ARTICLES: Smart Traveller Guide to avoid Spiritual Traffic Jams and How to minimally pack light for the Journey of enlightenment within

Smart Traveller Guide to avoid Spiritual Traffic Jams and How to minimally pack light for the Journey of enlightenment within


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 The Ultimate “ Traveller” guide to Land of NO Enlightenment-असल मुसाफिर की मंज़िल-किस्मत- और क़ाफ़िला— Guruji Shrii Arnav’s Way 

 This contemplation Yesteday Late Night 01:46- late night for you.. early morning for some and 01:46 for a Few

After Returning from a Cremation Gound- Cremating Someone- I Never Knew


What needs to be done.. Should be Done.



 Alternative and more effective title

 Smart Traveller Guide to avoid Spiritual Traffic Jams and How to minimally pack light for the Journey of enlightenment within 

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 Guruji Shrii Arnav and GPS 

Why did the spiritual guru bring a map on the journey of enlightenment?

Because he didn't want to get lost in his own thoughts!

 Well somebody has to do the right thing. 

What Now


 Watch Video- Think of your own circumstances.

What are dreams and what do they mean:

You asked for it and here is the most genteel

way I could

Dreams often reflect our desires, fears, and subconscious thoughts.

When desire and fear merge into one in a dream, it could symbolize a sense of imbalance or conflict within ourselves.

Understanding and addressing these underlying emotions can help in achieving greater harmony and clarity in our waking lives.



 The True Traveller

“ Wandering One Gathers Honey ” 

The concept of a true "traveller" having no destination is living in the present moment without being fixated on specific outcomes or goals. In the context of desire and fear.

It suggests a mindset free from attachment to particular desires or anxieties about potential outcomes.

By letting go of attachment to destinations, desires, and fears, one can navigate life with greater freedom and openness, avoiding the trap of becoming ensnared in the "bad dream" where desire and fear merge into one.

It's about embracing the journey itself rather than being driven solely by the desire to reach a particular destination, thus transcending the duality of desire and fear.


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 Why Guruji does not respond to any email whether it is from Maya( Illusion) or Mayah ( Dis-Illusion)- Bhai Core group main bataiyo:

 Once upon a time, nestled in the serene foothills of the Himalayas, there lived a renowned mystic and healer named Master Atomic Arnav Ocean. So being PAA was not enough: I am Now “ MAA” also. Sch….ks

 His wisdom transcended the boundaries of time and space, drawing seekers from all walks of life to his humble abode.

 One day, a weary traveler named Maya stumbled upon Master Atomic Arnav Ocean's sanctuary.

 Maya was a successful businesswoman burdened by the weight of ambition and the constant pursuit of material wealth.

 She sought solace and guidance from Master Atomic Arnav Ocean, hoping to find clarity amidst the chaos of her hectic life.

 Master Atomic Arnav Ocean welcomed Maya with a warm smile and invited her to sit beside him.



 As they conversed under the gentle glow of the moon, Master Atomic Arnav Ocean shared his profound insights on the nature of desire and fear.

 He explained how the union of desire and fear could manifest as a "bad dream," trapping individuals in a cycle of discontent and disillusionment.

 Intrigued by Master Atomic Arnav Ocean's teachings, Maya expressed her desire to break free from the shackles of her own desires and fears.

 Master Atomic Arnav Ocean nodded knowingly and reached for a small pouch containing an array of precious gems. He explained that each gem possessed unique healing properties, capable of aligning one's energy and restoring inner harmony.

 Master Atomic Arnav Ocean handed Maya a radiant amethyst, symbolizing clarity of mind and spiritual awakening. He encouraged her to meditate with the gem, allowing its energy to guide her on a journey of self-discovery

 As Maya embarked on her spiritual quest, she found herself drawn to the ancient wisdom of the gems.

 With each meditation session, she unearthed hidden truths about herself and the world around her. She began to embrace the teachings of Master Atomic Arnav Ocean with newfound clarity and conviction.

 Meanwhile, in the bustling city below, Maya's business faced unforeseen challenges. Faced with adversity, Maya turned to the principles of modern management she had learned in her corporate career.

 With a strategic mindset and a heart full of compassion, she navigated through the storm, leading her team with grace and resilience.

 Months passed, and Maya returned to Master Atomic Arnav Ocean's sanctuary, her spirit ablaze with newfound wisdom and enlightenment.

 She thanked Master Atomic Arnav Ocean for his guidance and the transformative power of the gems. Master Atomic Arnav Ocean smiled knowingly, acknowledging Maya's journey of self-discovery and growth.

 In the presence of Master Atomic Arnav Ocean, Maya realized that true fulfillment could only be found within oneself, beyond the illusions of desire and fear. With a heart overflowing with gratitude.



 Goodbye Maya 

 Maya bid farewell to Master Atomic Arnav Ocean, carrying the light of his wisdom wherever her journey may lead.

And so, amidst the timeless dance of spirituality and modernity, Maya embraced the true essence of life –

The  TRAVELLER  - a journey without a destination, guided by the radiant light of inner peace and self-realisation.

To Aage Bolen.. Koi Nahi Bol Dete Hai..

 M: Master- Guruji

 A : Atomic- Shrii

 A: Arnav- Ocean- Arnav

 O: Of course


Guruji is PAA


Guruji is MAA


Guruji is M-AA-O

Karam ka qarz toh dena hi hoga - hai na- Bitwa.

Traveller- The Guruji Shrii Arnav’s way - a

smart move to apologise at the feet of my Master- Lord Mahavishnu- The Lord of 3

worlds- He seems to have a temper Tonight

Indeed.. Indeed.. Because of “ SIR” and …

 The “ Traveller” BC Guruji and fellow Travellers:


T" - Transcendence: Embrace the journey without fixating on destinations.

"R" - Reflection: Take time to reflect on desires and fears along the way.

A" - Alignment: Seek alignment with inner peace and spiritual growth.

V" - Venture: Explore new paths and experiences with an open heart. "

E" - Enlightenment: Strive for self-realization and wisdom along the journey.

"L" - Liberation: Free yourself from the bondage of desire and fear.

"L" - Leadership: Lead with compassion and resilience in the face of challenges. "

E" - Embrace: Embrace the present moment and the beauty of the journey.

"R" - Resonance: Find resonance with the teachings of spiritual masters like yourself.


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 9:12 - The Guruji Shrii Arnav’ way.

W.. T.. F is happening


Is this truth of 2 masters or 3-Or The Truth- Let’s find out:

 "The true journey is within oneself." - Rumi"

 Desire binds, but the absence of desire liberates." - Lao Tzu

 Fear is the prison of the heart. Liberation lies in transcending it." - Jalaluddin Rumi

Can You describe the colour more accurately of this gem as

per the BC scale found on … BLaH BLHA

Upar dekh Lijiye Phalon Ko..

Chalo Maze Karte Hai.. Lets Have Fun



Funny- Fanny- Fanni- Sab Chalta:

 "Why chase destinations when the journey itself is the real adventure?"

 "If desires were pennies, we'd all be millionaires... but happiness? That's priceless."

 "Fear knocked on the door, but courage answered and found enlightenment waiting on the other side."

 "Life's a journey, and sometimes the GPS of the soul needs recalibration."

 "Dreams: the mind's way of processing desires and fears... or just late-night movies with bizarre plot twists."

 "Desire is the appetizer, fear the main course, but contentment? That's the dessert of life."

 "In the game of life, play like a Traveller: no scorecards, just soul cards."

 "They say laughter is the best medicine, but have you tried a dose of enlightenment?"

 "In the comedy of errors called life, remember: you're the director, not just an extra in someone else's script."

In embracing the teachings of MAA-O and the philosophy of the Traveller, may we find solace, wisdom, and inspiration on our own unique journeys of enlightenment.

 BC.. Who sent the light hearted take trying a short cut and producing That CRAP with emojis 

 This man is your enemy. His emoji story and hence My Interpretation of your terminally unique certified trash kachra on your


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So Now the Ultimate

Can I do business with Guruji Shrii Arnav


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Yes , You are a promising candidate.

If No and you read it twice because of whatever


So, The Answer is “ NO”

and this is for your own good and




 9:12 The Guruji Shrii Arnav’s way.

Sir kuch samajh aaya

Koi Baat Nahi Bacche.Baxha Buddhi


In Pic: The Voyage Series- Thomas Cole.. And now you want me to critique your ART

Fast Chance

Fat Chance



Goodfellas Wait.. What





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