ARTICLES: Make Progress at the Speed of Light & Get Insider Tips to Lead a Friction Free Life from The Planetary Cabinet | Grandmaster Guruji Shrii Arnav

Make Progress at the Speed of Light & Get Insider Tips to Lead a Friction Free Life from The Planetary Cabinet | Grandmaster Guruji Shrii Arnav


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PANDER to Whimsical Thoughts to perpetually be in problems- An "A" Lesson in diplomacy and international relations.

How are you today? I want you to think

Great, Holy Books like The Geeta, Quran and Bible etc are available to us for guidance since eons.

In addition to that there have been wise men and men of God Showing us the right path.

In addition every second person on the internet seems to be in a frenzy to disburse free advice to us to help us lead better and wholesome lives.

In Addition we have been educated, reasonably civil, follow rules, pay taxes etc.


There are problems in life.


Are these resources inadequate to resolve the issues.

The Statistics and real situation on ground seem to indicate that.

I will state the issue

There is The Reality, Your Reality and their reality and we 3 want different things.

To service that- there comes into existence a market place and vendors- Understand.

We are all born in a ecosystem called as "PROBLEMOSPHERE"

The Bad News: You cannot escape it

The Good News: You can manage it and navigate it like a " BOSS" and in fact have a mighty enjoyable ride.

Friction, Difference of opinion and choice and conflict is the currency of life that makes the world transact and move.

Listen - Think- I will share two things

If you have a real life problem in present tense why should you trust somebody non existing in present time to solve this problem. Think Hard.


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Friction is a feature of life. Imagine a street in small town india

At one end is a vendor selling vegetable and saying

Excellent Ginger available for Tea

At another Vendor is a tea seller saying

Excellent Tea with Ginger available

This is a soft punch.

Now Imagine another friction like situation:

  • Lets do this
  • Where is the data . I think this will not work.

To negotiate this you need the following powers of PANDER

P: Persuade- Mercury

A: Argue- Mars

N: Negotiate- Saturn

D: Diplomatically to: Moon

E: Engineer Desired: Jupiter

R: Result: Venus

Isn't this top diplomats and officers in foreign relations supposed to do?

So All you are great distinguished born diplomats of Problemosphere. Aap Sahi Hai Boss par aap wahin hai( static at the same place)

One of my favourite quotes while growing up was:

A Diplomat is that person who sends you to Hell and makes it such that you actually look forward To it


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So the three take aways:

  • Aim to reduce friction everyday. Try to lead a friction free life as possible. Know that friction cannot be eliminated.
  • PANDER is a dirty word when put together. But when you use and polish each of its powers individually you will start getting more success and Power
  • Be in a place where there are reasonable rules and constitution and you should also have same at a personal Level.



In Pic: The Art of Negotiation. We must both know our places and strengths for a better outcome.

Isn't that His Excellence- The Distinguished Ambassador of The Kingdom of Problemsosphere?

Dekhiye- Kya Upadhi Di Hai Aapko

Bhaiyo Bheno Jyotish Bhi Sikha Di.

Lakh main 2 Birle Hote Hai Varna Kundli to chahe Chuho Ki Bana De.

Samje Babu ... Alle Baboo Ji

Diplomat is more like it.

अगर मेहनत करी तो चाहे टाटपट्टी से पढ़े तो तो भी डिप्लोमेट बना देंगे।

रत्न विद्या और रतन-दुनिया के मेले मैं खोये हुए आम बच्चों के लिए है ही नहीं

समझे बिटवा

The Sermon of Problemosphere.

Accha Suno..

Don't Pander to Pedestrian Thought- That is where the crowd is.

English Sikhayega- Hain English...Angrezi Hoti Hai Pagli

Chalo Yeh Suno..Aughad Natho:


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From the desk of Revered & Beloved Guruji Shrii Arnav

Thank you, dear patrons & fans, - To keep us in your prayers & inspiring us to go beyond. You give us strength to follow our Motto –

“Deo Amabiles Et Hominibus” - Pleasing to God & to Men

May you be happy, healthy and protected! – Guruji Shrii Arnav


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