ARTICLES: Don't activate negative planets. Get Relief by following the suggestions of the Grandmaster- Guruji Shrii Arnav

Don't activate negative planets. Get Relief by following the suggestions of the Grandmaster- Guruji Shrii Arnav


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Many Times Unknowingly we activate the malefic effects of planets. This information will be helpful to remedy negative planets & Lead a happy life full of peace & Abundance:

Sun: Sun starts giving malefic effects if one puts unwashed hands after eating on the head. Sun Represents Government, Immune System and Self Esteem.

Moon: Moon Starts giving malefic effects if one wastes water. Start by fixing leakages. Moon represents mind, mood and intellect.

Mars: Mars Starts giving malefic results if there is unnecessary anger. Mars represents courage, vitality & blood.

Mercury: Lying Frequently makes Mercury start giving malefic effects. Mercury represents Money, finance, Communication and intellect.

Jupiter: Jupiter Starts giving malefic results when the elders are disrespected. Jupiter represents abundance and knowledge.

Venus: Venus starts giving malefic results when women, wife and lover are insulted or disrespected. Venus controls sex, intimacy, companionship and wealth.

Saturn: Saturn starts giving bad results when a person is lazy or procrastinates a lot. Saturn represents longevity, authority, Good will and social respect.

Rahu: Rahu starts giving malefic results to those who have a propensity of backbiting, gossiping about others. Rahu represents clarity or lack of it and decision making.

Ketu: Ketu Starts giving malefic results if one insults or offends a saint, beggar or monk. Ketu represents higher ideals in life and nirvana.

So here we are.

Instead of running after several remedial measures and ending with nothing work with above list.

Many have had phenomenal results with this. Till these are not fixed nothing will work.



In Pic:

My Elder Son Indraneal and Me Now. He is going to King's College & University- London on Scholarship to study Economics and Law. Also he is in the latest ad for Coke with Diljit Dosanjh Airing in India right now. Bless him.

Lesson: Be prepared for anything and keep moving even though your naughty brain says its not enough.

In the right direction and with the right motive it is enough.. Yes Enough

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