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Do Gemstones Work - How to Know if Gemstone is Working

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Do Gemstones Work

Do Gemstones Work - No They Don't for 90% of the People

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What Problems Can Astrology & Jyotish Gemstones Solve? Can they solve My Unique problems

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 Do Gems Work- No They Don’t for 90% of the People-Why?.

What results Can I expect from Jyotish Gemstones?

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Tell me My Best Life Changing Gemstone

Alteration of Karmic Life Map is a Herculean Task

The day an individual takes birth, his/ her karmic life map also referred to as fate/ destiny by many, comes into force. This karmic life map is the sum total of all milestones going to occur in an individual's lifetime. This map includes but is not limited to moments of happiness and despair, phases of luxury and poverty, supreme strength and diseases, periods of power as well as humiliation, focussed mind and anxiety, experience of love as well as failure in relationships etc.

To combat the negative factors of the karmic life map such as accidents, fatal diseases, divorce, lack of job, litigation, lack of social respect, lack of a progeny etc. the sacred texts have listed 6 karmic pathways to remove obstacles, tide over problems and finally emerge victorious with a feeling of fulfilment and happiness.


The 6 pathways to alter negative karmic life map are:

  1. Mantra
  2. Tantra
  3. Yantra
  4. Aushadha
  5. Yagya
  6. Ratna

The 6 pathways to alter negative karmic life map

Here we will to touch briefly on the essential meanings of these pathways and the limitations attached to each.

    1. The first pathway to remove negative factors is Mantra. Mantra is a spiritual formula consisting of sacred syllables which when chanted in a particular manner leads to attainment of desires. The limitations attached to mantra chanting are as follows:

      Mantra has to be chanted in a particular manner everyday at a particular time for optimum effects. Many mantras have the prerequisite condition of living a celibate lifestyle during this whole procedure. In these times, it is difficult to imagine a normal householder (Grihasta) - one who is in maximum need of a remedial measure sitting under a tree at 4 o'clock early in the morning and doing this practice for several days at a stretch.

      The total number of mantras to be chanted is huge. This range is anywhere from 108 to 1,25,000 or more. Besides, it is an established fact that your daily quota of mantra chanting should be same in number as the previous day or more.

      One has to be initiated into a mantra by a Guru- the divine preceptor who will teach the finer nuances of the mantra chanting to the individual and also transfer a part of his/ her spiritual strength. This process together is called as Deeksha and Shaktipath .

      Let be more careful while chanting Mantra

      Mantra chanting has to be in a rhythm with a proper flow of syllables as Mantras basically work by sound waves. For example Hreeng is different from Hreem which in turn is different from Hareeng . Incorrect chanting and choice of wrong mantra creates havoc in an individual's life and brings more problems including delusion. I have seen many families get destroyed by the random and incorrect chanting of the Gayatri Mantra - Yes the most powerful, divine and pure mantra. Individuals start chanting this mantra indiscriminately after reading a web page and the result is frequent quarrels and confrontations at home leading to a vicious atmosphere.

      One has to be aware of the fact that most of the mantras have flowed from Shiva and Shakti. At the start of the Kaliyuga (The present time frame) Lord Shiva after observing the abuse of mantras for meeting selfish ends and causing of pain to other individuals made all mantras Kilita , i.e. put a spiritual lock to them. Most of the mantras that we see today are a modified form of the original mantra wherein a particular syllable or a sound factor has been eliminated to create a spiritual lock to make the mantra dysfunctional. To make the mantra an effective one again we have to perform practices such as Utkilana (removal of spiritual lock) and Shapodhara (removal of the spiritual curse). The individuals who are aware of these practices are surely a very rare breed.


    1. The second pathway to alter a karmic life map is Tantra . The word tantra basically means a mechanism or an amalgamation of spiritual procedures to bring the desired result. These include but are not limited to the use Mudras - systematic hand gestures, asanas -yogic postures etc. Efficacy of Tantra is intimately dependent on mantra to yield the desired results. Hence all limitations as listed in mantras apply in this case. You can imagine the result.

    1. The third pathway for karmic life map alteration is Yantra . Yantra is an intricate geometrical diagram drawn while chanting of mantras and has been traditionally considered as the seat of the sacred deities. Energization of Yantras requires strong and consistent mantra sadhna, daily rituals to consecrate the Yantra. This process is required daily and sometime runs anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Limitations such as these render most of the yantras quite ineffective.

    1. Aushadha basically means medicine and is used only in cases of diseases. It has little use in other challenging karmic situations.

    1. Yagya is basically a fire ritual wherein sacred herbs and other sacred material is offered to the fire which in turn acts as their carrier to the sacred deity. Yagya is again dependent on mantras and if you see the limitations of mantras you can guess how effective this remedy is going to be. An unhealthy trend viewed today due to lack of time, patience and devotion is the culture of seemingly short cut Yagyas. These Yagyas have no basis in the shastras and have been basically customized to justify laziness and lack of time and resources. For example the sacred texts mention that Ganpathi Homa- the Yagya of Lord Ganesh should start before in the wee hours of early morning and finish before the sun actually begins to rise on that particular day itself. What we see today is Ganpathi Homa being conducted randomly at any point of the day. The number of mantras is also varied according to time constraints. The result is little or no benefit.

  1. That leaves us with the last resort and the main subject of our discussion, to alter the Karmic life map - Ratna or the gemstone. This sounds too good to be true. Just wear a Gemstone of the representing planet set in a finger ring and just forget everything. Next morning wake up in heaven with all desires fulfilled.


No, even though this is the most effective and easy solution several flaws creep into the gems therapy for destiny does not want you to alter your karmic life map so easily. One has to go through pain.


How Gem Therapy Fails

I will generally classify gem therapy failures in 5 sections:

  1. Recommendation is incorrect, gem is correct

    I have seen recommendations made on just basis of the Nakshatra-the birth star of the individual, the Janma Rasi-the placement of moon based on the position of moon and many times gems recommendation of the dasha lord-the major planetary period without an actual assessment of the planetary position in totality. This sometimes leads to escalation of major problems rather than solutions.

    Case Study

    Individual born in Ardra Nakshatra was recommended to wear a Hessonite garnet just because he was born in Ardra Nakshatra. Well this individual just went ahead and wore a massive 6 carat fully flawed Hessonite through which no light was actually passing. Result- In one week, while riding, his motorbike engine seized. He developed a fungal infection in his right foot and had to battle fever and flu for 5 days continually. His consultant did not bother to check that his Rahu was posited in the 8th house of losses and accidents in the sign of Sagittarius.

    To make gem therapy work one has to analyze the chart as a whole including Rasi, Lagna, Navamasa, Planetary periods and Gochara-actual present planetary position of planets. General recommendations such as you are a Gemini native and hence an emerald will suit you leads to very ordinary and in many cases negative results.

  2. Recommendation is correct, gem is incorrect

    This is the scenario which leads to maximum failures in Gem Therapy. In most cases when a gem prescription is going to work the force of the negative karmic life map takes over and makes an individual wear a flawed gem with the result that there are no positive breakthroughs. Following permutations and combinations occur in this clause:

    (a) Gem is heavily flawed - Natural gemstones will have some visible inclusions which prove that they were born in the lap of Mother Nature and not created in a laboratory. However a good quality gemstone is characterized by a uniform cut, good clarity with little to no inclusion, having a good lustre and adequate size. Please note my use of adequate size. Big is not exactly powerful if it is not a clean gemstone. This fascination for gem weight leads to maximum failures in gem therapy . Imagine what you find more impressive- A Man wearing a 1 carat flawless Diamond or a bonded labourer carrying 100 Kg worthless stones on his head with a bent back.


    This can best be illustrated by pictures:

    Picture A


    Heavily flawed African Ruby of 6.5 carats purchased at $50 per carat (I really don't know even if this one is actually an African stone. Owner says it was sold to him with the description reading as African. Looks like a sample from South India rather than Africa)

    I really would not classify this even as a gemstone. I will just qualify this as a mineral sample. Yes I know several shady geology departments operating out of nowhere issuing certificates that will classify this as a Ruby. There will be no mention of treatments or comments about colour or clarity etc. This certificate is used just to mentally satisfy a client that he/ she is wearing something genuine. What kind of results will this gemstone give? None. Who will be blamed for non-performance - Gemology? If you believe in certificates, get a certification from a standard gemology lab such as GIA-Gemmological Institute of America or a qualified Gemmologist or get Government appraisal through Government nominated qualified appraisers. Sometimes certification cost will be more than cost of such a stone. Majority of gemstones sold by jewellers and internet consultants are of this quality . This gemstone is not worth even $2 a carat. Yes the mineral sample is Ruby but does it actually make the cut as a gemstone?

    Picture B

    Nearly eye clean Burmese Ruby of 2.2 carats purchased at $650 per carat.

    Such a natural eye clean gemstone even though of less weight will give 1000 times more results and powerful results at that. This will harness the best of Sun energies and will lead to potent results.

    Conclusion - Always aim for eye clean natural gemstone. The cost of Ruby A is $325 and the cost of Ruby B is $1430. Many sceptics will argue that in such a scenario gem therapy will only work for rich people who can afford such a eye clean gemstone. I beg to differ. In case cost factor is a consideration please go ahead and buy two, 1 carat each natural eye clean rubies. Your cost will come down by 50% but such a strategy will definitely deliver results rather than wearing a 6.5 carat bluff rock. If someone is not able to afford even this budget, then opt for a natural eye clean alternative substitute gemstone such as a spinel. If one cannot afford this too, please wait and start at a basic correct point after sometime. A good gemstone will definitely lead you to a position where at a later stage you will be able to procure a much better quality gemstone. If a natural pearl is beyond your means, aim for a natural blue sheen moonstone.

    (b) Lack of Treatment disclosure . One of the other major reasons for gem therapy to fail is the lack of ethical disclosure of gem treatments. Enter here, the family jeweller who has been supplying gold and silver ornaments from my grandfather's time. It just so happens that he also carries gemstones and I have faith in him. I have been tired of this story. Please understand that as compared to a jeweller a gemmologist is a rare breed and an Astro gemmologist (someone who is a qualified astrologer and a certified gemmologist - mind you not one who is an astrologer who also happens to practice gem recommendation) is still a rarer breed. Just for example today 90% of rubies in the open market have gone through a process of glass filling and are ineffective for astrology purposes. What kinds of results will a Beryllium treated Blue Sapphire deliver. A stone which was White in colour became blue by infusion of some trace element! It will deliver no results.

    Conclusion - Always aim for a untreated natural gemstone and insist on a written statement about treatments if any. Ignore diffused Sapphires, Gum/Resin filled Emeralds, Dyed Yellow Sapphires and cultured Pearls (Insist on a Radiography report in case of pearls) .

    c) Ignoring Doshas within the gem listed in the sacred texts. In the sacred texts certain doshas have been listed for each gemstone that leads to problems. Very few individuals are aware of these doshas. One of the doshas mentioned in the Shastras about Blue Sapphires is to avoid a Sapphire with an inclusion that resembles the claw of a crow . Such a Blue Sapphire leads to loss of wealth and bad health.

    Always ascertain that the Gem is Sattvik (having positive energy) and is free from doshas.


  3. Recommendation is incorrect, Gemstone is incorrect.


    This is a combination of the above two clauses. However sometimes this clause goes to really weird levels. An individual who came to consult me was wearing a Blue Sapphire in the middle finger of right hand in silver and a Ruby in the ring finger of right hand in Gold. I really could not fathom that why were these were being used in conjunction unless the objective was to heal a physical disease. I asked him to enlighten me on this unique combination. He said that the Blue Sapphire was supposed to bring in wealth and the Ruby was to make Government officials favourable to him as he was primarily into earning through government contracts. I do not know whether these objectives were met but this individual was suffering from chronic depression, high blood pressure, water retention and gained weight rapidly after using these two gemstones together. I just asked him to remove both the gemstones for a period of minimum 42 days and revert back. The result- barring his weight problem all his health parameters improved including a stabilized blood pressure level. Till today he is not wearing any gemstone and still thanks me for the best gem recommendation - A recommendation which did not prescribe any gemstones.

    Conclusion - This is the most unfortunate scenario and leads to many horror stories associated with gems. The so called mythical bad effects of Blue Sapphire are less due to Lord Saturn and more due to use of bad stones full of flaws.

  4. Recommendation is correct, there is no action.


    This is the least occurring scenario but happens. People just keep delaying their remedy for one reason or another. Commonly cited issues are lack of time, lack of funds, lack of proper source but it is basically a lack of motivation which has crept into by a negative karmic life map. Whatever the reason the gem has not failed. The individual has made it fail.


  5. Recommendation is correct, Gemstone is correct but use is improper.


    I call this scenario as the case of so near and yet so far. To get a proper recommendation and a good gemstone is extremely good fortune. But the karmic life map works to bring flaws even in this system. I have such a long list of reasons which lead to failure but I will stick to the basic ones:

    a) Frequent removal of the gemstone ring - Many individuals remove their rings while visiting the rest room, eating non vegetarian food, enjoying intimate pleasures thinking that their gem will get some bad energy. Well please understand that gems work by the play of light. A gem has worked hard to bring up the positive vibration within you. As soon as you remove it that vibration goes back to the base line and then the gem works hard again to bring it back. Gems are a power of God himself and have formed over a period of million of years absorbing the panch bhootas of earth, water, fire, air and space. They are so Sattvik that they can never get bad energies. The sacred texts are very clear in stating that one should remove the gemstone only when visiting a funeral or a cremation ground for someone's last rights. After this process once an individual comes back, have a bath and wear your gemstone. Barring this single instance you should be wearing your gemstone all the time for optimum results. Secondly when you wear the gemstone for the first time an auspicious time is calculated according to principles of Electional astrology . The planetary combinations occurring at that time also aid in making your gemstone more effective.

    b) Letting other people wear your gemstone. This should be avoided at all costs. Your gemstone has been energized in your name and birth star and is attuned to your body energies and destiny. Let other people see and appreciate your gemstone but do not let them wear your gemstone.

    c) Having too much expectation from the gemstone. I have seen this scenario where many people want to experience an effect which I equate to the electric chair . Just as one experiences a shock by sitting in a electric chair they should feel the same by wearing the gemstone instantly. Treat your gemstone as your most intimate friend. It is working. It takes time to clear negative blocks and mistakes of many years. It will deliver. Have patience.


Your checklist to avoid a failure in gem therapy and get good results from your gem:


Here is a basic summary which can help you make a dent in your negative karmic life map and achieve a positive breakthrough:

  1. Get a correct recommendation. Research and ask for references of your consultant.
  2. Identify a good gemstone that comes with a guarantee of being gem quality and being astrologically potent.
  3. Give priority to clarity, lustre, good colour and lack of inclusions to weight.
  4. If having financial constraints go for a substitute gemstone.
  5. If still having financial constraints please wait and avoid taking a flawed gemstone.
  6. Consecrate and energize your gemstone properly with the correct procedure and rituals. Once you wear it in an auspicious time do not take it out.
  7. Do not wear mutually inimical gemstones.
  8. Be patient. If the above 7 conditions are met to the "T" your gemstone will deliver and will bring much development and happiness.


Among all 6 karmic pathways of solutions the pathway of gemstone therapy is the simplest, most effective and brings tangible results provided you do not fall prey to pitfalls listed above. Gemstone therapy never fails and a good gemstone never fails. The sway of the negative karmic life map leads to failures. I have seen individuals reach exceptional success through gemstones and have also seen the scenarios listed above.

Your gemstone can be your most dear and intimate friend staying closest to your body and heart. It will deliver. Do therapy correctly and have patience.

God Bless.

Guruji Shrii Arnav

Guruji Shrii Arnav - Vedic Guru is also an internationally acclaimed planetary gemmologist. An Accredited Jewelry Professional from the Gemmological Institute of America at present he is the chief mentor of and He is also the chief Horoscope columnist of Deccan Herald - A leading Indian English daily.

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What Problems Can Astrology & Jyotish Gemstones Solve? Can they solve My Unique problems

Which is the Best Gemstone Choosing Method | Which Gemstone Should I wear

 Do Gems Work- No They Don’t for 90% of the People-Why?.

What results Can I expect from Jyotish Gemstones?

In Quest of India’s Best Gemstone Astrologer.

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