ARTICLES: Hurting..In A dark Place..This Most Powerful Meditation Ever will Liberate you..Guaranteed 100%

Hurting..In A dark Place..This Most Powerful Meditation Ever will Liberate you..Guaranteed 100%


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 Hurting..In A dark Place..This Most Powerful Meditation Ever will Liberate you..Guaranteed 100% 

The Judgement Day Meditation- Understanding the True Justice of Father Time- Saturn/ Shani

You should attempt this never heard never seen before meditation & Kriya- Sacred spiritual undertaking that is a part of the Lost files Only If

 You can give yourself a dedicated 45 minutes without any distraction- None. Can You give 45 minutes just to yourself.

 You should do it totally alone( For the first time)- absolutely in Solitude and preferably with headphones on- the sound has been interspersed with very powerful frequencies as per the 9:12- The Guruji Shrii Arnav’s way.

 This life changing exercise will engage all your senses at the same time and help you connect with your own higher realms and for some reveal what exactly is causing you problems and where is the path to solution.

 If you have a feeling or realisation that you have been short changed for whatever reason and that you can do better and lead a happier life.



Very Very Important

At some places there are Sanskrit Words/ Chants or Sounds of a different Language. Don’t focus on finding their meanings etc. Just absorb them and do only what you understand- Go with the flow and throw away those questions- Its time to find “ THE ANSWER “


Do NOT be scared. If you see some parts of life that upset you- from this life or the past- Hold on. Your Higher power is with you and that’s why you have read till here and it shall protect and heal you.

If You feel physically giddy or not able to cope- You should notice the exact time and moment in the meditation where it becomes unbearable and make a reattempt to do the meditation after 45 days.


Watch this video at the link below to have my perspective on Just and Unjust and what is Saturn’s representation of Justice and also how Limitations and Punishments can also manifest as blessings. Here is the link:


Once you are ready for the meditation exercise make sure:

 Go to the restroom before starting

 Ensure no sound, no distraction

 Keep a bottle of water at room temperature next to you-Sip- Do NOT Gulp

 Keep some papers and pen in front of you for your personal realisations and notes.

 Just go with the flow- the aim is NOT perfection- The Aim is to come out of that Prison.

 A brief explanation of the Judgement Day Meditation

At the end of this finite human existence you will meet your maker.

What will you say?

Saturn through various houses gives limitations and challenges and a deep Karmik Lesson. Unless these are resolved no remedy will work.



The Judgement Day Meditation- the Secret Saturn lessons from house 1 to house 12.

 J: Judging oneself

 U: Underestimating Oneself

 D: Lacking Decisiveness

 G: Lacking Grounding & Basic Needs Insecurity.

 E: Doubt on ones education and experience.

 M: Problems caused due to monetary needs.

 E: Energetic Mismatch with partners leading to Grief

 N: Fear of the Nether World and the unknown

 T: Tragic Traumas & Trajectory

 D: Doubt and fear of facing the truth

 A: Lack of appreciation, accolades and acknowledgement and actiom

 Y: Yearning for what

My Promise

For me you are as you are and as you want to

appear but for me you are a pure energy rich biomolecule.

If you cannot handle or process anything of you would like to share anything with me or discuss further the outcomes and realisations of this meditation please reach out in absolute confidence that I will NOT Judge you. I will hold you hand and be like I am with you now and forever and that you are in a safe place.

Why This and Why Today

We are currently right in the middle of the Powerful Saturn Meditation and Kriyas that culminates on the dark night( Amavasya/ Moonless Night) on 6th june- The Birth Anniversary of Lord Saturn.

You can get more information on that by clicking the link below:

Closing Notes:

What will you say when you will meet your maker?

This will absolutely transform your life for the better 100%. Be ready to enjoy a new You and let people around you be astounded. You are ready to FLY

Why Fear

Help Is Here

Guruji Is Near



This was live last tuesday in the Humans of Gemstoneuniverse and I am eager to see you there soon.

God Bless- come out of that prison and give me a hug

I really think you deserve those 45 minutes and its time to clear up the Trash.


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