ARTICLES: Love Postulates on St. Valentines Day-Knowledge, Power, Strength, Energy & Diamonds

Love Postulates on St. Valentines Day-Knowledge, Power, Strength, Energy & Diamonds


 Love Postulates on St. Valentines Day-Knowledge, Power, Strength, Energy & Diamonds 

 From Your Valentine - How to get the best out of the Day of Love

 VVS- L= Very Very Special Love

 Wish All a Very Happy Saint Valentine Day- i wish you love, companionship & Camaraderie.



 It is said that Love makes the World Go Round- Yes It does but most often the expression of love- Read gift is packed in a box.

What do I want to say


Box= Square

 Circling the Square and Squaring The Circle 



Please allow me to share how you can get the best out of this day of Love.

I will take you step by Step:

Step 0- The Foundation -The Love Letter

 When Did you write your first heart felt Love Letter or message or a recorded expression of your love feeling for someone else. Spend anywhere between 3-6-9 minutes thinking and contemplating about it- You will be ok.

Now that the Base chakra is set and you are ok lets experience the “ POSTULATE” Of Love




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 Search Guruji Shrii Arnav & The Power of 9

First What is Postulate:

“A postulate is a fundamental principle or assumption that is accepted without proof and is used as a basis for reasoning or argument. In mathematics and logic, a postulate is similar to an axiom; it's an established statement or proposition that is used as a foundational element of a theory or system.”

Above- Drab Boring Data but now we KNOW some meaning.

Lets Get into the POSTULATE of Love

I will be very brief. Please spend no more than 6 minutes on each step. Ideally 3 minutes on each step would be ideal:

Read the Word- Imagine that feeling in your love life/ Lives

 STEP 1-9

P:  Passionate, Penetrate, Procreate =9

O: Obdurate, Oxygenate, Orchestrate=9

S: Speculate, Stimulate, Subjugate=9

T: Temperate, Titillate, Terminate=9

U: Umbellate, Un satiate, Underrate=9

L:  Luxuriate, Lubricate, Liquidate=9

A: Aggravate, Associate,Alternate=9

T: Translate, Tremulate, Tittivate=9

E: Ejaculate,  Exonerate, Exuberate=9



Key Take Aways and Applications:

 Let me give you an example. In O Emotions lets pick Up Oxygenate=9. Oxygen is the vital life force also called as “ PRANA”. In the postulate of  Love It may translate into the first real “ KISS”. When did you have the lovers kiss when you exchanged touch, smell, sensation , saliva and air- of course Oxygen.

 The Above is the first layer of Love consisting of 27 touch points. If You spend 3 mins on each and 1 min break for a total of 4 minutes then your get 27*4= The Powerful 108= The Number of Beads in the Divine Rosary.

 The above can be triggering points or healing points. You must go through them for the next level of knowing Real love.

 Legends and Disciples: All above 9 letters emotional stages of love end with “ ATE”. You know what “ ATE” is past Tense- So don’t be


 Valentine was a priest during the third century in Rome who performed marriages for young lovers in secret, defying the orders of Emperor Claudius II who had outlawed marriage for young men, believing that single men made better soldiers.

St. Valentine helped Christians escape from Roman prisons, and he sent the first “valentine” message himself after he fell in love with a young girl— his jailor’s daughter—who visited him during his confinement.

 Before his death, he allegedly wrote her a letter signed “From your Valentine,” an expression still in use today.

 Amethyst*: This purple gemstone was said to be worn by Saint Valentine himself. The legend tells that he wore an amethyst ring carved with the image of Cupid, which is one of the reasons amethysts have become a traditional Valentine's Day gift.

 The Big One- Diamonds**: Diamonds are often considered the ultimate symbol of love and are a popular choice for engagement rings. The ancient Romans believed that diamonds were fragments of stars and the gods' teardrops, which could bring strength to relationships and purity to the wearer's heart.

 Above 9 - Search Guruji Shrii Arnav and the Power of 9.



Enter VVS - L -  The Guruji Shrii Arnav Way of Very Very Special Love 

Ok Let me be brief as Lovers Clamour for my attention:

Today is a Very Special Day encompassing the VVSL- Philosophy:

What is happening today. Today is:

 V: Is For : Vasant Panchami- The Day Dedicated to the Goddess of Learning and Knowledge- Ma Saraswati. We need all her blessings to understand the postulates of Love. Today we shall be having the Brihaspati Yagya- Offering Oblations to the Sacred Fire to get the grace of Brihaspati- The Preceptor of the Gods. Also today Ayush Homa will be conducted. In this sacred ritual the 8 Immortals- Chiranjeevi's are invoked( Search My Friend) and After all auspicious activities we will plant 3 banana trees.

 V: Is For Valentines Day: Enough Arsenal for today discussed above.

 S: Is for Skandha Shashti- Representing the powers and strength to stand for rightful love and overcome the tough scars.

So You see the power of 9:12 =108 and Guruji Shrii Arnav’s way or Not.

Today in Gemstoneuniverse Bangalore- There is a Lot of Jyotish Diamonds- Not Ordinary Diamonds with Rubbish Certificates.

All are 24 Pointers/ 24 cents= 2+4=6

All Are graded VVS ( See above) By the GIA

All have unique GIA Report Codes that total to 9

There were a total of 33 and some are at Bangalore and rest.. Will say Later.

All Are Graded “VVS” By GIA

This is Power but unless one knows and communicates its nothing:

Is Your Love Special. Peform this exercise to see if the energy of Love and St. Valentine is optimum for you or not.

If Yes.. Great

If Not: You can course correct

So It Is a WIN-WIN either ways

So, Today when you woke up.. What/ Who/ Which happened first

For example: When you opened your eyes who did you first see?

Run your mind through this list










Now before you set yourself up with Teddies, Chocolates, Ribbons, Perfumes, Champaigns etc Run through the above in Mind and Let me know how you feel.



Now, See, A Love Letter From Your Valentine-   Guruji Shrii Arnav On St. Valentines Day:

 In the dusty streets of the ancient SULTANATE , there lived a young woman named Laila with eyes that could FASCINATE the stars into submission. A well-read GRADUATE in philosophy, Laila's thirst for knowledge was only matched by her secret yearning for the ULTIMATE   love.

 Despite the many suitors that paraded before her, she held an INTIMATE hope that her love would not be a mere ESTIMATE of passing desires but the kind of love that could shake the heavens. Her heart belonged to Ali, a humble gardener who worked in the PRIVATE orchards  of the palace, where he would CULTIVATE roses  as vibrant as the blush of first love.

 Together, they shared stolen moments, sweet as CHOCOLATE , under the shadows of the orange trees . Their love was as pure as it was forbidden. They spoke in hushed tones of a life that could never be, for Ali's lineage precluded him from aspiring to her hand.

 As fate would cruelly have it, Laila's father, the chief advisor to the Sultan, had higher aspirations. He sought to ADULTERATE her dreams with a suitor of noble blood, a man of wealth and power who could ACCOMMODATE her every material desire, but whose heart was as barren as the desert sands .

 Refusing to FORNICATE her soul to a loveless match, Laila confided in her true love, Ali, and together they planned to escape the golden cage  her life had become. On the eve of her betrothal announcement, tragedy struck. Her planned escape with Ali was betrayed, and under the uncaring moon , Ali met his end at the hands of the man she refused to marry.

 In the wake of such heartbreak, Laila retreated into herself, her spirit as crumbled as the petals of a rose  trampled underfoot. Love had given her ULTIMATE despair, where she had sought ULTIMATE joy. In her grief,

 love seemed but an illusion, a fool's paradise where happiness was promised and never delivered.

 Time, however, is the gentlest of healers , and it slowly coaxed the blinds of her sorrow to open once more . Laila, through her pain, found a deeper capacity within herself. She turned her anguish into a drive to help others, establishing a sanctuary for those whose hearts had been likewise shattered .

 It was there, in the sanctuary of mournful souls , that she met Omar, a poet whose words wept the sorrows of lost love. He, too, had known the sting of love's cruel bite and sought solace in the refuge Laila had built. Through shared understanding, their wounded hearts found common ground, and they began to heal, the balm of companionship soothing the scars left by lost loves.

 They soon discovered that love could be cultivated again, even from the most barren of soils . And in the flourishing of this new, tender affection, Laila found that, in the course of seeking ULTIMATE love, she had finally found the truest form of it – patient and kind, born from understanding and nurtured under the wings of mutual respect and compassion

In each other's eyes, they found a love that did not need to shake the heavens or stir the stars . It was simple, it was quiet, it was home.

Legends- Disciples and Students- My Loves and My Lovers:

Pick Up all CAPITAL Words in Above that end With ATE and write Your own CAPTIVATE- Love- Story- I assure you- Your story and the path ahead is above.

Sir Woh Manglik Kya Hota Hai?


Sir- Sir- Yes BOSS

 Do You Love Me?


 Do You Know how much I Love You?


 Do You Love Me Only?


 Do You Know Love?


Guruji- You Don’t Know

Yes I Know.. I know that too.. My Dear

I Love- Love=9



Yeh Gem report main Kya Aata Hai- What does the Gem report Contain.

 You Sir Are Talking To the Wrong Person 

Happy Valentines Day My Love- Guruji Loves You. God Bless.

Guruji Shrii Arnav Delivers the Sermon of “ LOVE” On St. Valentines Day.

Vasant Panchami- February the 14th-2024

Meditation: Radha Krishna Kriya for True Love


 Key To Symbols/Formulae


 Search Guruji Shrii Arnav & The Power of 9

 12 Sacred Laws of Karma Meditation

 9/12: Power of 108

 Squaring the Circle-Circling the Square

 9/12- The Guruji Shrii Arnav way.

 MMBD- Madhu Makkhi Bitha Dijiye

 Namaste- I bow to your Soul

 One Light

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From the desk of Revered & Beloved Guruji Shrii Arnav

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“Deo Amabiles Et Hominibus” - Pleasing to God & to Men

May you be happy, healthy and protected! – Guruji Shrii Arnav


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