ARTICLES: The Power to Delete-Re program Restructure- A powerful meditative exercise & contemplation to Re Wire the Brain Towards Happiness The Power to Delete-Re program Restructure- A powerful meditative exercise & contemplation to Re Wire the Brain Towards Happiness


These articles/ posts were first made on the Facebook profile of Guruji Shrii Arnav. Posts that tell a story and were well received are being featured in these sections. You can read the original post by clicking here. The Power to Delete-Re program Restructure- A powerful meditative exercise & contemplation to Re Wire the Brain Towards Happiness 

 With Moon In Pisces And Saturn in Aquarius Today and also beings the Two HOG’s- Humans of Gemstoneuniverse & Humans of Guruji today a Good contemplation to have would be:

 Level 1:

If You had the power to delete “ One” just One thing on planet Earth-What would that be?

 Level 2

If You had the power to delete “ One” just One thing on planet Earth-What would that be and why?

 Level 3

Perform Level 2 with at least 5 friends you trust and share each other’s thoughts briefly.

 Level 4

Power of Shadow Imagery

Try to think what would your enemy or people who do not like you would choose if they were given level 1

 Level 5

If you perform any of these today- You will have set path on the road- That is destined for you and that you have never even imagined- The Road- The Good Road.

Now- Please allow me to share my thought on above:

 Level 6

 If I had given the power or the choice to everybody to delete Just one thing from planet earth-

You know what will happen- There would be no earth.

Now contemplate on this and share your thoughts on this.

 Level 7

If You had the power to add only “ ONE” thing on planet earth what would that be.

 Level 8

If You had the power to add only “ ONE” Thing on Planet Earth what would that be and WHY?

 Level 9

After contemplation above think

Is there a divine design( call it God, Universe etc) that keeps the order in all things and if yes- What do we do everyday or anytime( maybe- once a year) to help that or express our gratitude.



 Above 9- Search Guruji Shrii Arnav and the

power of 9

Above 9 contemplations will help you really take your game higher-

Higher to where and why?

Any Kind of suffering one is having the root will be in one of these 9 causes. There can be a combination though:












 Above 9- Search Guruji Shrii Arnav & the Power of 9

Some may associate it with the 7 sins etc but that is not what is it:

The Above 9 manifest in Human Behaviour and is justified by humans as an outcome of




No My Friends

With the above 9 contemplations and using the power of 9:12 and Guruji’s Squaring the Circle and Circling the Square:


Do Gems Work| Astrological Gem Impact| Celebrity Reviews| Gemstoneuniverse


You will breeze past

The Above 9 Pitfalls

Using the Bridge of “ TRUST”-10


Reach, Experience & Enjoy

Loyalty -11



LOVE - Your One True Destiny.



There is only one true destiny worth pursuing


Now My Friends let us meet our good and friendly friend-


Daring Destinies &

Energy Centres

Live and Love

Effortlessly & Energetically

To terminate




Tackling Challenges,



That’s Just About It- Delete what is not required and embrace what is.

Be Love- True Love.

In pics/ Vids

The Shaktipath - Transfer of energy to the pineal starts when the student has laid the basic foundation.

The 3 divine banana plants that will be planted tomorrow on Basant Panchmi- After invocation of Mother Saraswati- The Goddess of Knowledge.

Stay Blessed and Stay Healthy and upkeep the traditions.


 Key To Symbols/Formulae


 Search Guruji Shrii Arnav & The Power of 9

 12 Sacred Laws of Karma Meditation

 9/12: Power of 108

 Squaring the Circle-Circling the Square

 9/12- The Guruji Shrii Arnav way.

 MMBD- Madhu Makkhi Bitha Dijiye

 Namaste- I bow to your Soul

 One Light

 Standard Disclaimer Applies




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From the desk of Revered & Beloved Guruji Shrii Arnav

Thank you, dear patrons & fans, - To keep us in your prayers & inspiring us to go beyond. You give us strength to follow our Motto –

“Deo Amabiles Et Hominibus” - Pleasing to God & to Men

May you be happy, healthy and protected! – Guruji Shrii Arnav


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