ARTICLES: Monster to a Woman- Or Woman to a Monster Or Monster of a Woman Or Just Poor Things

Monster to a Woman- Or Woman to a Monster Or Monster of a Woman Or Just Poor Things


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 Monster to a Woman- Or Woman to a Monster Or Monster of a Woman Or Just Poor Things.

Thought Cloud:

Sex Addict- Poor Thing-Bella-Victorian Narrative- Wanted Truths- Straight Questions and Remarkably Human  Tough questions-Answers.

Emma Stone and the Glory of Astrology and Gem Therapy and the Con of Man



There are only 3 things Don Octavio worth a while but that journey starts after answering the 3 Questions:

 Today I intend to make your hard life easier but that it is what it is- An Intention- Because your life will follow a template and you will blame luck, circumstances and people for it.


Answer this question only in Yes or No. Ah- Umm-If- Buts are a strict NO NO. Only answer in yes or no and you do not have to make your answer public. So no extra caution or safety. What you get, what you have is entirely yours.

 Question 1

Your Connect and Belief in God is primarily because of

A) Fear


Be Genuine and there you have the first realisation of what the world portrays and follows and what it is.

 Question 2

Suppose you Get a Job offer that promises you to take your salary from 10k to 50k with half the work that you are doing and in between hit lottery and financial jackpots that will wipe away all money related problems.. Will you take it

A) Yes


 Question 3

You and your own family and your loved ones have gone through above two questions/ situations. Have you learnt the lesson and have not repeated the mistakes?

A) Yes


 You know Darling What has happened just now



The Big Questions and the Ultimate Answer of “ Who Am I? “

 Man is not what he thinks He is, He is what he Hides 

 Think- Think Hard

A wonderful Soul out of Love, Respect or Devotion Bought me some golden yellow flowers in a clear bottle with some sacred water from a divine temple that was supposed to bring Good Luck and happiness to me.

 The Standard Story that we want to believe in.

I kept them on my sacred altar not for what they are - I kept them to honour the emotion behind that.

I tried to impart the lesson taking the pain till one day “ Poor Things” Happened and finally I had to explain the serious bad consequences and ramifications of Why Preserved Dead flowers in Formaldehyde are actually so pain giving things.

But before that I wanted- The person who gifted me those feel wanted.


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 W: Wondrous

 A: Adventurous

 N: Naughty & Needed

 T: Tempestuous

 E: Eccentrically Enigmatic

 D: Delightfully Daring

But Before all that I followed the correct template

 Honoured It

 Endured the pain

 Had an invisible hand - holding as mistakes started

 Shock and Awe


Enter Bella Baxter and Poor Things. This phenomenal story depicted on film by Dear and Gorgeous Emma Stone that got her the Academy award for Best Actress- A well deserved accolade for a painful potrayl.

So If I had to review Poor Things it is nothing but “ WANTED” as Described above.



As per Guruji Shrii Arnav’s way Poor Things Is Wanted.

Now, My Dear we are living in a scientific society.We potray that we are people of reason , but then why do we belie what we say and engage in contradictory and self defeating behaviour. Why- Go back to the 3 questions above:


Enter the Con of Man

This genre of storytelling, movie making and writing is classified and consumed as


As Men of Reason and as per science we consume and over the top of it celebrate, continue to be blind and call it Science Fiction.

 Pro Tip

Without being too descriptive just add Science and its variations to whatever you are doing and it will become acceptable.


Some of my students and loved ones have had a difficult time understanding poor things or some have way off opinions. Let me briefly Summarise Poor Things for you so that next time when you see it you will take the nectar from it:

Poor Things Summary by Guruji Shrii Arnav

Poor Things is a Frankensteinisque Victorian Narrative that involves planting a child’s brain in an adult body in the name of science in a grotesque manner. As Bella Baxter’s Body is used for most perverted objective for sex by the accomplished and naive alike- it charts the journey of a true woman coming to age and well becoming what the society wants- organised, Genteel, accomplished and financially independent.

My Kudos

A Tough Tale to tell but Poor Things is an accomplished attempt.

Emma Stone does NOT deserve a standing ovation for this. This near perfect painful portrayal needs someone to be really with her with whom she does not act, feel threatened or used. She Feels normal- non plussed.

Emma Deserves much more than a standing ovation. This will take some doing and time to heal.



Accolades and manifestation of 9:12- The Guruji Shrii Arnav’s way:

Emma Stone was born on 6th November 1988 at .

Now Draw up the Chart for Leo Ascendant and Check the chart especially the positions of Ketu, Saturn, Venus and Sun- Yes, Now we are talking.

Emma received the award donning a 30 Carat( 3+0=3) Resplendent and brilliant Yellow Sapphire full of the energies of the Mighty Jove- Jupiter- The Preceptor of the God’s on a LV Diamond Necklace. Only Jupiter could have given the power to play “ Bella Baxter”.

Well Done Emma and Many Blessings. This is special and you are extra special as always.

The Guruji Shrii Arnav’s Way and Poor Things:

I am sorry but I had to do it.. Someone has to do it.. As I did with those flowers and same for everything else

I will keep doing it..

Now briefly bring the image of resurrection of Christ before you read the Version of Poor Things:

 P - Pioneering medical feats,

 O - Of a time Victorian,

 O - Outlandish creation,

 R - Resurrecting life anew.

 T - Tragic tale unfolds,

 H - Humanity questioned,

 I - Ingenious yet insane,

 N - Notions of identity,

 G - Gender and society,

 S - Shrouded in dark comedy.

Key- Key Takeaway 

If a feeling between the legs is influencing the feelings of what is between the ears


My Dear Sugar Sunshine of My Life you will

end up as a Poor Thing just like others before you and just like others after you.

Life is a Science- Fiction Narrative After all- Isn’t it and you know everything.

Well before I forget- A very special mention of Mark Ruffalo- that needs a standing ovation.

Now: Back to the School Series with Guruji Shrii Arnav:

ehi to hona hi hai:


 Emma Stone =9

 Victorian= 9


 Sex Addict=9


 30 Carats Yellow Sapphire=3


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I should stop now but not before:

Emma stones Date of Birth and the Leo Ascendant I Wanted You to draw:

6 November 1988

Leo ascendant-5 Sun

Birth Number-6 Venus

Life Path number-7 Ketu

Year Energy Number-8 Saturn

That is also in pic Emma- My always right Emma- As you embark on your poor things journey- PAA Guruji wishes you well.

Fail me and I will be delighted


Participants in Next Humans of Gemstoneuniverse should not have any minors. Screen Poor things and post that go your merry way for 15 minutes.

After that gather together and tell your feelings- Yes Feelings- Not Opinion- Not your view about the story of poor things.




Share this session with me

Its For You- Well that to my ….( Fill in the blanks) Yourself

It’s Time To grow up- isn’t it Sugar- There I got you again.

Who I am- You can be what you want

Who Are you: I already told you.

Good God.


You Get Stuck anywhere - use 

Legend Level Contemplation and Meditation

There are only 3 set pathways for a Woman

 What are they

 Which one should she take



 9:12- The Guruji Shrii Arnav’s way

 Real Weakness is True Strength

 Feigned Strength is the Real Weakness

 Real Weakness=12 = Remains the same in either cases


There Are Only 3 things Don Octavio…

Thank You Emma Dear- Till we meet again & that is decided by Karma- Present Action

 Can You help Me?

 Yes- Only If you allow me to- My Dear


Pic: There is more than the eye can see.

You cannot make money  Till You overcome Poor Things.




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 Namaste- I bow to your Soul

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From the desk of Revered & Beloved Guruji Shrii Arnav

Thank you, dear patrons & fans, - To keep us in your prayers & inspiring us to go beyond. You give us strength to follow our Motto –

“Deo Amabiles Et Hominibus” - Pleasing to God & to Men

May you be happy, healthy and protected! – Guruji Shrii Arnav


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