ARTICLES: The 9 Major Diseases of the World and How to Cure Them | An Engineered Diseased World | Revered and Beloved Guruji Shrii Arnav

The 9 Major Diseases of the World and How to Cure Them | An Engineered Diseased World | Revered and Beloved Guruji Shrii Arnav


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A Dark DAWN- An Engineered Diseased World- And How to be Healthy- Gem Therapy for Health

MOCHA- DOC-P ( 9) or MACHO- DOC- P (9) and Hindi wala to samajh hi gaye hoge.

Therapist or The- Rap- IST( 9 forms of Rahu and its Fangs)

First Disclaimer: I belong to an educated family of Doctors and Physicians. Some of my contemporaries as well as students are leading Doctors of the World and they are pretty Likeable as well as Qualified.

Today the world suffers from 9 major diseases. If you make an objective statistical assessment you will find nearly 81% of diseases made up of these pesky 9.

This is difficult information (shocking for some) to process. Nevertheless what needs to be done needs to get done.

I will try to be positive. So what are these 9 disease types.

These are represented by MACHO- DOC- P- representing each of the 9 planets.

Diabetes Obesity Cancer Heart Attack Blood Pressure anxiety Mental health sexual problems

M: Metabolic Syndrome & Mental Illness

A: Anxiety & Abuse

C: Cancer

H: Heart Attack and Ailments

O: Obesity

D: Diabetes

O: Osteo Arthritis and joint pain

C: Chronic Kidney Disease

P: Private Part Affliction- Erectile dysfunction , Libido problems etc. Blood Pressure


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I will not go into if Big Pharma had engineered these to sell drugs and pharmaceuticals etc.

The issue is these exist , cause expenditure but more importantly keep us dis- ease- Not at ease- Not comfortable.


Whether you do Ayurveda, cleanses, detoxes, Intermittent Fasting or have tonnes of protein, a clean lifestyle or having those smelly garlics mixed with a horrible concoctions you will not get a complete solution unless and until you recognize and respect that the time, air quality, water quality and food quality has dramatically changed.

Your Body is akin to a Finely Tuned Piano. Even if one key is off and not in tune you are setting yourself to inviting some combo of the above 9.

Is there a Solution.

To be factually correct you can get nearly 45% immune protection by a combination therapy and you can get an additional 30% boost by consistency and following good advice.

40+35= A Whopping 75%. That is a big boost and will give you the firepower to combat this MACHO- DOC- P

For those who have further interest shoudl

read my thoughts on the Double Helical Model of the DNA.

The Gem Art " Soul- E- Jahani" has a component that causes DNA Repair at a cellular level.


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About Doctors

I have immense respect and love for the Doctors. Majority of these Genteel and healing folks are NOT crooked Dr. ( Again a 9 secret) and do not believe in the philosophy of - A person cured is a patient lost. Most of them genuinely want to heal.

But they need healing too- Isn't it.

Some folks lament

Guruji- Nowadays Doctors have made medical

field a business.

Well Beta( Version or son) what isnt you decide. Life is a business and Its called as the BUSINESS IN LIFE and Love (BILL)-

Earn well and earn with honesty and you will be able to defeat or manage this pain in the a**


Yeh Woh Nahi Hai jo Aap samaj Rahe ho Gadbadiyo. Wohi. Chalo India ka 3rd favorite word Sorry or Thank You Ke Baad...

Khrap Khun Khrap Phi - Aaya Samajh Main. Anar Dana , Nimbu Ras, Gvar Patha , Haldi banane se.



Kuch Nahi Hota. Bas Samay Barbad hota or time kharab HoTa.

Samjhe .. Maloom

Want to get serious towards you health. Do this 22 min meditation at least 1 time in a month:

Stay Happy, Healthy and Blessed

As the Compassionate Moon traverses today through the watery Sign of Pisces- Send some healing and prayer to your Doctor/ Healer- They need it too.. My Dear

Dhan Dhan Gurudev

Dil Dil Gurudev

Yeh Masti Hai Nahi Sasti- dilwala hi Boli Lagaye.

Pyare Bacche

Yaar constipation Kaise miss ho gaya list se. Peta nahi Safa sab khushiya Dafa


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