose lessons will not be easy.

Human beings are energy systems born into a karmic cycle. There are lessons to be learnt and past conditioning to be undone. Free will and decision making in context of that, we think we know, poses more difficulties. Challenges occur when there is an imbalance or deficit.

The energy residing in each gemstone emits a light/ color or particular wavelength and frequency, which helps in attuning the individual’s energy levels to perform optimally. Sometimes it is not just about giving a boost, rather about brining down a certain energy component to the correct level in cases of hyperactivity.

impact of light gem on human body

Impact on the Human Body of Light and Gemstones

Few cases in point could be:

Mercury dominated individuals suffer from excitability, a constant need to be engaged in something interesting and get bored easily.

Individuals with Rahu in lagna/ascendant, could be in a drift mode, finding stability even of thoughts is a hard task for them.

Individuals with a debilitated Mars may suffer on count of cold rage and suppressed feelings.

Planetary gem therapy is all about using natural unheated treatment free jyotish quality gemstones/ Navratna Stones to harness the energy of planets that can aid us in our progress and growth, in strictly terms it follows the Grahaanukul Paddhati of prescribing gems.

Each of the nine planets has a characteristic planetary energy and color attributed to them. Shastras have outlined the 9 maharatnas / Navaratna Gemstones that are reservoirs of energy of each planet and likewise the upratnas / substitute gems also.

The following table helps in illustrating the point:

Navaratna Gemstone Indian Name Representing Planet Activity
Ruby Manik Sun Excellent for rulers, leaders, people involved in government work
Pearl Moti Moon Good for mental peace, controlling anger, mood swings
Red Coral Moonga Mars For strength, valour, energy and vitality
Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Jupiter For spiritual thoughts, Spiritual advancements, and good luck, knowledge, academic success, gain of an upright husband
Emerald Panna Mercury For mental activities. Good for accountants, business managers, scientists, doctors, public speakers and those involved in mental pursuits
Blue Sapphire Neelam Saturn For countering the ill effects of Saturn. For wealth. Riddance from bad dreams. For excellent fate. Very strong stone. Shows its +ve or -ve effect in 3 seconds, 3 minutes, 3 hours or 3 days. Should be worn with caution after proper consultation.
Diamond Heera Venus For domestic bliss, attraction, good things of life, curing genital diseases. Good for actors and stage performers, attraction and sexual powers
Hessonite Gomedh Dragon's Node Good for mental balance, stability. Excellent for people involved in any kind of political activity
Cat's Eye Lehsunia Dragon's Antinode For counteractive the adverse effects of Ketu. For occult advancement

Gemstones as a tool of healing, changing the karmic life map and personal progress, are indeed very potent and powerful

As far back as 1903, Niels Ryberg Finsen was awarded the Nobel prize for Medicine and Physiology for his pioneering work in phototherapy. He used lights of different wavelength to treat ailments.

How gemstones work?

When it comes to gemstones, humankind has tapped into this resource since ages. Gemstones are packets of intense, concentrated energy formed inside the earth, over a period of millions of years under very precise and exacting conditions.

Planetary gem Therapy works on the premise of passage of light through the gemstone into the human energy system via touch (barring diamond). For simple understanding of how this works let us begin with color. Color is a component of light. A color is energy of a specific wavelength and frequency.

Out of the entire spectrum of colors, how do we see colors? When a light strikes an object, it passes through it but speed and quantum may vary. The color that is visible and apparent to the eye, will be the one reflected back - the one that has not been absorbed by or passed through the object. For instance, when light strikes a red rose, all other color wavelengths are absorbed or pass through the surface of the flower barring red which is seen by the eye and hence the rose is said to have red color!

Objects that allow all color wavelengths to pass through them appear white and those that do not allow any color to pass through them reflect it all back making the color appear black.

When a ray light strikes a medium, in this case the human body in particular, its speed slows down and upon contact and in the process of its passage, selective absorption happens addressing the deficit of particular energies in the body.

Breaking a Myth

Color healing does not manifest at just the level of this gross body but the state of health at the auric level has tremendous ramifications as well. Gems work directly working at the chakra centres, which also have a specific color attributed to them. They help in bringing harmony to the chakra centres in the human body.

Contrary to general perception, if an individual is recommended to wear a ruby, the individual does not need red color wavelength in his system. Remember, red is the wavelength and frequency rejected by the ruby, making it appear red to the eye. Therefore, the energy that goes within, that which is transmitted into the human energy system, apart from the red is what is really required! For this individual Surya energy is already strong and favor of this planetary energy facilitates healing faster.

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Gemstones with their dense crystal structure help transmit concentrated doses of energy. Gemstones are worn typically on the fingers or as a pendant close to the thymus glad where the joints and junctions ensure enough lymphatic fluid and nerve fibres to facilitate the conductance of this specific energy. They are set in gold or silver for heightened effect for these are pure electrolytes and enhance the conductance of energy.


It is extremely important to get a proper gemstone recommendation before wearing a gem. Wearing an unsuitable gemstone can backfire. Vedic astrology, allows for determination of suitable gem through analysis of birth chart. One must implement gem therapy only after getting proper guidance in the matter.

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