ARTICLES: Which is the Best Gemstone Choosing Method | Which Gemstone Should I wear.

Which is the Best Gemstone Choosing Method | Which Gemstone Should I wear.


Guruji Shrii Arnav and Thailand Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-O-Cha.

Which is the Best Gem Choosing Method that solves problems & Delivers Great Results? Hear from the Master-Guruji Shrii Arnav himself.

Wise Words but difficult to follow and implement.



Which is the Best Gem Choosing Method that solves problems & Delivers Great Results? Hear from the Master-Guruji Shrii Arnav himself.

Refer to stats above: There isn’t a story that we haven’t heard but still life is beautiful and unique. Sometimes life does serve us a googly( Better Search for Shane Warne’s Ball of the century and view the video- You will enjoy it) now and then.

What Problems Can Astrology and Gem Therapy Solve | What Life Objectives can Gem Therapy Help Attain.

The data, information and illustration presented in this article are relevant at the time of writing this (March 15th, 2020) and the time of your reading. If any key modifications are required anytime soon (I don’t see any at least in the next 10 years) except for the numbers given in the above graphic this information is effective and actionable information.

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Which is the Best Gem Choosing Method? Which is the Best Gemstone for me?

Short Answer:

We have a FAQ and an answer at Gemstoneuniverse that has saved us from a lot of grief of back and forth emails (see stats above) and it is still relevant.

The singular truth is everybody is unique and everybody can have a unique opinion to a particular question.

However is that answer effective? is the topic that is another discussion that I shall try to attempt below. My additional thoughts in italics.

Here is that FAQ:

I do not agree with the Recommendation. As per Nadi/ Vedic Astrology/ KP/ World Renowned Astrologer/ Numerologist/ Tarot Card Reader/ My Self Study, Somebody holding a pendulum or some energy meter, Shani in Mrit Avastha/ Astrologer said some other stone of 6 rattis, any other astrological combination etc., I think I should be wearing XYZ Gemstone. I would like to discuss this information (Other Permutations and combinations of such variations).


First things first, as an organization policy we do not comment on any other consultant/ third party recommendation. (Anybody doing this is not a gentleman and not a professional - Speak for yourself)

Please note that in one chart there are thousands of combinations. What makes an impact and what does not needs a high degree of expertise and experience in this vast science of Astro Gemology and that is where we come in.

You have ordered a Gem report after duly considering the pros and cons of the same and because you judged that this recommendation is trustworthy and solution oriented.

But please be mindful that even though as per you, your information might be worth considering (As per stats( Refer Graphic Above) in 99% and above cases it is not - In most cases its overzealous reading of poor material on the internet or some dubious information causing confusion. (Do remember we have stats for over a million plus exchanges including email records since 1996). It is not possible for us to discuss this information as it will be a disservice to several other patrons whose orders are in a queue. It is a sheer time wasting exercise. If you can self diagnose and self-recommend you do not need our opinion at all.

Your Gem Report clearly states relevant information without any ambiguity that is adequate for successful Gem Therapy provided all conditions given here are met.

Due to lack of standardization in this field which we are trying very hard to overcome, it is very likely that 10 different people will have 10 different opinions.

However if you do not agree with the Gem recommendation then your sole remedy is to ignore the recommendation. No further discussion on the same is entertained.

If you do your research since 1996, this is the most authoritative and rewarding gem recommendation with recommendations made for more than 4,00,000 charts and objectives and sale of 1,00,000 plus Jyotish Gemstones ( this number keeps on changing. So I have not fiddled with these numbers. Relevant numbers as of today in the main graphic above)

Request you to kindly read our 100% error free Gem Therapy approach and mission. It is what helps us in stay focussed on the same. We can only help you only if you allow us to. Request you to read the links in the answer for a better appreciation of the same.

Now we have also have resources that gives Gemstones on different parameters. These are reproduced below:

Gem Choosing method for Moon Sign

Gem Choosing Method as per your ascendant.

Gem Choosing Method as per your Nakshatra

Gem Choosing Method as per Sun Sign</>

Gem Choosing Method as per Rashi

Gem Choosing Method as per Month

The question Remains which is the best Choosing method? And, what prompted me to write this article.


For Context of this image search for Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston bouts

In short, none of the above mentioned methods give desirable results. But if all these combined together and analysed thoroughly may give some breakthrough that is worthwhile and beneficial. But is that choice perfect? No.

In early February 2020, we got an order for a Gem recommendation report with a note saying “Can I wear an Emerald and a Blue Sapphire?”

I saw the charts, put my recommendations on it and asked my assistant to send the report (These are going to go away soon - given the numbers that we are trying to service with our goal of 100% error free gem therapy)

After 3-4 days we received a reply from him that I am reproducing below:

“Thanks, what are time slots for consultation? Previously, I have asked about Emerald for my suitability.”

Generally most of astrologers only suggest gemstone related 1st house, 5th house and 9th house. But these are very general stones not precise. Because recommendation of Gemstone always depends upon numerous factors like Nakshatra and its Sub-lord, Rashi and Lagna. But in above general recommendation they only consider Lagna.

“Here's recommendation I got from another astrologer, can you please check more in depth for my suitability with Emerald? I want success in my career and finance. Thanks.”

Now after analysing every planet in your horoscope in terms of their placement, Nakshatra and Upa-Nakshatra, positive planets for career and financial aspect are :-

Positive Planets for Career & Financial Aspect are:-

Mars, Jupiter, Mercury.

It means, if you wear Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire and Emerald then you can experience positive results in career and financial aspect. Astrologically, whether a person will pursue service or business can be explained by the following combinations:

For service 2nd House, 6th House, 10th House, 11th house of Horoscope. For business 2nd House, 7th House, 10th House, 11th house. This is since these houses signify:

2nd House: accumulation of wealth, money & bank accounts.

10th House: It is the prime house of career, name & fame.

11th House: It is the prime house of financial gain, increments & promotion.

6th House: It is the prime house for service & working conditions.

7th House: It is the prime house of business, business partners, trade & commerce.

Therefore when 6th House connects 2, 10, and 11 native joins a job whereas when 7th House is signified he joins a business.

Now the moment this email came to me something clicked in my mind and I asked the Records and Archive department to search our records with date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. Bam, I got what I was looking for -

Ten years ago I did an analysis (when the 3 questions report was offered at Astromandir- No these are not coming back) of this same person who now wants a Gem recommendation. Some planetary positions and goal statements stick in my mind and memory bank. Ten years back he had mentioned his goals were to write a book, become a world famous Author and Coach and touch a million lives- Worthwhile goals, if self assessment is good.

Now I have no idea whether he was able to achieve any of those lofty and worthwhile goals but what I can see is that his Astrology assessment and information accumulated and produced in this email is absolutely pedestrian and of no value.

The Astrologer’s explanation he pastes in his assessment is on the same lines. Any individual with even a basic amateur understanding of Astrology, can see this information is absolutely of no value.

This Person is akin to a Doubting Thomas. More on this later.

Another communication exchange happened in our Facebook Inbox in Mid February. Screenshot of only relevant information produced below with a free unsolicited advice for this user.

If you are this user: I am giving you free unsolicited advice-much against my character and professional ethics - At this stage Astrology, Gem Therapy or spirituality cannot help you.

Both these users come in the category of people (See tabular box above) for whom this article is not useful. What has caused their selective thinking?

- Cut and paste software algorithms that recommend the Gemstones of the Lords of the 1st house (Lagna), 5th house and 9th house. They have bundled this in the software to cater to the free mentality consumers. Simple marketing example- ‘Buy a Cola and get a cap free’ or something of a similar mind set. There are several drawbacks in this recommendation algorithm but that is not the main point of discussion of this article.

A simple point- No software ever recommended the correct permutation and combinations of Gems or their accurate weight or the method of using them. Why? Because they have no idea. If you are interested in this these please click here.

- The Gentleman who produced the email of another Astrologer and his/ her comprehension that came up with a potential life threatening and dangerous result (Not discussing that here) with that unoriginal and unremarkable reasoning was influenced by jargon produced by this Astrologer.

C’mon you want to influence a million lives- You can do better.

The Second user does searching for the perfect answer, bases his opinion on some selective cut, copy, paste information done by SEO guys, or other similar users on some forums, watches some Youtube videos and comes up with half baked useless information that in his own mind is a respectable word called “Research”.

How Much Data can you process? How to focus on the right actionable data?

Below is how a basic Indian Astrology Birth chart Looks Like:

A basic Indian astrology Birth chart. The chart where Birth chart is written is called as Lagna or the Ascendant.

For sake of academic discussion let us restrict ourselves to discussion only on 1 chart-The ascendant or the Lagna chart.

When this chart is casted for an individual we have a matrix of 12 houses, 12 signs and 9 planets. This gives us arithmetically possible combinations of 12*12*9= 1296 and I am not mentioning the 27 nakshatras and their 4 quarters. For those who like numbers and like calculators please do the needful.

1296 combinations in just ONE chart.

How many choices/ options can an average human being analyse, process and arrive at a decision?

Does Google know this answer? No- Not yet, because the people who know haven’t put it up on the internet.

Because-Bandar ke haath main Chaku Nahi Dete- One of the things my Guru taught me was-You do not give a sharp knife to a Monkey- It will hurt itself and several others.

That is why in real Indian System of Guru Shishya Teaching-the main focus before imparting any information/ education is assessment of eligibility. It is referred to as Patrata (ability to receive with grace) in Hindi. This is not available at spiritual meditation etc offered at 25 percent off with limited seats and promoted on social media.

If Google does know the answer, it isn’t going to tell anyone soon. It maybe a part of the secret sauce of their algorithm that helps them earns billions of advertising dollars from the AdWords platform. Something akin, to the Coca Cola formula that is supposedly hidden and protected and sealed several vaults deep with keys and passwords lying in different parts of the Globe.

I do not want to go into merits or demerits of Coca Cola. The fact remains it is one of the most popular beverages in the world besides drinking water and it does have a secret formula.

So how many choices can one successfully select with positive outcomes. Do I know the answer-Yes. Am I sharing it in this article- No. Reasons explained above.

I did some preliminary research on the data clerk looking for scholarly articles (not SEO optimized ones) for my question- No quality results.

This is dangerous data.

Next Steps, I framed a question and shared it with 5 people that I love and admire.

The Question:

How many choices at a time can a human being/ Can You Evaluate successfully? Quote a number. Comment/s only if you feel a need.

Response 1

Depends on one’s state of mind and question posed. Maybe 0 or many. There is no citation; abstract question.

This answer comes from a Doctor whose academic record is phenomenal. She is a super specialist in one of the most prestigious hospitals in the USA and has written several research papers published in journals of repute. She won 14 Gold Medals in her MBBS. Basically was number #1 in ALL the subjects so you can imagine and draw your own conclusion.

Response 2

Well, I am assuming 4 as all institutions do have some form of a standardized test (multiple choice) to test eligibility that they have the respective stakeholder take.

This answer comes from a data scientist and expert who helps design multiple choice questions examination papers from Cambridge examinations, International Baccalaureate to USMLE. He also does some work for the UN in data crunching and assists them in their decision process.

Response 3

Mentally I can handle two at a time. Visually maybe 3. More than that seems like a stressor.

This answer comes from a very good and celebrated Clinical Psychologist. He works with me on some cases and is personal counsellor to 3 authors/ personal transformation coaches whose books have made it to the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Response 4

Shouldn’t I be asking this question to you? For me personally I can handle 3. For my clients and accommodating wish lists of marketing and advertising we try to restrict main choices to 3 and give additional 4 choices just to keep everybody happy.

This answer comes from a top retail specialist. He has personally supervised and implemented retail solutions for varied products including apparel, furniture to high end Jewelry and watches from conception, implementation to execution for 800 top brands.

Response 5

Can’t share due to ethical and professional reasons if this is going on a public platform. Happy to speak with you. Do Try: Why Human Brains struggle with choices. You might find something of use to you

This answer comes from a young genius hot shot MIT Graduate currently working with the data clerk who earlier also with the friend-friend network for sometime. Both competed to get him. ☺

Now these are good honest answers and give us good data. To some this data will be a gold mine.

Coming back to our discussion how many choices can one successfully evaluate and act on?

The super intelligent, the chosen onescan at the max evaluate 12 choices at a single time with fair degree of results with good and near satisfactory outcomes. These 5 fine people despite their splendid achievements don’t make it to that elite group.

So if we stay just on one chart (The Lagna chart) we have 1296 choices if we do not further multiply the combinations by the nakshatras and their quarters. These are the choices from ONLY 1 chart.

Two things of import here:

- The two examples I shared with you earlier are nowhere themselves/ neither the person who they connected who have the capacity to analyse 1296 combinations from just 1 chart. I am not making it complicated at this stage by adding other charts or divisionals.

- Moving on, if due to some reason (In addition to several thousand other factors) the recommended Gemstone also happens to be lord of 1, 5 or 9 houses that is 3 choices out of 1296 choices then where is the problem. If calculated in percentages that is 0.2314%.

If the person has done good homework and this is a choice after considering many choices this person is above the group of the super elite if this is not the result of a cut, copy paste software algorithm.

As I was writing this another case popped up that I think will be apt for our discussion. For avid Astrologers I am also sharing Birth data for their own analysis and study:

Date of Birth: 12th May 1973

Time of Birth:08:13 am

Place of Birth: Garhshankar-Punjab- India.

This is what our friend writes (Not corrected for Grammar, punctuation etc)

Q- Why I want to wear the Gemstones?

A:- a) No Job, No Business, No Regular Source of Income ,however, from 2005 to 2012 seen tremendous growth in my business from zero to 10 Cr worth a year. But down fall in Business since 2012 and now winded it. Whole business vanished.

b) Want to settle in Canada permanent with Good source of income. Travelled Canada for 3 Month in 2019 on tourist visa.

c) As no source of income now, So want to settle in Canada but worried income conditions has to differ in foreign land from India( Very tough without Permanent Source of Income in Canada).

d) Jackpot: I won 2 houses in Chandigarh in draw in 2008. Even Won Several Lotteries/Draws whenever tried my Fate in it. Now, I want to win Jackpot in Canada (Super max lotto)

2 Q-Tell us briefly about yourself?

A:- I am MBA ,had a very good BPO business In insurance sector but decline in business since 2012 . I am single. Living with Brother and taking care of his Family as well.

3 Q- Tell us about yours challenging, impending conditions, challenges & obstacles you are facing as of now?

A- a) Full Stop in career since 2012. Doing nothing now a days.

b) It seems luck is blocked. Luck is not favouring me since 2012 in personal or professional field.

4 Q- Please specify any notable health issue?

A- a) I have some sexual problem.

b) Mostly due to present conditions, I feel anxiety.

Please note: I have tried Amethyst stone in 2005 after wearing it my father got ill and expired with in a month’s time. As I have good knowledge on astrology, I would like to get a session telephonically from Abhijita Ma’am as well, once reports got prepared. I will be able to understand all aspects, antecedents, karak star etc all astrological jargon.

What I like in the above case study:

This user seems to be fairly advanced individual who has gone to the University of Hard Knocks called as Life and learnt some good lessons. He is quite clear in defining his problems and also has a fixed and a quantifiable goal (This is a huge achievement)- Whether it is realizable or not is another question. All is fine till he mentions the additional Note and subsequent statements highlighted in bold. There onwards everything goes wrong.

Three Things here:

- While I appreciate your endeavour to self discovery, your conclusions again are poor and give you no positive headway. You need better sources of information.

- Each one has a unique way of trying to solve problems. Refer to the statistics given in the 1st graphic at the top. If we start talking about your information from Please Note onwards we really can’t help a lot of other people on a large scale.

- If your gut feel gives you the signal that your information is correct and may help you please go ahead and implement. There is no point speaking with us at all. What is the worst that will happen- No results or even negative results (This is what we don’t want and it is avoidable) provided you have patience and have imbibed good information and done a basic exercise in choice Elimination.

The Best Method of Gem Choosing.

The third-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the majority. The second-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the minority. The first-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking- AA Milne.

Above quote by AA Milne is a very powerful thought. Contemplate on that for sometime before reading further.

Best Gem choosing Method for the Astrologer, Astro Gemologist (a very rare breed) and a true spiritual seeker.

- There are no accidents in life (Refer to Karmik Life Map). The discovery of Penicillin is often quoted in most material as an accident. That laid the foundation for discovery of other antibiotics. Alexander Fleming-A Great Man-God Bless his soul for finding Penicillin and giving the world the gift of a potent weapon to fight disease and having the courage to do something that was high risk as per standard operating procedure and medical protocol. If He didn’t risk his life and work the world would not have penicillin that point of time.

Sages and scientists are alike in one thing-They take risks for a greater good and are not afraid of failures of experimenting. Each experiment and the associated preparation, sacrifices and hard work takes them close to a life changing discovery. So after giving due credit to them, for you I can say that you are not going to find the secret Mahalakshmi mantra to make you a millionaire on Youtube or Tik Tok or by drop shipping or doing a short course in stocks either.

Work hard, be prepared to fail, pay your dues, stay away from word ‘free’ and you are laying the foundation for magic in your life.

- If another human being has approached you for help He/ She is doing so because of the Karmik Life Map. There is some unfinished debt from previous birth that you are getting an opportunity to settle. The faster you settle the better it is. You are also been given a great opportunity by the Almighty/ Supreme power to be of help and an instrument for positive change. Take it with both hands and make the best out of it. Get some good karma points.

- You are embarking on an exercise to be in the group of the chosen few and a Grade A choice eliminator. If you need more help click here.

The Approach:

Step 1

Define and Diagnose the Why?

What has made the client approach you? What is themost important problem that the client/ seeker is facing? What are the planetary Periods and positions that have made him/her come to you. Just diagnose that first with your knowledge, astrology skills and life experience. Can that problem be solved or not- a preliminary assessment. To see some common problems and life situations please click here. The client’s problem is the main focus point. No point in any analysis, if no value is being delivered to the client.

Step 2

Identify any major speed breakers or pain points if any?

There are certain planetary positions akin to speed breakers or curses (choose any word that you like). Identify them. Till these are addressed nothing will work. Diagnosing them and giving right direction on them is half of the work done. Some of them can be found here.

Step 3

Focus on Strengths:

If we are born in the human form we are blessed. All of us have been gifted with great potential and these are indicated by planetary positions in the birth chart. Identify the strongest planets. Even the so called self classified “Most Unfortunate Human Being” will have at least 1 strong planet. If they have 2 nothing like it. Most of us do not realize even 10% of the potential that we are born with and what is indicated and promised by the birth chart.

Step 4

Set Anchor with Big Ticket Items:

Analyse and apply the above steps first with lagna/ ascendant chart, then the moon chart, then the Navamsa chart, Then the Bhava Kundli. Go to a divisional chart for a peculiar problem only if the need arises. If you have applied steps 1-3 correctly most likely you will make a rewarding, problem solving, result oriented Gem Recommendation.

Step 5

Focus on the immediate next 3-5 years of the client.

Analyse planetary periods and major transits for immediate next 3-5 years. Can you make a Gem recommendation that will help the client/seeker go to the next level? If you empower and get results for the immediate time frame your focus is correct. The client also needs to do some work at their own end. A gem is not a plug and play device. More on that here.

Step 6

Help in Goal setting/ Prioritization/ Realistic expectations.

Help the client/ seeker in setting realistic goals and expectations. If the client has a list of 25 desires or goals that he/ she wants in a short span of time without taking any risk or without the mandatory hard work then it’s a part of unrealistic expectations and cannot be achieved.

Step 7

Practise and Trust the Process without being judgemental

The only way to hone your skills is by practising, interacting, hearing, implementing, showing and getting results without being judgemental or emotional. You have to have the ruthlessness in your analysis with the same approach of that of a ruthless surgeon who is a master with his/ her scalpel. Do not judge people, you have no idea of their story or background. God has given you an opportunity to help-Just do that. Go back to Bruce Lee Picture and quote in moments of self doubt.

Step 8

Always be in Student Mode

Always be in a student mode full of curiosity. You think you are helping the client. No it’s both ways. If the client develops trust in you and shares information of his/ her life than it can be a golden information that you may be able to use in your own life/ or in some other clients life. This is personal, first hand information with unique circumstances, people and situations. Google does not have this information. This information can make you a better person, or a better astrologer or a great Astro gemologist provided you are ready to go the distance. You may refine, find and may discover some sutras (formulas) unique to your own that will add value to your client’s life and your own life and repertoire.

Step 9

Protect yourself and fill up your spiritual reservoir.

People go through hell and if they develop trust in you, they will share that hell and problems with you. This is going to be your full time job-Facing problems and grief. Just the faces, charts and circumstances will keep changing. Once in a Blue Moon will you meet an advanced soul who will ask you a question like- Give me just 1 tip to better myself. Be ready to get punched and take hits to your soul.

Refer to the illustration below (Profound Wisdom)- Be Ready to get Hit! For this you need to have a spiritual practice to protect yourself and a spiritual practice that keeps enriching your own reservoir. You cannot give from an empty vessel/ soul. Actively keep looking for a Guru, Mentor who may guide you in developing these two practices. Till you get there do self reading, practice and self discovery. Have Faith in your maker, your parents, your loved ones, your ancestors, your guardian angles and the universe itself. They will take care of you. Remember there are no accidents. You are chosen for a special job, so you are special-God will lookout for you.

Step 10

Bring solutions, don’t force your expertise down a client’s- conscious and sub conscious.

There are Doctors who chase numbers in a medical report and there are Doctors who chase wellness. Chase wellness (read results) of the client. Do not complicate an already complicated client’s life with names dropping and astrological jargon (as our fine friend of case study 3 mentions). What matters in the end are results!

Step 11

Know your limitations. You are not God. If you can’t help, you can’t help. Don’t play God. Let him do his Job. Offer all success/ failures/ challenges at his feet-He will show the path.

When will the magic Start and its indication

Since most of us try to come across as logical beings and are convinced by numbers and since numbers are the closest thing to a universal language the magic (Great Recommendations & Results in your clients life) will start roughly around the 5000 chart mark/ 5000 horoscope analysis. The more people you meet in person the better it is. Now, this number may sound overwhelming at first but its not. Let me break it down for you. If you are focussed then reading 13.6 or nearly 14 charts a day for 365 days will give you practise of 5000 charts. Now this may be exhausting and tiring at first because of the complexities and nature of problems involved. So you give yourself 2 years (365*2=730 days). 5000 charts divided by 730 days gives you 6.8 or nearly 7 charts a day. This is doable for the focussed practitioner.

Indication of Magic, Validation of your success

The universe will give you many signals if you are on the right track. What can be called as a tangible validation or magic is when your clients/ seekers start recommending you to their loved ones and trusted friends. That is direct proof you are doing a great job and bringing value. Then you do not need the help of a search engine expert or Google either. One person at a time and see the magic unfold. Give your very best to the person sitting across you/ or whose chart is in front of you. If you like this expressed in numbers then if the client is giving you 25,000 then gives them advice, suggestions and value worth 50,000. Now, this time around I will not break this up for you. Use the example above and you will do fairly ok. It is important to grasp the philosophy and value proposition.

A Final Tip

Be meticulous in your record keeping and notes. If you see any special client condition or a unique planetary permutation and combination note it down. File them in buckets of health, wealth, finance, relationships, challenges, special cases etc and then sub categorize them. Keep exceptional charts and case histories separate. Develop a system to digitize your data so that you can easily access it with speed and compare many charts and planetary positions. AND MAKE SURE THAT THIS DATA IS PROTECTED. Client confidentiality and your unique findings should not fall in the wrong hands.

For Clients/ Seekers- Which is the best Gemstone for Me?

A Simple Question for you- Can the internet or Youtube teach you swimming?

No. You need to overcome fear, hesitation, get into the pool, learn the strokes and actually keep your head up- In short first ensure that you are not drowning, second step in addition you are moving forward.

Google or Youtube or any other expert can give you tips to be a better swimmer (In case you are able to find the right content/ expert from billion of hours of videos on Youtube) but to learn swimming you HAVE to perform the steps above-at least most of us!

- Please read the material above. The path is clear to find the right answer. You are a brilliant, talented, amazing and fabulous human being. Look at getting the best out of your life. Focus on time and energy on what you love and what you are good at and what will give you the best results. Do not be the person in example 2-refer illustration of Facebook exchange.

- If you have found an Astrologer or a spiritual guide that can accurately guide, predict and forecast to the tune of 60-70%- You have found a Gold Mine. Don’t ever let go of them. They are God’s messengers to you. If you have found a friend, philosopher and guide- You are indeed lucky. If anybody claims more than that, then it is likely to be suspect. If in reality you do find someone like that please ask them to read this article here and connect him/her to us.

- You are unique- There is no scientific doubt in that- There is nobody like you. That it a huge positive data point. Work from that mindset. Problems will keep coming and going in life but your talent, hard work, trust, faith is yours. Nobody can steal your destiny so have faith in your maker.


Your Best Gemstone is the one that solves your problems, takes you the next level, makes you stronger to face life and helps you add value to your life and those around you. I pray you find The One.

At Gemstoneuniverse since inception we have been saying- A Gem is for a Gem- You are one!

Now I am not Warren Buffet but I bet my life is pretty much more exciting then him. Click here to see some people/ things I encounter in my daily life. If this piece of work brings change to even 1 person- I consider my job as DONE!

Around 20 years back when we approached Prof. Dr. Satyavrat Shastri-Padma Bhushan and Padmashree and  perhaps the greatest and the most decorated Sanskrit Scholar present in the World Today, explaining the thoughts presented here by me for an appropriate Sanskrit term, He took considerable time and contemplation before he Named it- Grahaanukulratnavisheshyaga Paddati and this from the great scholar who translated the entire Thai Version of Ramayana( The Holy Ramakien) without a single edit or grammatical error. To know more about Dr. Shastri please visit Wikipedia by clicking here.

This article was written in not so ordinary circumstances. Some of the Events since Feb 21, 2020 to 16th March 2020 as I type this line( 02:26 early Morning Thailand Time) include being in the jungles of Burma, being witness to trauma of two people losing their loved ones, Getting tapped on the head by a Buddhist monk at a petrol bunk who in addition to muttering something handed me over a 1000 Baht note and left with a smile, having a near death experience myself, meeting a world famous distinguished personality (More on that soon-Maybe in the news), cancelled flights, the corona virus pandemic and the best - eating Sweet Thai Mango Sticky Rice with chilled Coconut water in Mae Sot-Thai Burma Border amongst all the chaos and being approached with a Guthka Chewing Marwari at that roadside stall in Mae Sot (Imagine!) and being asked Guruji-Aap Ka rate kya hai?

Guruji what is your price?. Two people who were accompanying me were offended at this question but NOT me- I actually liked it and was pretty amused-BUT THAT IS STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY.

God Bless You-Stay Happy, Stay Blessed. Go find your dream & live your life. My best wishes and prayers are with you.

Addendum by Team Gemstoneuniverse on April 23, 2020.

Dear Viewer,

Please see this exchange with a viewer on our Instagram. As we write this, we have reached 4 million monthly reach just on Facebook. That is a huge number for a niche subject. These are produced for your reference. We cannot customize communication for each and every communication hence this.

If the whole detailed write up is not able to satisfy you, then in that case there is No point in engaging us further. We are here to provide you with our best and for that we need to keep our focus in the correct direction. We suggest you read the whole article including the hyperlinked/ underlined articles in detail. Similar queries will not be replied.

For greater good we have to make a choice. We wish you the best in your life journey.






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