ARTICLES: Ma Katyayni- Invoking The Fierce Protectress Mother Within that slays all enemies and fears | Day 6 of Holi Navaratri

Ma Katyayni- Invoking The Fierce Protectress Mother Within that slays all enemies and fears | Day 6 of Holi Navaratri


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  Ma Katyayni- Invoking The Fierce Protectress Mother Within that slays all enemies and fears  . Day 6 of Holi Navaratri

Today the Sacred Energy of the Divine Feminine is of the Mother Katyayni.

From Her this form we learn to quell and destroy fears and enemies.

What are the Lessons she wants to bless us with:

Unlocking the Mystical Path: 9 Ways to Remove Obstacles

In our journey through life, obstacles often present themselves as challenges that impede our progress.

To overcome these barriers, we need to tap into the mystical realm and harness its energy.



Here are 9 points that will guide you on your path to removing obstacles and unlocking the cosmic forces within.

1. Embrace the Power of Intention: 

Begin your quest by setting clear intentions. Allow your thoughts and desires to align with the universe, sending out a clear message to remove any obstacles hindering your path. Visualize your goals and believe in their manifestation, for intention is the cornerstone of all mystical endeavors.

Jo Socha Nahi Woh Hota Nahi

Or Jo Dikhta Nahi Woh Bikta Nahi

 जो सोचा नहीं वोह होता नहीं

और जो दिखता नहीं वह बिकता नहीं 

Rahu Bujhao

2. Release Negativity: 

Negativity often manifests as emotional or mental blocks that hinder our progress.

Free yourself from these chains by practicing mindfulness, meditation, or energy healing techniques. Clear your mind, cleanse your aura, and let go of self-doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs.

Chothi Soch Ko Bhej De Jail

Phir Kar Dega Sabko Fail.

 छोटी सोच को भेज दे जेल

फिर कर देगा सबको फेल 

Shani Bujhao

3. Seek Guidance from the Spirit Realm: 

Call upon the wisdom of the spirit realm to guide and assist you. Work with trusted spiritual guides or connect with your higher self through practices such as divination, channeling, or dream work. These mystical connections can reveal profound insights and offer solutions to overcome obstacles.

Ek Bar Sar Par Haath Rakh Deve Jo Guru

Bhagya Ki Barkha Ho Jave Shuru

 एक बार सर पर हाथ रख देवे जब गुरु

भाग्य की बरखा फिर हो जावे शुरू 

Ketu Bujhao

4. Harness the Energy of Crystals and Gems 

Crystals are known for their mystical properties and ability to channel energy. Select crystals that resonate with your specific obstacle and carry them with you or place them strategically in your environment. Let their vibrational frequencies help transmute negativity and open up new pathways.

Ek Baar Pahnega Jab Asli Ratan

Sab Pure Honge Jatan- Jeevan Main Aayega Dhan

 एक पर जब पहन लेगा तू असली रतन

चमकेगा भाग्य पुरे होंगे जतन 

Shukra Bujhao

5. Engage in Rituals and Spells: 

Tap into the power of rituals and spells to remove obstacles magically. Use candle and light rituals, incense, herbs, or sigils to create a sacred space and direct energy towards your goal.

Research and follow traditional wisdom or work with an experienced practitioner for guidance.

Kah Gaye Sab Bade Buzurg Purane

Kitab Hata Mantra Seekh Le Diwane

 कह गए सब बड़े बुज़ुर्ग पुराने

किताब हटा मंत्र पकड़ ले दीवाने 

Guru Bujhao

6. Connect with Elemental Forces: 

The elements - Earth, Air, Fire, and Water - represent powerful forces that can aid in obstacle removal. Engage in nature-based rituals or spend time connecting with these elements individually. Seek their assistance in removing blockages and restoring balance and harmony in your life.

Maati Paani Aag or Hawa

Sab Ki hai Inme Dawa

 माटी पानी आग और हवा

इनमे बसी है हर मर्ज़ की दवा 

Mangal Bujhao

7. Harness Astral Energies: 

Work with astrological forces to understand cosmic timings and planetary influences. Explore your birth chart or consult astrologers to identify auspicious times to remove obstacles. Align your actions with the celestial energies to bring about powerful transformative experiences.

Ho jaa Zara Sa Sakht

Tabhi Aayega Tera Waqt

 हो जा ज़रा सा सख्त

तभी आएगा तेरा वक़्त 

8. Affirmations and Visualization: 

Use the power of affirmations and visualization to reprogram your subconscious mind and attract positive energy. Create personal mantras that affirm your ability to overcome obstacles and visualize yourself effortlessly moving past them. This will help you manifest your desires and remove any lingering obstacles.

Bandh Rakh Apni Chonch

Kahin Nahi Le Jaate Chothi Soch or Pair Ki Moch

 बंध रख अपनी चोंच

कहीं नहीं ले जाते छोटी सोच और पैर की मोच 

Budh Bujhao

9. Gratitude and Surrender: 

Finally, practice gratitude and surrendering to the universe. Show appreciation for the lessons obstacles bring, as they often hold hidden blessings. Surrender your need for control and trust that the universe has your best interests at heart. By accepting what comes your way, you allow the mystical forces to guide you towards obstacle removal.

Sab Kuch Arpan Kar Ishwar Charan

Guru Dikha Denge Aasha Ki Kiran

 सब कुछ अर्पण कर ईश्वर चरण

गुरु दिखा देंगे आशा की किरण 

Chandra Bujhao

और पूछते हैं आप एस्ट्रोलोजर हो

नहीं नहीं जी

आप हो


Removing obstacles is a mystical endeavor that requires us to tap into our inner power and forge a connection with universal energies.

By following these 9 points, you will embark on a transformative and magical journey towards unlocking your true potential. Remember to approach this endeavor with an open heart, guided by the belief that the universe conspires to remove obstacles from your path.

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Ma Katyayni- Invoking The Fierce Protectress Mother Within that slays all enemies and fears


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