ARTICLES: Guruji: "I don’t want you to die," said the cat with one eye. "Death, Fate, Life & More."

Guruji: "I don’t want you to die," said the cat with one eye. "Death, Fate, Life & More."


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 Guruji: "I don’t want you to die," said the  cat with one eye. "Death, Fate, Life & More."

Of Daft Fates and 9 Kinds of Pain and Death We Enact.

 बंद कर दे यह छलावा

ज़िन्दगी न मिलेगी दोबारा 



 The video shared with you in this post is an occurrence that happened within nine minutes today on this Saturday in the Vigo ascendant.

 We are all highly qualified and intellectual people, but there are many things we don’t see, and some are those who don’t want to see.

May I draw your attention to the cat with the eye sitting in the Buddha’s lap, the grey pigeon with a turquoise halo at its neck ring surrounded with the last blood, and the dead whitefish. Those who know, will know.



 May I also bring your attention to the fact that these fortuitous moments, which are actually life changing moments, happen suddenly, and you cannot prepare for them, unless and until the Almighty has the hand on your head for a greater purpose.

Even though I have no business with either believers or non-believers, let me tell you that all this footage is live and shot from my phone. The only edits that have been done is to clean the background noise and add my favourite bhajan in prayers for all beings and for all.

 I have spoken about anger, karma, and the bigger plan of life, but two days back, I was sharing an incident from my own life where something had made me very angry—angry as very, very angry.

Some of you will know what it means, but that being said, as I was about to reach a tipping point, I walked out from that place into the dark and kept walking for many hours at a stretch on an unknown abandoned road with no traffic and no sight of any man.



Occasionally, I would see some cows or a random animal, but that working towards nowhere for many hours helped me control my anger and change the outcome of that situation. I am thankful to God for that grace. An exact similar thing happened with a dear one - as crazy as me who recounted it to me. I did not bring up my version then.

 Yesterday, due to whatever reason, I had totally forgotten the name of a particular Shani/ Lord Saturn temple located at the outskirts of Bangalore, but what I did remember was the death of a crow in the temple.

 And today on this Saturday ( 11th May 2024) when Lord Saturn is in its own sign, and Mercury has finally come out of its debilitation, thank God for that- That information came to me first directly from the cat sitting in the Buddha's lap, and then this footage that you can see.

It is quite strange, very, very strange that the day-to-day miracles that happen to you, in front of you, do not seem to inspire regular folks who are looking for some proper stories somewhere.

 But let me tell you, I am sorry I can't make you happy in your way, but I apologize in advance. I cannot lead a false life just to please you.

You may be angry with me, or maybe we may not have a relationship, but if I am not true to my karma and my dharma, then I have let down God, scripture, and my teacher, which does not seem to be a good proposition.


Earlier, you have seen how varied, wonderful, and miraculous is the way of the God in the incident where a fish had jumped out of the water, and I, in the nick of time, saw it and put it back into the river.

For most, especially- The As per Science- people, death is defined as cessation of life, and clinically, they say a person is dead when the rigor mortis sets in.

But the bigger question is, are you living or are you dying, or in the fear of not dying, you are dying a death daily?

The funny thing is the real scientific People are never ever concerned about questions of a higher power, fate, or destiny.

It is quite funny that the people who have experienced these things firsthand are the most doubtful, and it is this group that is in maximum pain because due to the lack of education, courage, skill, or whatever, they have dramatic pain in different ways to create daft fate.

What is a daft fate?

A good luck that does not know how to take the best advantage of it is a daft fate.

Allow me to share with you as I pen my thoughts ,live from the banks of this river as I see a bolt of lightning striking fear in the hearts of as per science logical people who treat life like rubbish because they cannot handle good things happening with them.

So, what are these people with daft fate?


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These are the nine stages of apparent management of fate and pain that people utilise to adapt to lead a life, the way they are leading and justifying just about anything.


 D: Defying Pain

 A: Accepting Pain

 F: Feigning Pain

 T: Tolerating Pain

 F: Fighting Pain

 A: Acting Pain

 T: Treating Pain

 E: Emulating Pain

 S: Stimulating Pain

That is what is pain according to Guruji Shrii Arnav's 9:12 way.



You know, dear, what is not okay is that when you lie through your teeth, your ignorance, pass it on as excellence, and use your pedestrian and limited experience, vision and horizon to impress that sounds like some kind of most terrifying cacophony in the circle of life. That is NOT okay.

Respect your life and for a change, start living a tolerant, patient, and a conscious life. Practice grace a little bit because you will live only once, and you will die only once,


only one thing is guaranteed in life.

That is DEATH

Stop dying daily, start living, and if you start living for others, you have it made.

I pray to God to give you strength, health, abundance, sanity, and clarity in life to process the tough things in life.

But if you want me to lead a life your way, that is not going to happen, and I will NOT take that long walk into the unknown one more time. God bless you. Take care.

Your Prayers have been accepted and I can take This Karmik Pain- Yes I can and I will do- But this time Around- I will NOT Take that WALK.

Take Care



Bas .. Khallas

Guruji: "I don’t want you to die," said the cat with one eye.

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