ARTICLES: Moon in Vedic Astrology| Punraphu Yoga & Saturn Moon Connection

Moon in Vedic Astrology| Punraphu Yoga & Saturn Moon Connection

The Power of Moon

Exploring the Moon-Saturn connection



The Moon is a very powerful Planet in Vedic Astrology representing Mind, Emotions, Creativity & Relationships. Ace Astrologer Abhijita Kulshrestha explores the Gentle Giant and Its impact astrologically. Also explored is its connection with the hard planet Saturn.

If you happen to be talking astrology vis-à-vis circumstances of life to any person, chances are, they may somewhere let know of their fear/ dread of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu - even ascribing most of what takes a problematic turn in their lives, to these planets.

It is quite true that these planets are intense malefics and can have significant impact – especially on the life of folk going through tough periods but a deeper look may reveal something else.

When you hear a wise one saying, “It’s all in the mind”, there is more depth to it than is apparent in the moment.

Moon, the karaka (significator) of mind, the keeper of emotional histories and the vortex of emotional desires - is one of the most powerful planets.

This great teacher is here to break the notion of power that one holds. Usually power is understood to be loud, in-your-face, intimidating, statuesque, hard etc.

But power must be understood differently when it comes to the Moon - the soft, genteel planet that rules mind and emotions.



The Realm of Moon

We can begin at the mind-boggling fact that the element ‘water’ is ruled by Moon and the fascinating fact that approximately 70 per cent of the human body as well as approximately 70 per cent of the world is made up of water.

No wonder the ancient sages pointed to the body being the microcosm and the world being the macrocosm – a larger reflection of who we are!!

Moon is a planet in astrology that rules over - water and water bodies, sea creatures, shells, rice, milk, mother, motherhood, alcohol, chemicals, milky sap bearing trees, silver, cotton, nurseries, crèches, shelters, care-givers etc.

In the body it rules over enzymes, hormones, all body fluids (barring blood) and breasts.

It is the lord of the zodiac sign of Cancer and rules over the nakshatras of Rohini, Hasta and Shravana. (You may often) easily find a Moon dominated individual by distinct features - a kindly, round face and affability with softness that readily invites people to them.)


The Moon’s tremendous power lies in the fact that great upheavals can be caused within individuals -

  • if the regular rhythm of life is disturbed,
  • If nurturance is missing/ flawed
  • If persistence of an emotion is allowed, especially negative ones
  • If moods fluctuate too often
  • If addictions overrun balance
  • If hormonal equilibrium goes awry
  • If the body gets dehydrated.

It can also impact the world, our earth

  • If rains are too much or too less
  • If glaciers melt
  • If sea level rises

If you disagree, simply try and recollect a day where you’ve experienced emotional upheaval, fear or dejection and how badly you’ve wanted to get out of that situation and shake off that feeling.

Living even one day with an emotionally upsetting feeling is quite hard. Imagine having a weak/ debilitated moon or a difficult Moon planetary period in operation for 10 years – that is the duration of its Vimshottari dasha!

Power comes in different garbs and Moon’s power lies in its hold over emotions and how we work with them.

A balanced Moon in a horoscope is a big asset as it gives an individual great measure of steadfastness.

I have always believed that if a person with lack of balance is given a fortune, that person can reduce it to a naught in no time. To the contrary a person with very little money or few resources can bring to life an empire simply because of balance being centred and taking decisions from a calm objective space.



The Moon-Saturn connection

It is almost impossible to write about Moon and the different permutations and combinations in a single article, so let’s take up just one particular combination – that of conjunction of Moon and Saturn.

This is an intense one and often proves to be the nemesis of people and keeps them struggling to find balance. Almost similar results can be seen in phases like those of

  • Sub period of Saturn in the Moon major planetary period or
  • Moon sub period in Saturn major planetary period or
  • The onset of a difficult Saturn transit within an ongoing Moon major planetary period.
  • Similar results can be seen, although the degree may not be so intense when Saturn directly aspects Moon
  • During the janma Shani periods, when Moon and Saturn become conjunct in the ascendant. This happens during the Middle 2.5 years of the Sade Sati (the 7.5 year Saturn transit)

      The conjunction of Saturn and Moon in any horoscope is looked at quite unfavourably. It makes the Punraphu yoga. This conjunction in a horoscope can make it difficult for an individual to get married or create difficult circumstances in a householder‘s life.

      It is a combination that causes a deep sense of apathy to the world around and may generate a desire to shun normalcy and embrace a life of austerity, celibacy and monkhood - desire to embrace sanyas. The dry and pessimistic nature of Saturn can impact the softness of Moon making it joyless and indifferent to a life of pleasure or materialism.

      This conjunction can lead to difficulty with mothers or mother like figures leading to resentment within - emotional toxicity. There may be little trust and in some severe cases the individual may grow up away from the mother or would have lost the mother at an early age.

      This combination or the onset of any of the above said periods can trigger a desire to withdraw from personal relationships into self or into spiritual pursuits or in quite severely negative cases into bouts of alcoholism or melancholia and depression.



      Is Saturn really causing it?

      If Saturn is a yogakaarak and Moon is not, then the damage comes by way of Soma - that is alcoholism or over moistening of emotions - eating away into the discipline and willpower of the individual.

      Just as the most powerful piece of iron will turn to powdery dust, rusting away when exposed to rain for long periods of time likewise and individual’s will power can get complete completely eroded because of imbalanced emotions eating away into the core of self-discipline. The more powerfully a negative Moon plays, the harder it is to be wield the staff of discipline in its face.

      That is usually when you will hear people saying – ‘my will-power has become weak’ or ‘I am unable to summon my will-power /discipline’. A good question to ask yourself at that point would be – Am I being too indulgent with my emotions? Am I overplaying the emotion card? If the answer is yes, it is exactly what is backfiring.

      If Moon is a yogkaraka and Saturn is not, then the damage comes by way of broken relationships, hard to mend broken heart feeling, betrayals, suppressed or unexpressed emotions sitting stifled within the harsh bounds drawn by an unrelenting Saturn whose periods as is are marked by dull, monotonous routines!

      With no excitement, joy or good company, an individual may get demotivated or slip into depression, losing hope. The lesser the strength of the moon, the greater the problems.




      So what is the remedy to find relief from such a conjunction or planetary periods of a similar kind affecting a person

      1. The first step as usual is always awareness. It pays to know one’s own nature and how one is likely to behave – one’s tendencies.
      2. If moon is a yogakaraka for the individual, it makes great sense to always have a natural organic pearl on one’s person. It can be worn as a finger ring or a pendant, always cast in silver.
      3. Worshipping Shiva/ Rudra is a fantastic remedy for balance. Reciting the Mahamrityunjaya mantra is always very helpful for emotional balance.
      4. It serves to maintain a healthy level of hydration always. But for those with a negative Moon, it pays to know that there exists something called water intoxication/ water poisoning, so please try and maintain balance with water consumption and not get blown away by health trends / fads.
      5. Moderation is a golden word and if one is able to do everything but with moderation, life can be fairly rewarding.
      6. Wearing an energized and consecrated 2 Faced Rudraksha or a Gauri Shankar Rudraksha with Chandra Homa( Moon Yagya) is also very auspicious and gives health, wealth and happiness.

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