ARTICLES: Six Success Secrets of Super Successful Stars - The 6 S Approach | What Makes the Super Successful People Different

Six Success Secrets of Super Successful Stars - The 6 S Approach | What Makes the Super Successful People Different


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Six Success Secrets of Super Successful Stars (6S)

A common query asked to me is what makes the super successful people who meet me different. What are they doing differently. How can I match that.

Even though each individual's journey is unique there are 6 traits that I find common to all and that I am sharing today:

1) Sprightly, Sharp, Keen, Superb Work Ethic

Every body works Hard. This tribe takes it to another level. Even if they do not say it they complete with themselves and the next man. They are aware of the ultimate law of Karma that is action. They are forever ready and they know the only way to avoid failure is keep working hard and smarter than the fellow man. So if you have Mr. Will Smith next to you on the treadmill saying that you are the one going to get down first that is what it means. Work Harder than the next man and work smarter than everybody else to NOT be everybody.



2) Selective - They become masters at prioritisation and choose to give their best only to those activities that give them maximum return for their effort, time and self worth. Instead of doing 10 different activities giving average returns, this tribe focuses on 1 or 2 and give it their best.



3) Secret Sauce - These people are deadly progressive- I mean deadly progressive in the real sense. While the commoners spend time debating science or spirituality they are open minded to experiment rather than decide on common perception and choose what works for them regardless of the opinion of those around them. Remember Lions and Sheep.



4) Self Improvement - They are forever in school mode. They will take out dedicated time to learn something new every day. Every single successful person I have met takes out time even if it is 5-10 minutes to read or to write.. every single person- not on the mobile or computer but an actual physical book with a pen and paper. Many Years ago A farmer from Andhra Pradesh sold his Land and came to Bangalore. He started doing real estate deals for commission. When he met me and explained his vision I was astounded and impressed. He has never been to school. He asked me give me something to realise my vision. I told him first to hear Panchatantra stories and daily write something about his day. He paid a boy next door to document his journal and over the years eventually learnt how to read and write. Today he is in construction, infrastructure and what not. What is does till today- write- regardless of problems, time zone or so called important people meeting .. He writes. I admire Mr. Bachchan that regardless of what is happening he daily makes a blog post that chronicles his thoughts and is eagerly awaited by his fans.



5) Sacrifice - All of these people have had at least 2 catastrophic events that has shaped their life. One during the struggling phase and another at the pinnacle. These events gave them a temporary setback and a permanent lesson- That it is to be lonely at the top and requires sacrifices on a daily basis. Whether small ones such as starting the day at 03 am in morning or having just 1 meal or 40 rounds of mantras they will do it.



6) Social Service & Significance - Deep down they care .. meaning really care for the society and this life given by a higher power. They understand that several people want to be them- This is positive (aspiration) and negative( competition) at the same time. When they serve it keep their head grounded and is a way to thank the almighty for the gifts of Hard work and sacrifices that other view as good fortune.



So here are the 6 steps of the super successful.

I wish you well in your journey.



For starters if you want to be on this path, you need to find out the value of your time.

To give you a start.. Find out how many active productive hours you have in a day and what exactly in terms of monetary value you generate.



Total Generated divided by active productive hours= personal value per hour( PPH)

PPH divided by 60 = Your personal value per minute.



Aim for increasing this value and you are on your merry way to success.

I wish you a grand success.

and ah Yes,



Don't forget to write- Do it from today Dear

Scary Fast it should be. It can be but first take the first step

And I will give the 7th step once I see your 6 steps in practice and action



Jai Siya Ram.

Pic and Vid: The first level of 6 steps



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