ARTICLES: Ma Siddhidhatri- Finding The Superpower Within to Live the Life of a Superstar

Ma Siddhidhatri- Finding The Superpower Within to Live the Life of a Superstar


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 Ma Siddhidhatri- Finding The Superpower Within to Live the Life of a Superstar 

 Finding The Superpower Within to Live like A Superstar 

Above 9

 Most of us Like Superhero's with special super powers.

 Don't we all.

 All of us have grown with some local super heroes Relevant to our country and culture and now we have Global Iconic Super Heroes Like Superman , Cat-woman Etc.

 These characters and their Feats entertain, inspire us and we enjoy these feats sometime even imagining them in our own life.

 Whatever science of Logic may say about them these stories and films are still super hot.

 Inspecting Deeply what exactly do they Represent and Mean?

Think about this:

The STRENGTH of STRENGTH'S is identifying One Unique Strength.

 Above 9- Search Guruji Shrii Arnav and the power of Nine 



I will give you 3 examples in modern Context

 Batman - Lone Crusader

 Iron Man- Maverick Crusader

 Hulk- Angry Crusader

All of above are strong and have unique strengths. But what they are most known for:

Just one Unique Strength:


Now think of different scenarios and the answers you give to these questions

 What do you do?

 What is your strength?

 Why did you do it?

 How did it happen?

 What is your immediate plan?

 If this does not happen what will you do?

 Who can you rely on?

 Are you sure of this?

 Is He/ She Loyal

Above 9

You can have your answers and my strength is not judging them?

What I Can say is, that if you have:

 Multiple answers to above

 Take a long time for answers

 Use a Lot of If And and But for above

Two things are certain:

 You are now aware of your OWN strength let alone Strength.

 We might be not a good fit for each other's ecosystem.



So instead of spreading yourself thin in the notion of safe guarding yourself by mentally justifying these multiple options find your


 Today the Divine Feminine occurs as Mother Siddhi Dhatri and give super powers. She can give 8 super human abilities that i express below for Individuals at Level 0-3.

Those with Level 4 and higher - I send a message that I highlight with a  Sign

1. Anima: The power to shrink oneself to the size of an atom or expand to the vastness of the universe, granting Amara incredible agility and the ability to navigate even the most challenging spaces.

 Keep Ego Small

2. Mahima: The power to magnify one's size and strength, enabling Amara to become a towering figure, capable of immense feats of physical power.

 Don't underestimate yourself

3. Garima: The power of weightlessness, allowing to become as light as a feather, unaffected by gravity. With this ability, she had the advantage of swift movement and could defy the laws of physics.

 Have inspired Imagination that is limitless

4. Laghima: The power of levitation and flight, enabling to soar through the skies with grace, defying earthly confines and walking the path of the heavens.

 Make Navigation Classy and Smooth As Silk

5. Prakambya: The power of unlimited vision and perception, granting the ability to see beyond the physical realm, perceive the truth hidden in illusions, and comprehend the secrets of the universe.

 Perspective Over Perception is the Key

6. Ishitva: The power of divine leadership and control, bestowing the ability to command the elements, bend them to her will, and influence the forces of nature.

 To be a great master starts with being a good servant

7. Vashitva: The power of mastery and control over living beings, allowing Amara to influence the minds and emotions of others, compelling them to act in alignment with her desires.

 Lead by example

8. Kamavasayita: The power of fulfillment of desires, granting the ability to manifest her desires into reality, realizing her dreams and bringing prosperity and joy to those around her.

 Imagination Vision Action and Results - That is the order not reverse

With these eight powers bestowed upon her by Siddhidhatri, You can become an unstoppable force, capable of shaping your destiny and defending the world from the forces of darkness.

I hope and pray that the Mother Bless you with all that you are capable of Handling.



Strength Respects Strength


Ma Siddhidhatri- Finding The Superpower Within to Live the Life of a Superstar | Astrology


Here is a nice video that shall give you a connecting visualisation of the Mother.

Jo Poocha Jaye- Jitna Poocha Jaye Utna Hi Bataya Karo.

Chalo, Upar wale Questions Ki Exercise Karo- No Cheating- My If and But King also Queen.

Meoow: Huh .... catwoman.. Where is she?


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