ARTICLES: What is Debt of Sleep and How to Settle This Debt | A Prescription for Good Sleep | Grandmaster Guruji Shrii Arnav

What is Debt of Sleep and How to Settle This Debt | A Prescription for Good Sleep | Grandmaster Guruji Shrii Arnav


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Settling the Debt of Sleep- A prescription for a Good Sleep.

Sleep : 5

Well: 4


Look up Guruji Shrii Arnav and power of 9. Link shared at end of post.

First Things First. This post is NOT for you if:

  • You are between 18-55 and get 6 hours of uninterrupted restful sleep.
  • You are between the ages of 6-17 and get 8 hours or more of uninterrupted Restful sleep.
  • You are a spiritual individual getting 4 hours or more uninterrupted restful sleep.

Keep scrolling.

If you are NOT in the above 3- You may get benefit for this post.

After Life , Time, Food- Sleep is a high priority. A Good sleep ensures that the system gets much needed rest, is repaired back and and is ready for the next day.

For a certain section that perfect meal and one night's good rest are crutches or a illusionary dream to justify whatever you are doing or intend to leave - yes I know you and you are aware of what I am saying- this post will benefit you but you also need a double dose of something else.


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Moving on.. Today I will share the debt of sleep. Wait... What is there anything like

it? Yes It is that is why we have industry and commerce built around sleep.

What is that: Growth hormone, Sleep cycle study, Sleep apnoea, insomnia, Somnambulism, Hypnosis, Perfumes, Bath salts, Benzos, mattress quality, ergonomic pillows, Dark Curtains. So now you get the drift.

Now if you are doing any of the above please keep doing it.

Take my suggestion as an extra booster and try it.

You need to notice for a week how many times are you getting up after your first shut eye.

Whatever be the reason notice how many times you get up during your sleep.

So for example if you are getting up for say 3 times during the night.

Divide 9 by 3:

9/3= 3

This is your sleep debt.

If you get a decimal at end ignore it - concentrate only on the 1st number.

For example if you get a SD ( Sleeping Debt Number of 4.7- Your SD Number is 4)

Once you have your SDN- Sleeping Debt Number- PP you have to make a sleeping kit consisting of 5 things:

  • Pillow
  • Pillow Cover
  • Bed Sheet
  • Your favourite toy that you cuddled yourself to sleep with. as close to the same texture.
  • Something sweet that you really like to eat before going to bed.

PS : Add a blanket if you use this regularly.

All these should be new and as far as close to your own ideal combination.


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On a Saturday after sunset donate it to a

needy person. You may also donate to

charity etc but it should go by your own hand.

Not charade of online donation and getting some e- certificate.

Donate by your hand and pray that from

today you will get a better restful sleep that will

restore and rejuvenate you.

How Often to remove sleep debt:

Once a month if you are in the worse state.

Once every 4 months if you are reasonably ok and looking to improve



A dreamless- Absolutely Knocked Out Experience is what are looking for improving the quality of your life.

And as your SDN will keep coming down you will

notice that YOU CAN FLY-9. Would'nt that be a good thing.

This is also good who may be clocking a good zzzz in hours by wake up still lethargic, tired, upset etc and are low on energy during the day.

Chalo Dhang Se Sona Bhi Sikhayenge Ab Aapko.

I pray that you get the gift of Good sleep so that you can

LEAP- and thats level 2



In Pic:

सोवूं की जागु

जगाउ की सुलाऊँ

कहे छाया देवी

रात का राज़ सुनाऊँ

जो सोवत है वोह खोवत है

जो ढंग से सोवत है वोह सब कुछ पावत है

बड़ी संगदिल है यह दुनिया

अधूरी हर कहावत है

जग मछेन्दर गोरख आया

ॐ नमो आदेश गुरु का

चल सोते है

मिल कर खोते है


Jo De Uska Bhi Bhala Jo Na De Uska Bhi Bhala

PS: When I make you Dance- I am-tearing down centuries of Bad Karma and yes you will sleep well only if you want to and only if you are open.


Power of 9

Power of 9 long



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“Deo Amabiles Et Hominibus” - Pleasing to God & to Men

May you be happy, healthy and protected! – Guruji Shrii Arnav


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