ARTICLES: Ma Kaal Ratri- Learning 9 Hidden Secrets of Attraction using External Appearance | Enchant All

Ma Kaal Ratri- Learning 9 Hidden Secrets of Attraction using External Appearance | Enchant All


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 Ma Kaal Ratri- Learning 9 Hidden Secrets of Attraction using External Appearance  Enchant All

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Kaal Ratri = 9

MA Enchant=9 ( Remind Me about This Later)

 The Sacred Energy of the Divine Mother Today is Kaal Ratri.

 Of many forms of the mother I was especially endeared to her due to her Mystical Immaculate Enigmatic Powers of appearance during my Sadhna Days.

 The Best part is appearances are deceptive. What you see and perceive by downright pedestrian cut, copy, paste internet jobs is dramatically different from reality.

 Imagine if these powers were so ordinarily available- What would happen?

 In Dreams of the Mother are all other Dreams- 9 search Guruji Shrii Arnav and the power of 9

 Also Imagine a great con- The Mother on an Ass with dishevelled Hair.

That is Why It is Said:

In Masses- A is silent for Asses

So Let me gently introduce you to these 9 mystical powers.

If You get just 1 grain of Salt from this post- You will get what you want- On Your Own Highway.

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 Once upon a time, in the mystical land of Astoria, there lived a young beauty named Seraphina.

She possessed an otherworldly beauty that captivated the hearts of all who gazed upon her.

However, Seraphina had a secret passion for grooming and her appearance that went beyond what met the eye.

As she embarked on a magical journey, she discovered nine extraordinary power secrets that unveiled the profound importance of grooming and appearance.

1. The Magic Mirror: 

In a hidden chamber within her majestic castle, Seraphina discovered a mystical mirror crafted from rare Sapphires.

This mirror possessed the power to reflect not only her outer beauty but also her inner elegance.

Through grooming, she nurtured the magic within her and unleashed her true radiance.

2. The Lost Scent: 

Led by a captivating aroma, Seraphina stumbled upon a forgotten garden teeming with rare flowers.

Each bloom emitted a unique scent that enhanced her allure.

Grooming rituals included dusting precious Pearl infused powders and applying enchanting perfumes, allowing her to express sensuality through scent.

3. The Shimmering Wardrobe: 

Hidden in a hidden compartment of her castle, Seraphina discovered a timeless wardrobe brimming with gowns and garments woven from threads of pure silver and gold and adorned with scintillating shining Diamonds that Glittered like the One Light of God.

Grooming meant adorning herself with these ethereal creations, translating beauty into tangible form and channeling the energies of the enchanted metals.

4. The Bewitching Hair: 

As Seraphina ventured deeper, she encountered a magical waterfall that bestowed enchanted waters upon her hair, imbuing it with mesmerizing hues. She caressed Her Hair with a Comb Made from the finest Coral searched from Far Away Lands.

Grooming her hair became a sacred ritual, entwining gemstones and charms, enabling her Tresses to cascade like a waterfall of radiance.

5. The Enchanted Alchemy of Cosmetics: 

In her questst for understanding, Seraphina stumbled upon a secret alchemical lab. Within its walls, she found ancient formulas for cosmetics that transformed mundane creams into potions of dazzling allure.

Grooming with these elixirs unveiled a mystical glow, transcending mere cosmetics into potent magic. Her Sacred Lip Colour made with Mother of Pearl and Ruby would make even TIME stop for a heartbeat

6. The Dance of Light: 

One full moon moonlit evening, Seraphina encountered a group of fairies, who gifted her with a set of shimmering jewels.

These gems possessed the power to reflect and manipulate light. Grooming now included adorning herself with these divine jewels, allowing her to radiate ethereal beauty that enchanted both mortal and magical beings alike. She radiated Pure Love more because of the cosmic Emeralds.

7. The Serenade of Attraction: 

While traversing an enchanted forest, Seraphina encountered a charming prince named Elysian. Their paths intertwined, and they found solace in the beauty of one another. Seraphina realized that grooming and appearance had the power to ignite romance, fostering connections that transcended the realm of the ordinary. A Glittering Ethereal Yellow Sapphire added to her enamour.

8. The Mirror of Truth: 

Deep within the heart of Astoria, Seraphina discovered a mythical lake that revealed her truest self. The reflection it cast was not merely physical but also showcased the depths of her soul. Grooming now became an act of self-discovery, aligning the external beauty with the precious essence within. She connected to the infinite universe with its plenitude energy by watching the clear crystal water and its secrets with a magnifying glass encrusted by Bright Booming Deep Burnt Cinnamon Coloured Hessonites and a Melee of Diamonds.

9. The Elixir of Eternal Beauty: 

As Seraphina's journey drew to a close, she acquired an elixir hidden within a sacred temple.

This elixir held the secret to eternal beauty, not in the superficial sense but in preserving the youthful glow that comes from self-love and self-care. Grooming now held the promise of timeless allure, ageless and ever-illuminating. She Time Travelled to seek blessings of the Elephant God Ganesha who gave her a sacred Vessel made of a Noble Cat's Eye to make the elixir.

With her newfound wisdom, Seraphina returned to Astoria, sharing her magical insights with all who would listen.

Grooming and appearance transformed from mere vanity to spells of self-expression, sensuality, and beauty.

And as the tale of Seraphina's journey echoed through the land, the people of Astoria began to embrace the mystical importance of grooming and appearance, adorning themselves with pride and casting real powerful spells of their own enchantment upon the world.

So Seraphina do You Know the Mother?

Answer this question

Now The Bigger Play

Think of These 2 phrases below

Just Think




Answer these 9 Questions only in Yes Or No

Please add Do You Know( 9) before each item


 A: Astrology

 S: Spirituality

 T: Tantra

 R: Religion

 O: Occult

 L: Love

 O: Omens

 G: Gems and God

 Y: Yoga

If You ask me

Do You Know


What do you Know



My Duty To Devoted Sadhaks. Today load

 करालवदनां घोरांमुक्तकेशीं चतुर्भुताम्

कालरात्रिंकरालिंका दिव्यांविद्युत्माला विभूषिताम्॥

दिव्य लौहवज्रखड्ग वामाघो‌र्ध्वकराम्बुजाम्।अभयंवरदांचैवदक्षिणोध्र्वाघ:पाणिकाम्॥ 

Do You know what is common to us:

The Mother Loves You and Me- Equally


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Here is a nice video detailing Vital Aspects of The Mother.


Ma Kaal Ratri- Learning 9 Hidden Secrets of Attraction using External Appearance Enchant All


kya hoga- Kaise Hoga Tumahara

Miloge Ma Se



Sone Ke Gullak Main Chillad Nahi Dalte




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