ARTICLES: The Secret Power of Manidweepa Gems Emerald for Corporate Career and Business Success

The Secret Power of Manidweepa Gems Emerald for Corporate Career and Business Success


These articles/ posts were first made on the Facebook profile of Guruji Shrii Arnav. Posts that tell a story and were well received are being featured in these sections. You can read the original post by clicking here.


Manidweepa The Forbidden Secret World & Key to Permanent Wealth & Staying Relevant

Honouring & Learning From 17 Generations of Excellence- Celebrating LMB- Laxmi Mishtan Bhandar.


Becoming a Corporate Eagle, Business Mogul & an Impeccable Man

Ok first the Normal,Predictable and Boring Industry Data:

8 out of 10 Business's or Entrepreneurial Ventures fail within the first year.



Manidweepa- The Island of Gems, Jewels and Treasures.

Mani: A Special Gemstone/ Jewel

Dweepa: Island.

Within the realm of this universe exists a haloed and a hidden land that most have never heard about.

Under the Domain of " Aadi Parashakti" The supreme Goddess- Let Alone the best of men, Yogis etc.. Even Demi Gods and Gods do not have access to it.

Yes even Gods do not have access to it.

To Gain access you need:

  • Supreme Hard Work and Sacrifice
  • Consistent Sadhna( specific esoteric practice ) despite all odds
  • Refined knowledge and practice
  • Grace of Aadi Parashakti Herself.


Now , I have mentioned in my earlier posts and those of you who have some preliminary information about Hanuman Chalisa.

You know something-

Perhaps I was the first person to translate the Hanuman Chalisa "Accurately" In English and Put it up on my Yahoo Geocities Fan Page in the Year 1996 on the internet.

Yes , 1996

Most of the popular versions available on internet are mere cut, copy, paste versions of that without giving me credit.

Not that I care- Whatever Hanuman Ji wants.

I think the original version will still be on the Astromandir Website.

In the divine Hanuman Chalisa there is this couplet:

अष्ट सिद्धि नौ निधि के दाता

अस बर दीन जानकी माता

The above refers to the 8 sacred powers of a super human and the 9 sacred treasures one must have to becoming complete.

So How is this related to us and this topic:

Wait, In short


Search Guruji Shrii Arnav and The Power of 9




Now there are 9 planets each having a divine Gem and those are referred to us Navaratna.

Each of these 9 have another 9 qualities that make them to be a part of the Manidweepa.

9*9= 81

To make it simple. There will be 9 special kinds of Rubies, 9 Special Kinds of Emeralds and So on to make 81 Gems.


Manidweepa Emerald The Best Gemstone for Corporate Career & Business Success-Achieve The Ultimate


72 special Gems and 9 extra special Gems that will bring siddhis( esoteric powers), life skills, Blossoming of Full Human Potential, Rising like a Phoenix, Attainment of Desires and finally attainment of Manidweepa- The Ultimate land and Grace of Aadi Parashakti.


Strange Dichotomy and power of Maya- Illusion

The Other day a Good Student shared with me that He had secured admission with A scholarship to an IVY league B School.

I congratulated him and as he Recounted Some of The Virtues of the Institution and his eagerness to Join it and justify its ranking ,

I refrained from sharing with him that the person who is the ultimate authority and head of jury of making these lists is my devoted student.


Karmik Life Print should not be meddled with and like i have shared on multiple occasions that truth and value added information is in plain sight but Karma is Karma.

The Manidweepa Gems are the Gems to Aspire For

LMB- Lakshmi Mishtan Bhandar..


The LMB is an Iconic Eatery in the History of India. Everybody who has ever been to LMB in Jaipur will have a favourite story.


From the Aunt recommending to eat the Traditional Ghevar, To Fufa Ji's favourite - The Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa to The funny but drunk happy Mama Ji for whom nothing but the finest Nagori Mixture would do along with his favourite Beverage- The LMB is a true Icon of success.

After my TED talk in Jaipur I made an impromptu Visit to the LMB with No Reservation and No Reference with an entourage to boot.

Fully Jampacked as always suddenly an affable Young Man approached with a real Genuine Smile and Touched my Feet.

We were led to a very special hall/ chamber and then the owners Joined me and asked me some stories of earlier Generations and their associations and practices.



Ok to cut a long story Short:

  • LMB is currently managed by the 17th Generation of the family- Yes 17th.
  • The New Generation has read, qualified and trained in the most accomplished culinary, hospitality , etiquette, catering institutions in Switzerland, France, London Etc.
  • Post Qualification their real training started with back being in the traditional rasoi/ kitchen , assembly line, Logistics for 3 years before they stepped into LMB floor to apply their professional skills.


Stand Out Lessons

  • Snacks/ Savories/ Chats are served piping hot within 7 mins or less.
  • Main courses or elaborate Fare is served piping hot in 15 mins or less.

Even though the place is Choc- A - Block everything from billing, packing, removal of crockery and left overs works like Precision Of a fine Time Piece.


What Most Do NOT Know:

To make a soup of Papad and Mangodi with exactly 1 special cardamom and 1 black pepper and to serve it in a oxidised silver bowl that is at least a 100 years old to open up the taste buds and appetite before the main course is a gift of the Manidweepa, Not on the Menu and only if Destined.

I wished them well for their respect and hospitality and They will still do exceptionally well for another 9 Generations and the cherished association Remain.



Now to Manidweepa Blessings of Manidweepa Emeralds for Corporate and Business Success:


खुदी हुई कबर और छुपी हुई खबर दोनों दूर से ही दिख जाते हैं

Preparation and Process is mandatory and with due diligence comes the risk taking ability.


चमगादड़ को सीधा लटकने से मोर नहीं हो जाता

Don't follow the set template. Have conviction, back up your instinct , Understand your uniqueness and value you bring to the table.


पिशाब और हिसाब दोनों साफ़ रखना चाहिए

Periodically Remove Dated Practices and Toxins. Give premium to accounting and be very exact in financial Dealings.


तुफानो में जलती हुई शम्मा हूँ मैं

वक़्त से टकरा जाये वह लम्हा हूँ मैं

Respect Time and give importance to constantly honing your skills to get the Devils luck. Don't fight wars that are NOT worthwhile.


मुझसे नफरत ही करनी है, तो इरादे मजबूत रख..।

जरा सा चूके तो मोहब्बत हो जायेगी..।।

Invest in quality Relationships and Networking. Do whatever it takes to connect to and reach the right position. Those group of people take that as your qualifying examination. You are being watched if you are making the right moves.


ऊँगली काट नहीं तोः हाथ कटवाना पड़ेगा

Take small pain to avoid major surgery. Sacrifice you must and pain must you take and stay awake.


सम्राटो और शिक्षकों के भाग्य में सुख नहीं होता

Self Explanatory


पता रखो यह सूचना हे, समाचार या चेतावनी

Invest in prime communication, business intelligence, see beyond what the normal person sees and hear beyond what you exactly want to hear.

9 - The State of Manidweepa

दुनिया वो किताब है जो कभी पढ़ी नहीं जा सकती लेकिन ज़माना वो उस्ताद है जो सब कुछ सिखा देता है

Learn from people, circumstances and real world situations. You have a unique life.



So above are the 9 states of Manidweepa which in Churlish Ordinary Parlance of whatever is the state of Organised Gemology can be summed up in




Carat weight





Connoisseur's delight

Above 9

I am blessed to Share these 9 Manidweepa Emeralds from my collection.

Even though they are destined to reach the " CHOSEN" Few- I would love to hear your own Manidweepa Experience once you start your journey.

As I type, I am happy to Hear that Shri Ratan Tata is personally involved in acquistion of Halidrams.



Also Sharing Shri Amitabh Bacchan ( Now 81) copy with his signature on my Book the Secret of Jyotish Gems.


Candid Moment- Guruji Shrii Arnav & Shri Amitabh Bachchan



The Manidweepa is in the Shadow.

Good Luck. Stay Blessed and Have a Adventurous beautiful Life.

Also Here: The Greatest tip for the next generation of Mavericks and I hope you make it to the Gemstoneuniverse Ecosystem.

And Happy Aja Ekadashi. I dedicate this post to the august feet of My Big Boss- The Lord of the 3 worlds- Lord Sri Hari Mahavishnu. It is by his grace and order that this information and Manidweepa Emeralds are coming in your life. These will be listed today.

Om Namo Narayana.


तोह बिटवा बताओ किस के पुजारी हो,

काली के,

काल के,

कली के

कुमार के,

कौमार्य के,

कपूर के,

कष्ट के,

काष्ठ के,

कोतुहल के

ऊपर पुरे नौ है

मणिद्वीप जाना है

मणिकर्णिका नहीं

नाम फिरना है

कफ़न नहीं

जय सिया राम

The Future is Hydrogen- Mark My Words.



Or Haan Ek Baat Batana toh bhool Hi Gaye

Hanuman Chalisa ek Jeevit Granth Hai. Adhiktar iska asli matlab jaante hai nahi- Koi Nahi


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From the desk of Revered & Beloved Guruji Shrii Arnav

Thank you, dear patrons & fans, - To keep us in your prayers & inspiring us to go beyond. You give us strength to follow our Motto –

“Deo Amabiles Et Hominibus” - Pleasing to God & to Men

May you be happy, healthy and protected! – Guruji Shrii Arnav


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