ARTICLES: The Lord of Lord’s honours his Servant- Order of Royal Excellence Award & Apara Ekadashi Greetings

The Lord of Lord’s honours his Servant- Order of Royal Excellence Award & Apara Ekadashi Greetings


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 The Lord of Lord’s honours his Servant- Order of Royal Excellence Award & Apara Ekadashi Greetings 

 At the very outset, many auspicious greetings for Apara Ekadashi may the Lord of the three worlds Bhagwan Narayan in his Tri Vikram form, fulfil all your desires, and accept your prayers.

 I must extend heartfelt apologies to those dedicated readers who are a bit confounded because I did not make my mandatory morning post.

 You will appreciate the power of the Lord as I state the four reasons for not making that post. If you are able to understand these, you will understand the power of destiny and time.



Reason 1 

I had shared the powerful judgement day meditation yesterday early morning, and for those who matter to me, I wanted them to attempt the meditation, one more time as the energies of the Maha Shani Homa reach a Crescendo.

I was in the cremation ground doing some service, and this thought came to me that I should connect with the energies of those who are meditating and burn away, all the fears and lethargy before leaving the cremation ground a new post along with the meditation post, would have become confounding or a little bit too much.

Reason 2 

Those who are in the know of sacred Scriptures and spiritual matters, understand the nuances of a celebratory energy and departing energy. Eventually, everything is a celebration, but reaching there requires some life times.

Reason 3 

Judgement day meditation involving the restrictive and limiting energies of Saturn is a cathartic. One for those who are now in and awaken state. They will need some hand holding and Support.

Reason 4 - Why God exists 

Due to whatever reason, despite my execution- by force majuere , I had to spend two extra hours in that cremation ground.

My first concerns were several other great graceful individuals who were doing many services in this Shani Mahatma Seva were truly inconvenienced due to this delay- as I looked at the ambulance van waiting outside, the man who had bought sandalwood from a province far away nine hours and a group of monks from Laos waiting for doing the shadow oil donation- My mind was in a little bit of a quandary , But by God’s grace, and the grace of these people who ever kept a smile on their face as I apologise profusely , I felt maybe the Lord has a greater reason for the situation.

 Within exiting the cremation ground at breakneck speed. Suddenly, there was a very heavy downpour of rain and everything came to a halt and as I was sitting and praying in the rear seat of the car. I saw an elderly man collapsing on the footpath to my left, this is the miracle, of the Lord, as I went out of the car and started the CPR. The rain stopped, and another ambulance was passing by- in short, the elderly man was saved. I have no other plausible explanation for this.

 it is quite ironical that as I started the journey from the cremation grounds, there was no rain and I asked the taxi driver.-What was his name to which he replied.

 My name is Mr TIME my master and I was finding the conversation conversation and the name quite profound, and just before the heart attack incident, I had recorded that exchange, and that is posted in my story section today .

 Now,after all this, what does the Lord do? I am really humble and honoured to receive the royal order of excellence for mentorship and extraordinary service at the international global convention, business awards in London.



 That- is not the big story.

The bigger story is that the award was collected on my behalf by none another then the accomplished doyen- the men of men, Lord- Daniel Brennan, himself, who has been part of the King’s Council in since 1985.

 Legends should be able to connect the dots and focus on the MATRIX before you make it to the league of extraordinary gentlemen, thank you, my good Lord, Lord Daniel Brennan, that you were so graceful to receive this award on my behalf, and it has come as an absolute delight and a surprise to me .I hope I can have the privilege of your good company and blessings and good time if the Lord allows. And yes a whiff of that Remy Martin .

 The Royal order of excellence comes with a huge responsibility and what I can say is by taking the name of my Lord-Lord Natayana, and being a useful servant to him that I will give my very best without any excuses or cutting corners till you have ordained me to be here.

 The word “ APARA “ means limitless, and before you can have limitless wealth or abundance, you should have a limitless vision, and that is also the core philosophy of Gemstoneuniverse.

 I pray to Lord Shani that you are able to get to the true concepts of justice, clarity, and serenity, and may these divine rituals bring solutions and happiness in your life.

 We will accept your request to be a part of this great spiritual undertaking and also the request for the sacred oath till tomorrow. 11:59 PM Indian standard Time.

 God bless you, be merciful and get the strength to see the truth. I am there with you hundred percent.

 Life is a celebration with your Guruji Shrii Arnav Medhi and I do not assert my Lord’s status. Haan party toh banti hai

My Grandparents would have been mighty pleased to read this & Guruji still remains “ IN ABSENTIA” Guruji

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