ARTICLES: Praying to Lord Vishvakarma & the secret Mantra of Success as per your Profession

Praying to Lord Vishvakarma & the secret Mantra of Success as per your Profession


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Honouring Lord Vishwakarma- Construct Your Life & Future by Harnessing the Power of the Celestial Architect

The Sacred Mantras of Constructing and Designing your own future.

Many Auspicious Greetings for Vishwakarma Jayanti- The Birth Anniversary of Lord Vishwakarma the celestial Architect and engineer. Also Many Auspicious Greetings for Kanya Sankranti- Today the Sun enters the Zodiac Sign of Kanya- Virgo.



Important Takeaways from the Above Paragraph:

Out of the 12 Zodiac Signs the first independent Human Representation in form of a Lady is Virgo that basically signifies Independent Decisions and Thoughts.

The Third Sign of the Zodiac is represented by the Human Twins and that signifies Interdependence. So the first instance when the power comes in the Human to be fully Independent in all aspects is Virgo.


Gemini: Interdependence

Virgo: Independence

Lord Brahma( The Creator) of the Universe first had a Son called as Dharma who had the Son by Name of Vastudev and the Son of Vastudev is Vishwakarma.



When you are creating your divine celestial future this is the chronology of Evolution- Read- The Steps and the Stages of construction:

 Dharma- Righteousness. Set a minimal ethical no compromising norms for attainment of your goal

 Vastudev: Design over imagination with a goal to optimise the play of of the 5 elements first in your dwelling- Read House/ Office Building and then your life. This is not amateurish stuff like Kitchen in South East kind of average Fare.

 Vishwakarma- Make a dwelling or a profession with help of tools, design, engineering and education that not just only nourishes and sustains you but adds value to the Great design of the Universe and Its Purpose.


Vishwa- The Universe

Karma- Action

Vishwakarma- The Universal Action supported by ultimate balance of the 5 elements on the foundation of Righteousness.

A Bit More about Lord Vishwakarma

Lord Vishwakarma Is the divine architect and engineer and his creations have an astonishing scale and his work many applications.

He has made the celestial weapons of Shiva- The Trident/ Trishul , Lord Mahavishnu- The Sudarshan Chakra and The Vajra for Lord Indra.

He also designed the famed prosperous City of Dwarka for Lord Shri Krishna


A Man is incomplete without his tools. These Can range from From Bare Hands to Sophisticated Engineering Equipment etc.


Today is the Vishwakarma Prayer day for

  • Honoring the tools that Feed us.
  • Praying to Enhance our skills levels.
  • Create something of Value.

The Method of Vishwakarma Prayers.

  • Think of Lord Vishwakarma in your tools. Select your tools in an odd number 1,3,5,7,9.
  • Clean and Wash Them
  • Offer a flower on the tool
  • Pray for divine Inspiration and also that your tools serve you in best way possible throughout your life.
  • Mantra Chanting following the Divine Matrix.



The Divine Mantra Matrix- Offering the flowers of Mantras to Vishwakarma Ji as flowers. The Lock Opened:

The 3 By 3 Matrix

3*3=9- Chant the Mantra 9 times

The 9 by 9 Matrix

9*9=81- Chant the mantra 81 Times.

- The Ultimate 369 Matrix

6*6*3= 108- Chant the Mantra 108 times.

You can choose the matrix and the number of mantra as per your innate response and comfort.

I will now share the mantras that will be specific to your profession but before that A General Mantra for Lord Vishwakarma- Beneficial for all.



Shri Vishwakarma Sarv Kalyan Mantra:

ॐ विश्वेशाधिपतये नमः

Om Vishveshadhipatye Namah

 For Architects, Interior Decorators, Engineers, Geomancer's, Feng Shui Experts etc.

ॐ विश्वकराय नमः

Om Vishvkaraya Namah

 For Those in Security, Defence, Science, Weapons etc

ॐ विरजे नमः

Om Virje Namah

 For Doctors, Healers, Astrologers, Alchemists, Authors etc

ॐ वरदाय नमः

Om Vardaye Namah

 For service class, employees, those who work with Iron metals, Factory Works, Servants etc

ॐ वर्मिणे नमः

Om Varmine Namah

 For Artists, Painters, Creative People, Sculptors , Photographers , Hotels, Cooks etc.

ॐ वितलाय नमः

Om Vitlaye Namah

 For Night Workers, Entertainment, Luxury, Beauty, Fashion

ॐ धराय नमः

Om Dharay Namah

 For Religious Workers & Movements, Exorcists, Light Workers etc

ॐ परात्मने नमः

Om Paratmane Namah

 For Farmers, Carpenters, Labour Intensive Work

ॐ पुरुषाय नमः

Om Purushay Namah

Tip: The Above are 9 mantras. If you have some doubt then chant the 1st Sarv Kalyan Mantra. It will bring blessing.


For Unique to your factory place or floor or individualised Mantra- CBD- Can Be Discussed.

I pray that on this Vishvakarma Jayanti Day- The True Labour day- You are blessed and your dexterity and skills go to another Level.

I Respectfully and Humbly Dedicate this post at the August Feet of My Lord and Master Lord Mahavishnu- The Lord of the 3 Worlds so that He may:

  • Provide it completeness for benefit of all
  • Never Let my faith, love and affection towards Him Waver.

I also respectfully thank all workers who directly or indirectly are connected with me or the Gemstoneuniverse ecosystem- Stay Blessed, Be Healthy and keep getting the Blessings of Vishwakarma Dev by enhancing your skill sets.



Jai Vishwakarma

Jai Mahadev

Jai Gurudev

Dhan Dhan Gurudev

Now for the favourite/ boring for some part:

See Title

Construct- 9





Search Guruji Shrii Arnav and Power of 9

Construct the celestial Future of your dreams with Blessings of the Divine Architect.

Jai Ho Bhaiya Ji Ki

Respect & Celebrate your Tools and Teams Today.



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