ARTICLES: 4G: God Bharose...Guru Bharose...Gem Bharose...Google Bharose

4G: God Bharose...Guru Bharose...Gem Bharose...Google Bharose

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4G: God Bharose...Guru Bharose...Gem Bharose...Google Bharose

God, Guru, Gems, Google or Science which is the right choice & Are we making the right choices

I can’t go right because there is nothing left there

I can’t go left because there is nothing right there

Note: This article is not about God, Gems, Guru or Google or Science- It is about perspective and making the right choices.

I wrote my first article on Vedic Astrology on the Internet in 1996. I was livid because there is nothing called Vedic Astrology at all and neither do I like the word Astrology or Astrologer. Why? - Because these are ambiguous words deliberately coined to punch holes in the sacred science of Jyotish - The Light of God.

In the year 1996 Internet was not such a big thing in India and the number of users was miniscule. I still remember an elderly Gentleman asking me what I did for a living; and me telling him about owing a website! The counter question was - Kis area Main Hai? (In which part of the city is it located). My answer didn’t quite leave him satisfied and it was clear that he had made up his mind that whatever I did was something ‘no good’.

Working on a dial-up connection by connecting to a number in Pushkar from Ajmer, I had no idea what was coming next. With the phone cable plugged into the computer I wanted to set everything right about Vedic Astrology and Indian spirituality. The phone bill at the end of the month was INR 10,000/-. This was brandished by my Doctor mother in my face with an expression of shock and that concerned expression too meant that this guy is up to no good. (The bill was enormous considering that it was the year 1996, and my parents were salaried employees of the Government!)

Going back to 1996, I was an idealist in a manic mode to let the world know about the power of India’s spiritual sciences and the power of Jyotish. I had experienced these powers first hand - their ability to cure, optimize life and do wonders.

The aftermath of this was that I lost all interest in pursuing medicine which was the done thing in family - Both my parents are qualified allopathic doctors and several others in the family as well were/ are involved in this noble profession of scientific healing which is well received and endorsed by science.

But I had experienced more power than medicine and science and I had this innate urge to share it with people. I was on a mission to obliterate pain. I had numerous discussions with scientific people starting at home where I questioned allopathy and the so called organized systems of science and their limitations.

I was of the view that modern medicine treats the symptoms and not the cause and hence was an incomplete system with a lot of drawbacks. I still maintain this view.

Moving on, what did I discover on the internet in 1996 - the Babaji’s, Guruji’s and the Madari’s - the jugglers were already on the internet pedalling their wares right from Vashikaran Jantra( an amulet to control people) to beads consecrated with special mantras to bless with sexual prowess and to those selling Vedic Astrology.

The methods were crude and were nothing like what is mentioned in the sacred texts, which I had read or was trained in. I was sure that these people were not at all Internet savvy. There was a manager, entrepreneur or a profiteer behind them who brought their work onto the internet, helped them with technology and the lingo and essentially it seems that this manager/ entrepreneur/ profiteer was not from India.

Internet came into India only in 1995 and in 1996 when I searched for Astrology of India I got around 13,000 results for Vedic Astrology on AltaVista - The most popular search engine then. The truth about this is that this term Vedic astrology was coined just to sell Astrology of India to the West.

It was a relatively simpler, catchy term than Astrology of India, or Indian Astrology (this can be a misleading term as this can also mean Indigenous people of the Americas) or Hindu Astrology (Better to be avoided term since it points to a particular religion followed in India, you can call it a way of life or a philosophy - whatever works for you) hence the fusion term: Vedic Astrology.

The term” Vedic” ticked all the right boxes. It signifies something ancient, venerated, pious, holy and great. And again the functional term Astrology that signifies motion of celestial bodies and their impact on human beings.

Vedic Astrology works for all - It is marketable and saleable hence Vedic Astrology.


It is like calling clean, boiled water fit for drinking as Pure Sterile White water. There are some buzzwords that work for people, they accept what they believe in (whatever happened to the scientific temperament?) and hence Vedic Astrology was born - a creation of the Internet.

There were 13000 results for Vedic Astrology back in 1996 and Google was not yet born. Today there are 8,54,000 results for Vedic Astrology on Google yet the confusion still remains. 13000 results were enough to cause confusion with 8,54,000 results now the choice becomes harder.

What is right and what is not! It is a more complicated world now. More choices do not necessarily translate into right choices.

My work of 20 years is still on the internet and for all to see and use their own powers of elimination or scientific thinking etc. and choose what is the real essence of Indian Spirituality and Jyotish. (Henceforth in this write up whenever I want to refer to Astrology of India I will refer to it as Jyotish) Do pick and choose what works and omit what does not.

God Bharose (Leave everything to God)

Leave Everything to God

So now you know a bit about my Internet history (I want you read it as Internet experience).

That being said, I have seen a new phenomena occurring on the internet and a new type of user. I called this user as God Bharose. This user advises everybody not to believe in anything, except God and dispenses advice on lines that may sound like this - Just believe in God and pray in the right manner. Everything will become all right. Everything else is just a gimmick.

Fine. Accepted. But really?

The first fundamental truth given by the Great Gautam Buddha is: Life is Pain...Life is suffering. Three simple words Life, Pain and suffering.

These are easily understandable words but do you like pain and suffering? Have you reached that level of consciousness where you really accept life is pain and just pray to the God Almighty or you seek to remove pain?

Who Likes pain of any kind?

Let us just think about a basic example of a physical pain. What do you do when you have pain? In general, the first approach is to remove pain (using medicines etc. - treatment of the symptom) and then if you are an advanced soul, treat the cause of pain and if you are still more advanced, accept pain and do a God Bharose act (Leave it to God, he will take care of everything), Anything else…. You can fill up the blanks as per your belief or propensity to dispense advice.

Consider this - you are finance professional. The financial year ending is here. You have to make a presentation to the board and the management today. This is your big moment. You have worked hard for it. You have achieved targets, spent countless nights compiling reports and studying analytics.

You sacrificed “me time” and “family time” for this day. If successful, you could get a raise and a promotion. You have finalized your attire including your suit, tie, shoes. You want everything to be perfect. You have checked your PowerPoint presentation. You have a copy of that presentation in a separate pen drive. You’ve got it covered and you will nail it today.

It’s with great difficulty that you go to sleep with all those numbers and buzzwords in your head. You are practising your speech and presentation in your mind several times over. Finally, you wake up -it’s a big day.

The first thing you do is check your phone and then you feel some pain in your nose. You touch your nose and it pains more. A panic attack is already setting in. This is your “Oh S***” moment. You go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. The tip of your nose has a boil. It is reddish yellow and it’s swollen. It is a boil - now an ugly painful boil according to you.

Suppose you were in a situation like this one described above. What would you do? These are some of the things which regular people do:

1) Why Me - Always. Why does this kind of stuff always happen to me? This is the biggest moment of my life and now this…

2) You dab a piece of cotton with spirit and clean the area. It is painful and your eyes have tears.

3) You try pressing surrounding area of the boil in the hope that you will be able to see the tip of the boil and burst it and it will be a bit less conspicuous.

4) You do hot fomentation of the boil for 10-15 minutes and without assessing the damage it can do to your nose and skin you forcibly burst it. You have made a choice - I will not go to the meeting today with that big ugly boil.

5) Post bursting- it is now more reddish but a little less swollen. You dab the area with spirit and self medicate by eating an anti-inflammatory in the hope that it does not become bigger or more swollen in the meeting.

6) You remember Dadi Ka Nuskha (a home remedy) and put a concoction of mint and turmeric hoping that in next ten minutes the boil will dry up.

7) You Google “how to treat boils / acne fast” and the information it serves makes you a nervous wreck because you start reading associated stuff along with the boils and the various permutations and combinations of ailments that can occur.

8) A bit more advanced user will skip the 6 steps above. If pain is more, he/ she will visit a doctor. The doctor post examining may suggest whether the boil needs hot fomentation and will go away on its own or to lance it, drain it & clean it or to start you on a course of antibiotics.

No more on boils because this article is not about boils. This article is about who to trust and what choices to make.

The above is a basic example of pain and suffering. In the first 7 steps the individual is treating two pains. One is the physical pain caused by the boil and another is the pressure of looking good and fine tuning appearance for the presumably biggest day of life.

That boil on the nose has created so much extra stress, tension and anxiety. Self confidence has been shaken up by a boil and the thought of how he appears to the other arguably important people in the meeting.

It could be a lot worse if that was not just a humble boil . You can very well imagine if it was something more complicated I am sure you will not leave it God Bharose.

The 8th choice is best choice if one gets the right doctor who gives the correct diagnosis and the medication and does not believe in the dictum “A patient cured is a customer lost”. This is a very basic example of how we treat pain and what the dear almighty God has given as options to choose from. We have to make a choice.

change god

God forbid, if this simple boil was not something more sinister sounding or harming, you use your own imagination and create pain like situations in your life.

I wonder what the God Bharose - Leave everything to God kinds will do .

Some social media posts want me to believe how the entire pharma industry is just a money making business with no intention to cure and why cannabis is good for curing all and in between.

Sorry, I will still place a bet on diagnostics and doctors and if that does not work I might try cannabis and if even that fails then do a God Bharose Act. Life itself is a business and if there are no transactions there is no life at all.

life is a business

God Bharose approach works and is applicable when navigating through Mumbai or Delhi traffic in certain situations but not in most of the life situations. For the western audience, who are not familiar with what I am talking about and for those for whom driving is a pleasure please engage the services of our old friend” Google” and run a search like: Driving in Mumbai”

Living in an abusive relationship and trying to mentally satisfy yourself with the above kind of God approach is not God’s failure. It is your failure of making a choice. There can be several examples but you get the drift! God works through the options and choices he has given us. It is up to us to make the right choice.

For those who advise us with leave everything to God and everything will be ok (referring to the above), I would like to share this nice story/ anecdote/ Fairy Tale (Choose whatever you want to call it) it conveys the point stated above quite nicely. This story has been taken from

God Will Save Me

A terrible storm came into a town and local officials sent out an emergency warning that the riverbanks would soon overflow and flood the nearby homes. They ordered everyone in the town to evacuate immediately.

A faithful Christian man heard the warning and decided to stay, saying to himself, “I will trust God and if I am in danger, then God will send a divine miracle to save me.”

The neighbours came by his house and said to him, “We’re leaving and there is room for you in our car, please come with us!” But the man declined. “I have faith that God will save me.”

As the man stood on his porch watching the water rise up the steps, a man in a canoe paddled by and called to him, “Hurry and come into my canoe, the waters are rising quickly!” But the man again said, “No thanks, God will save me.”

The floodwaters rose higher pouring water into his living room and the man had to retreat to the second floor. A police motorboat came by and saw him at the window. “We will come up and rescue you!” they shouted. But the man refused, waving them off saying, “Use your time to save someone else! I have faith that God will save me!”

The flood waters rose higher and higher and the man had to climb up to his rooftop.

A helicopter spotted him and dropped a rope ladder. A rescue officer came down the ladder and pleaded with the man, "Grab my hand and I will pull you up!" But the man STILL refused, folding his arms tightly to his body. “No thank you! God will save me!”

Shortly after, the house broke up and the floodwaters swept the man away and he drowned.

When in Heaven, the man stood before God and asked, “I put all of my faith in You. Why didn’t you come and save me?”

And God said, “Son, I sent you a warning. I sent you a car. I sent you a canoe. I sent you a motorboat. I sent you a helicopter. What more were you looking for?”

Why God? Destiny Vs Free Will? Why do anything if everything is fixed?

destiny and free will

"Si Dieu n'existait pas, il faudrait l'inventer" ("If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him")


A new kind of Internet user has emerged since the year 2008 in India. This user appears to be a modern rationalist thinker who likes to believe everything in life can be explained by science and in all cases 2+2 equals 4.

For such kind of individuals, it has become fashionable to rubbish God and its existence. You often hear them saying that worshipping God or believe in Jyotish or feeding faith is retrogressive. This kind is better than the above God Bharose kind because in dispensing that evangelist advice of leaving everything to God, they are not helping people from quacks.

Remember the first paragraph - There is nothing like Vedic Astrology but people like to believe and accept what they want to believe. Leave everything to God and all will be Ok kinds are the extreme fatalists. They say make no choice leave everything to God - Not a Good Choice. Empower people to make correct choices. Do not make them fatalists.

For those for whom, the concept of God is rubbish and worshipping of any kind is retrogressive and that Science has all the answers I have two questions/ observations:

Science is organized, verified knowledge, established by a scientific method based on cause and effect relationships and phenomena, so an Apple is an Apple is an Apple. Very nice definition!

To become a Doctor in India, the first step is to complete the MBBS degree (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery). This degree is common all across India with the exact same curriculum and the exact same books. From Anatomy to Biochemistry to Forensic Medicine to Ophthalmology etc. every student gets the same teaching methodology, the same course, and the same books. This is the method of Science and hence that should predictably produce same kind of doctors with the same kind of competency and same diagnostic abilities.

Are all doctors same? No.

When everything is same and controlled as per science, why do Doctors have a different approach to diagnosis and treatment and different success rate? Why are some doctors who do not follow the excel template or have a maniacal need to stick to the guidelines of the insurance companies have better healing power as stated by their patients?

If everything is scientifically driven everybody should have the same level of competency. All right, let me take a 90% deviation giving some leeway for intelligence, family background, education assimilation etc. Nope. 80% similar results - Nope. 70% similar results - Nope. So where is science predictable?

One of the universal laws of science is the Law of Gravitation given by Newton. For a layman like me, Newton Laws of gravitation means that whatever is thrown up comes down due to the force of gravitation and it is because of gravity that we are firmly planted on the ground else we would be flying.

This is a fairly acceptable interpretation and is visible in real life. However, if science means to you rigid fixed values then you are in for a disappointment.

Force as per the Newton’s law of gravitation is calculated by the formula


If this is a universal scientific formula this value will be same at any place on earth. But go research: The value of the gravitational constant is different from place to place. This is quite a funny “scientific” justification that says that minor differences are observed in the value of G and we take a mean value and arrive at a fixed number for the force - How very convenient!

If you are measuring effectiveness of Jyotish or Gemstones by fixed standards, same should be the outcome in your Force calculation and same should be the predictability in your MBBS graduates diagnosis and treatment .

Those who are too busy can watch the video from 09:58 onwards

The problem with the user who wants the insurance from science is that this user who is trying very hard to be rational, scientific and objective is really not of a scientific bent of mind at all because the scientific method is to question, experiment, establish a pattern and then come to a result!

In most cases these types of users who want the labels of modern, open-minded, scientific, who question the existence of God are the most unhappy lot. Remember the old adage - The rich get richer the poor gets poorer and everybody else has an opinion! Somebody altered this to, the rich get richer, the poor gets poorer and everybody else hits likes.

There is plenty that God has given us to play with and it is called Freewill. The alphabet A-Z is fixed. No change has been made to the alphabet for thousand years. It is the same set of 26 letters. This is destiny and this is fixed.

What you make out of the alphabet is free will. One Million words are possible from a permutation and combination of these 26 letters. You can create history, mystery, romance, business documents and what not. These 26 letters will make someone a doctor and someone else an engineer. This is Free Will. Making a choice and working towards a goal using choices is Free will .

create your destiny

An attitude of why-do-anything-if-everything-is-fixed is the most unscientific approach or the most fatalistic approach to life.

If an accident is written in a destiny nothing can be done about it but wearing a helmet and a seat belt is a choice. If rain shower is written nothing can be done about it but carrying an Umbrella is a choice. That is free will and in the same way denial is also a choice.

If science works for you fine, take it. If Jyotish works for you take it. Don’t be a fence sitter and voice an opinion till you have statistically tried something. You only add to the clutter.

God and Gems

gemstones ultimate blessings of God

Everybody’s God is kind, merciful and full of Love and no God teaches hatred or the wrong stuff. God is so kind that it moulds itself as per the need and desire of his followers. For some God means the virtuous form of Lord Rama, to others it is the epitome of love in Krishna and for others it is the symbol of ultimate compassion of Christ. God becomes white marble statues in North India and is made of black stone in South India. God is open to change and becomes what His followers want Him to be.

Accept, change and evolve. Even Hanuman Ji these days sports a six pack and bulging biceps - Why? Who is trying to control us and who is trying to influence us? Pick up an old calendar photo of Hanuman ji prior to 1991 (the era before the economic liberalization) and you will find Hanuman Ji devoid of 6 packs and bulging biceps.

Who is trying to influence us and control us by throwing buzzwords such as science and ultimately controlling us? Give it a thought. Who is making you “modern and scientific”? From where has these need arisen to be called progressive whereas in reality is that mind is in denial; a complete refusal to make a choice.

Jay Jay Bajranj Bali Tod De Dushman Ki Nali (Hail Hanuman ! Make me vanquish all enemies).

Is a chant that has made ordinary people do heroic stuff and pass personal barriers and surprise themselves even with their feats!

Then how is God connected to gems : First and foremost, everything in this world is created by God. It is 20th April 2016, as I write this article and believe you me, in the next decade, science will itself rubbish the Big Bang Theory of creation and give us another lollypop.

At the time of writing this, somebody’s latest research is punching holes in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. If proved right, my dear so called progressive scientific creature, you will be facing a situation of following failed science since many decades.

Peddlers of this realm, justify things by using corny sentences such as per latest scientific evidences and findings we have found out that… and then it will go about justifying the new theory in creation and we shall merrily accept that for some decades till another maverick or genius scientist comes about and tells us otherwise.

I find it quite funny and ironical that those who classified us as natives on the use of turmeric are now selling turmeric based drinks with different flavours and citing the tremendous health benefits of turmeric.

What was primitive and indigenous then, now is the new cool. It is not surprising to me at all. If smoking weed has health benefits, I am sure that turmeric will have manifold, the only problem is opinion droppers who hide behind the curtain of science (actually self customized science) are more into beer, wine and whiskey rather than turmeric.

Turmeric will again become fashionable here in India but after 2 decades when the science and communication of the white man will change again and when they would be consuming something else.

So how God and Gems are connected? In India one of the most popular names of God is Bhagavan. This is the combination of the 5 elements ( Panch Mahabhootas) that are responsible for life and creation. These are

Bha: Bhoomi- Earth Element

Ga: Gagan- The Sky or the Ether Element

Ag: Agni-The fire element

Va: Vayu or the Air Element

N: Neer or the water element.

These five elements combined together are the eternal God and Gems are formed over thousands or years to an entire geological era absorbing these 5 divine elements in specific permutations and combinations. Gems have life and have the power to impact life. If light and colour are science so are gems.

For me this combination of the 5 elements is much bigger than any other science.

To read some of the science stuff about Gems if inclined please click here.



Guru Bharose

A Guru is not a rubbish Godman

Who is a Guru?

The word Guru is made of two Sanskrit words - Guhya: Means Darkness or Secret and Ru: Meaning remover. In simple terms Guru removes darkness by shedding light. Jyotish is the Light of God. This darkness can be of many kinds.

The Guru is essentially a mentor who sheds lights, removes darkness and helps us get on the right path. This is the work of the Guru, nothing else. What means does a Guru employ to achieve this is not the matter of this discussion.

The essential role of the Guru is to show direction and this was the role played by Guru’s and Jyotishis - Astrologers (I would have liked to avoid to use it but have to - essential handicap of the English Language) in this divine country till liberalization started in 1991 and we were exposed to a new way of living.

Imagine life prior to 1950’s with all the taboos and restrictions. If you had an issue that was causing severe mental trauma and agony to you and you could not discuss it in front of your elders or parents even - where would you go?

Imagine your life in 1950 - No psychiatrists, no Ritalin, no valium, no prozac, no counsellors, no hypnotherapy, no social network, no messenger, no internet no nothing.

Most of the places in this country had no power or limited power and no TV. Where would you go? Where could you go to speak your truth, express your anguish or seek a solution? You would go to a real Guru who would hear you out without judging you.

He or She would show you the right direction using whatever spiritual education or tapas that He/She would have accrued.

Can you imagine what roles did Guru’s play for thousands of years before you discovered pills and are you happy with your pills? Is there anything called a Happy Pill?

The phrases “God Man” and “Self Styled Godman” entered India in Mid 1980’s by a certain kind of Media. This is another word/ phrase thrown in by so called evolved West to us. You know who sold Gurus and Vedic Astrology in 1996 - Right? This is the way Godman is described in Wikipedia:

Godman is a colloquial term used in India, often in a derogatory fashion for a type of charismatic guru in India. They usually have a high-profile presence, and are capable of attracting attention and support from large sections of the society. Godmen also sometimes claim to possess paranormal powers, such as the ability to heal, the ability to see or influence future events, and the ability to read minds .”

Now read the above paragraph and let me know who has made this page and edited this page. Why does it say Godman is colloquial term used in India? Why India Only?

Who has described this term. This term is not Indian at all. Do other places in the world not have Godmen? Or they become The Man or the Great Prophet who saw the future in case of Nostradamus, Or the Blind Mystic - Baba Vanga.

I am not going even into how skewed the above paragraph is. India is NOT the Land of Godmen. India is the land of Gurus and India is the Guru to the world .

Based on some stray incidents, do not brand everybody as a Godman. And if the Guru is empowered he/ she can bless you with immense material wealth which is what most people are after! So what’s the problem in having a high profile presence? And what is a high profile presence is again debatable, so the Wiki on the term Godman is deliberately dubious and disregards the role Guru’s have played in India. They work better than Ritalin - Trust me on this.

Someone is trying to influence your brain and having all the fun and you are ending up in an unhappy place because you are not making the correct choices, your gut choices.

An internet opinion will not help you make the correct choice. You have to make the correct choice by testing the waters yourself.

If Life was as easy as finding something like the best biryani in town, the internet and reviews would have helped but Life is… Different. You cannot purchase a Guru, neither God and neither Jyotish Gemstones that are made up of Bhagwan.

These blessings come into our life by our good actions. Remember everybody works hard but very few people get what is really due their effort and hard work.

Don’t get fooled when somebody hands you the lollypop of hard work and God will do everything and neither get influenced by the Pseudo Scientist.

Google Bharose

google the search giant

Go back to the first paragraph of the article and assess the Internet situation in 1995-96. It is a lot worse. Google revolutionized the way we access information in 2000. It makes things simple, easy and fun. Google does not recommend anything. It is a search algorithm that evaluates information on a lot of factors and presents it in front of you.

You need to apply your own faculties and consume information in the right way. The rise of Google gave rise to several industries including the industries of SEO, link building and digital marketing. In 1996, we had 13,000 results on Vedic Astrology, today it is a lost worse with 8,54,000 results with SEO clerks working overtime to get their keyword ranked using a cut, copy and paste job. They have no experience in Astrology or Spirituality.

Many People have accepted the fact that 60% of the Internet crawled by Google is spam/ useless information and digital marketers and clerks use black hat techniques to rank higher in search.

Unfortunately or fortunately the real sacred texts, Guru’s and people in the know of things don’t even have any idea of ranking higher in Google and neither do they care because they have so much work.

The so called educated scientific individuals reading up on Urinary Tract Infection and lack of sex drive in their wives and selectively implementing information like: the most likely cause of the same to be sexual promiscuity and subsequently doubting their spouse ultimately leading to drama and divorce-like situation is selective interpretation of information aggregated by an algorithm and put on the internet by an idiot and promoted by a marketer.

In this situation after a lot of heart ache good sense prevailed in this man and he consulted the doctor about the same who told him that this was the most common infection caused by bacteria and does not essentially mean sexual promiscuity. A new damage started in this man - guilty conscience.

Hold Hand of God-Make an Informed choice

I could have gone on and cited many examples that I have seen in my life. The point here I want to make here is God Works through its children whether they are Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Astrologers or Guru and his creations like gemstones.

god and man

Do Gems work - Sure they do. For the so called scientifically inclined run a search on “crystal oscillators”. They are an inherent part of most of modern tech including PC’s.

Do not make sweeping statements till you have lived the experience and do not rubbish stuff till you have tried it yourself. And if you are being influenced by a similar person you are yourself doing yourself a disservice.

Yes, you are yourself in a wrong place if you think that a Gemstone is a plug and play device and will start working the moment you put it on. Are you really scientific, free from confusion and considerable fear (note that I use considerable) because everybody has some fear? If yes, then you are ready to experience the power of a Jyotish Gemstone.

Search around and you shall find enough evidence. If you are still iffy, start then start your Journey with Do Gems Work. That is a reasonable starting point.


It is 2016 now and I am much mellower and much more accepting. I don’t have this need anymore to prove to the world why there is nothing known as Vedic Astrology or the need to prove to the world how powerful the practices given in our sacred texts are!

All this drama about science, choices and baba’s is also an essential part of Maya and serves it purpose of causing confusion leading to pain and suffering. Remember what Buddha Said.

Pick up what works for you whether it is God, Guru, Gemstones, Google or science and don’t try to over analyse it. Listen to your heart (Your Gut Feel) - It’s on the left but it’s always right - Well Mostly. Once you have made a choice do not let an iota of doubt creep it and give it your best shot with full faith. It is then you will make a dent in your Karmic Life Map. Like My Guru Said:

Aam Khao-Ped Gin Ne Se Kya Fayda

Eat and enjoy the mango, there is no profit in counting the trees.

This is your one Life - Give it the best .

The primary fuel is your faith- And if that is lacking, you will have neither God or Science to help you out AND don’t miss the bus because the smart ones are already filling up all the seats. Eat the mango and forget counting the trees.

decision shapes your destiny

It is your life and it is your choice .

The article is titled 4G since we are still on the 4th Generation of Mobile tech for Communication. When it becomes 5G, I promise to come back and update it.

God Bless you and Good Luck!

The Champion who wore his left batting pad first and went on to score 100, 100’s will not care about a label given to him by the selective science guy. After all He went and scored the 100, 100’s and the science guy just left a comment.

Guruji Shrii Arnav- Vedic Guru is also an internationally acclaimed planetary gemmologist. AnAccredited Jewelry Professional from the Gemmological Institute of America at present he is the chief mentor of and He is also the chief Horoscope columnist of Deccan Herald - A leading Indian English daily.

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