ARTICLES: Ekadashi Greetings & Meaning of Param Arjan in my name- PAA for some- Guruji for others & The Forbes Cover

Ekadashi Greetings & Meaning of Param Arjan in my name- PAA for some- Guruji for others & The Forbes Cover


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 Ekadashi Greetings  & Meaning of Param Arjan in my name- PAA for some- Guruji for others & The Forbes Cover

 Once Again best wishes for Kamda Ekadashi. By the Grace of Narayana & Lord Buddha the day was well spent in austerities, sacred practices, prayers & Donation. Prayed for all and I share the merit with you. May you be blessed and happy. May your Problems be solved.



 Had the satsang of His Holiness Dr. Watchiramoree Phd. His energy especially the tapas( spiritual reservoir acquired) is tremendous. He held my hand for several minutes- I think I will need it.



 Around 4 and a half years back in certain- uncertain, glum moments He bestowed upon me the title of Param Arjan.


 Param means- Supreme

 Arjan Means- Teacher or Professor

So basically Param Arjan means Professor Professor of Professors or Teacher of Teachers.

 Arjan: pronunciation is Ajhan- R silent and some “ H” tone- those who know

mantras will know the meaning.



 I Told him I am anything but that. He said but you are that. Your last 14 years of exile akin to the Lords Vanvas but manifesting differently are over.

 It is but natural for you to do your Karma which is to be Param Ajhan and be the light

 By the way His Holiness Completed a portion of his higher Studies in Benaras Hindu University in Varanasi and several times performed Meditation and austerities in Bodh Gaya.. So you can connect the dots.



 The Next 4 and a half years- Which were a time of tribulations saw me sometimes in very difficult circumstances- sometimes right in the midst firefighting- Whatever was the result- is God’s doing and the blessings of Saints.

 There was a progression Starting from Movers & Shakers-Jerusalem Post, Father of Astro Gemology-Global Millionaire, Outstanding Leadership-Economic Times, Cover of Inspiring Indians and then

 The Forbes Cover with the title Mentor of Mentors which is something similar to Param Ajhan -The Grandmaster of Circling the Square and Squaring the Circle.

 Today the Master Held the book cover with affection and placed it in front of the Buddha and said Are you ready for the next level. I said- I am at your service- I am at the Lord’s Service-Deem as you please.


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 While taking leave I saw a Vintage Mercedes Benz Parked the Garage.

Me: Is it yours

Him: Yes

Me: Can I take it

Him: Of course its yours. By the way I haven't driven that or sat in it for the last 40 years.

Me: Allow me to come back- Grand Sire

Some people out of their Love call me PAA- ( Father)

But Its actually a good reasonable Fit

P: Param

A: Arjan

A: Arnav

May you be blessed and may the One Light fill you with One Light- The Light of Love.

Happy Ekdashi from your Param Arjan or whatever you want to call me.

 Om Namo Naraynay  





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